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This Week at the Brennans’

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Eddie and Blake wrapped up in a blue towel

A little late but better late than never!

Here’s what happened this past week:

This week was the week I realized all the groceries I buy are just not enough for these hungry kids! I swear, all three eat through my weeks’ worth of groceries in three days. Yogurt, bread, apples, bananas, cucumber, lunch meat, milk, cereal, cheese sticks, granola bars, everything! It’s nuts! I’ve been noticing an upward trend but this week it all came crashing down. So, I’ve started buying groceries twice a week now. I’m concerned for the future of my grocery bill…especially if we are still living here.

On a somewhat related topic, how many gallons of milk do you buy per week? We are at two, but just recently  increased it to three.

My friend Anne, who also lives in the city, invited me and the kids over to swim last Monday and since it had been SO hot and SO humid, I thought the trek was well worth it. Blake surprised us all and started swimming (with help of his floaty) all around the pool!! Previously, he’s been too scared to float or swim on his own, even though we’d try to convince him that his floaty will actually let him float. My friend used a little tough love and he was swimming within 15 minutes of hitting the water. Anne rules all.

I tried making cannolis FOUR times this week, and that darn filling was such a pain to figure out, mainly because the different brands of ricotta cheese vary so significantly. I finally cracked the code and now will be posting my recipe later this week. Man, it was a lot of cannoli to go through, but I took one for the team and made it through 😉 

We got a few items from the Amazon Prime sale day, but my favorite thing I ordered was this charging station. We have a lot of devices, so being able to put them ALL away for the evening and have them charge with short little cords that will never get lost or tangled is my dream. It has six charging cords, 3 for apple devices, 3 for android. So we’re able to charge kindles at the same time as our iphones. It’s glorious.

We also got some new bedding and these lovely down pillows. I previously bought feather pillows (years ago) and they are not even close to being the same. Feather pillows are sharp and have pokies! Down pillows do not. I’m a fan of down pillows.

The kids in front of a plane
Standing in front of the plane Grandpa Brennan used to fly! (Gordon’s Dad) We sent him this picture and he said that this plane was actually from his squad!! He’s checking old pictures to see what number of plane he was assigned. How cool, though!!

Gordon and I took the children to the USS Intrepid on Saturday morning which houses the Air & Space Museum. Most of the photos in this post are from that trip. It was relatively interesting and the kids really enjoyed it, but honestly, once they saw the signs for food and the snack bar, it was game over. All learning was over. Gordon’s grandfather, father and brother were/are all pilots in the military. So, it was fun to snap a few photos and send them over to family. Blake also told me at the museum “when I grow up, I want to be an astronaut! Or a dog walker.” I told him he could do either 🙂

Did a little research on gyms in our area and trying to find one with a kids club that will take a 9 year old in their kids club is tricky. I want to exercise, but if I can’t bring my daughter onto the floor with me or have her go into the kids club, then newsflash gym people: I can’t go to the gym. Sometimes, I feel like the deck is stacked against moms in the exercise department. It’s so much harder because we are the ones who grew the baby, pushed the baby out, turned our abs into jelly, went through a hormonal roller coaster and have to work twice as hard to lose half the weight. Wheeee! Motherhood! I understand that I don’t have much room to complain because I’m still sitting pretty at 5 pounds below my normal weight, thanks to that stressful move that brought us to NYC. But, all of my muscle tone and energy is GONE. Non existent. And we all know that fat is twice as large as muscle, so even though I’m the same weight, the composition of that weight is not as it should be. Or, as it once once. I’m almost to my breaking point and that is usually when decisions turn into action, so expect me to have done something about this by the next family update.

One day last week (Thursday maybe?) I ran out to get a couple of cupcakes (one chocolate, one vanilla) from Magnolia Bakery plus a small banana pudding for us to share. No one in my family had tried the banana pudding since we’ve been here and I thought that was unacceptable, so I threw dinner in the oven, Gordon took the kids to the park and I ran over to Magnolia. Everyone liked the banana pudding much more than the cupcakes except for Blake. Though he did say he liked the pudding minus the bananas, so I’m not sure that that counts. That boy is just so funny!!

Don’t forget I posted the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake recipe and these Red and Green Enchilada recipe too! Both super duper delicious!

Gordon and the kids in front of a plane
That Eddie though 😉

Gordon and the kids in front of a helicopter

Brennan Family in front of planes

Here’s what is happening this coming week:

Hopefully a date for Gordon and I. It’s been a while because our go-to babysitters have been on summer vacation.

GYM MEMBERSHIP. This mama is sick of her soft tummy!

A few playdates for the kids. It’s always fun to break up the week.

Cannoli recipes and school lunch recipes coming your way!! I’m coming up with another list of 50 school lunch ideas, so if you have any good ones, lay them on me!

That’s it for now! Have a great week, friends! xo


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13 Responses
  1. Dee Smith

    Love family time! Even if you have to pay a lot of money feeding them! I have 2 boys (men) that eat all day every day in the summer, but when they are in school I save a tad bit on my grocery bill.

  2. Natalie Woll

    I have 5 kids (2 teenagers and a preteen included in that) and I buy 6 gallons of milk and that lasts about a week and a half…I always have to buy more before I do my every other week big shopping trip. Good luck finding a gym!

  3. Courntey

    Yikes, I know I am always amazed at how much kids can eat. They out eat me all tine, of course I am dealing with teenagers. I can’t believe that kids clubs wouldn’t take a 9 year old. I mean who would leave their 9 year old home alone? Umm no one. I remember going to the gym when I was 9/10 and having to go to the kids club. Good luck with the search. I love when you can take kids to a place that is educational and entertaining. We’ve been to a WWII museum like that with the kids. YAY on nailing down the homemade cannoli recipe. My husband loves them, so I can’t wait for the recipe. I love that you share your world with us, Thank you and can’t wait to see the changes your making to your apartment.

  4. Monica

    This is my first time commenting and just wanted to say how much I love your posts. You have the cutest family and I love reading about your weeks. You guys sure do stay busy! I have two small kids and can’t find the time to go to the gym, but I signed up for the Alexia Clark workouts and she has a home version that you can do with minimal equipment. I’m on my fourth month and love it so far – that may be an option instead of going to the gym.

    I’m looking forward to your school lunch post because my oldest is just starting kindergarten. He started at the elementary school’s summer program a couple months ago and these are the only lunches he’ll eat: 1) hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese and crackers, fruit or veggie, and a small dessert, or 2) beef dumplings (from Costco that come frozen), cheese and crackers, fruit or veggie, and a small dessert.

  5. Debbie Sullivan

    Love you and your beautiful family. Thank you for the recommendation on the pillows. I ordered them immediately. I love the bedding but for now I am good. I. bought a pressure cooker on Prime Day at Amazon. I think I may return it. Lauren do you like living in the city? I was born in CT and always wanted to live in NYC but ended up in Los Angeles. I regret not having experienced life in NYC. Looking forward to the canoli recipe.
    Have a great week!!

    Debbie Sullivan Esposito

  6. Shelli Bender

    Ahh milk, love it! Especially cold during the summer. We are down to just 2 adults in the household. But still, go through 3 to 4 gallons of non-fat milk a week. I cook with it, I have a glass every night with dinner and my husband has a chocolate milk every morning. Always disappears in this house!!! Its good for you I believe.

    1. Angel

      I read all of your posts. They are entertaining and cute kids. As for milk we are two adults and two girls, 12 and 11. I don’t drink milk, no special reason other than I just don’t, Maybe twice a year I will have whole milk and coco krispies. My husband and 11 year old drink Lactaid Milk and go through maybe three-four quarts a week. The 12year old drinks regular 2% milk and uses maybe 2 cups a week. I have a friend whose family of 8 will go through 2 or more gallons a day. P.s. milk here is minimum $4/gallon.

  7. Lauren g

    Have you ever tried homemade ricotta? It’s super
    Easy and the flavor & texture are so
    Much better than store bought

  8. Cortney

    We go through 4 4 litre bags of milk a week. That’s equivalent to 4 gallons. We’re a family of 2 parents and 2 kids. I agree, I think the gyms need to step it up and help momma more. My muscles are in bad shape still after baby trauma, and I need to get back there, but it’s soooii hard!

  9. Lena Boyd

    Oh my, all of you are so energetic. The planes were obviously a big hit. and a great outing. Gyms are not easy to find. Word of mouth is a really great help, rather than walking in, speaking to people working there. I found most in my area are not as clean as they should be. Good luck with the search, looking for the both of you. Several years ago, I did the walking and started out with the “burn” in my legs, got thru that and stretched my route to three miles in a couple months. I toned all over my body, surprising what that exercise will do for you. Course Blake probably would not be interested in that. Loved hearing about your families adventures, kids are so adorable. Hugs…