This Week at the Brennans’

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Gordon smiling behind his lit birthday cake

Big week for the birthday boy!

Here’s what happened this past week:

We pulled the trigger and got a gym membership! I told you I would 😉  I went in inquiring about one and walked out like I owned the joint. I’ve worked out exactly one time because trying to get a spot for all three kids in the child watch program is cutthroat. You have to call two days ahead of time for very limited spots. I think it’ll get better once all the kids go back to school. But, for a girl who likes to drop in at last minutes’ notice, this is kind of annoying. But, hey! It’s one of the cheapest gyms I’ve found in the city, so cheers to that.

I also signed up for a few sessions with a personal trainer. I really wanted Gordon to try it too, because he’s talked about it for years but has never been able to pull the trigger because of money, schedule, school, kids, etc.. There are always reasons to not do it. But after a little convincing and a freebie session with a legit amazing trainer, he was sold! I was so happy he scheduled a few more sessions. Both him and I are results driven, and working with a trainer simply accelerates us for reaching our physical goals. Yes! 

Took my kids to the Children’s Museum here on the Upper West Side a few days ago. My boys loved it, Brooke: notsomuch. It was definitely meant for the younger kiddos, and unfortunately she was bored out of her mind. Trying to stay positive and upbeat while parenting a tween who complains every other sentence is my personal hell, incase you were wondering. And it’s only going to get better wheeeeeeeeee!

Eddie answering a call
Eddie as POTUS.

Gordon’s birthday was on Saturday, so Friday I took the kids out and about, picking up some last minute items for the big day. Things like balloons, cards, wrapping paper, etc.. I took a chance and brought all three into Chipotle during lunch, hoping they (mainly Edward) would be ok and behave. They were ANGELS! Insert my shock and awe here. It really helped that they all can order things they love (boys: quesadillas, Brooke: salad) but sometimes, you never know how things are going to go. But luckily, things were aok. And, the best part was it wasn’t even that busy! Since when is Chipotle not busy during lunch? It was my little miracle for the week.

Do you ever get those comments where people say “wow, you’ve got your hands full!“? I never can tell if people are saying it positively or negatively. Like, what’s the purpose of going out of your way, tapping me on the shoulder as I’m about to cross the street and tell me that? I’m not the first woman in the world to birth three children and go out in public with them, right? (As you can tell, this happened to me this week.) Even though I wanted to punch the guy in the throat, I responded happily “yup, I guess so!” and crossed the street. Maybe next time I should act confused. “My hands full? What do you mean? That’s weird. Why would I have my hands full?” 😉 What do you do in those weird situations?

Lauren and Gordon at dinner
Celebrating Gordon’s birthday!

We celebrated Gordon’s birthday after he got home from work at 3pm on Saturday! What a wonderful man he is. We are so so lucky to have him.

I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a peanut butter glaze (recipe coming soon) and later that evening, him and I snuck away for a date to the restaurant Asiate, on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Holy moly! It was such a spectacular meal with an even more spectacular view! We could eat at a leisurely pace, watch the sun start to set and most importantly, not have a child on our laps while we ate. If you have money you need to spend, go here for dinner and never look back. It was phenomenal. They open at 6, so I made our reservations about a week in advance for 6pm, requesting a table with a view because we were celebrating my husband’s birthday. Man, did they deliver! AND, mayyyyybe the best part was having the voice doppelgänger of Rachel Green’s Dad (from FRIENDS) seated next to us. It was so entertaining and he spoke so loudly! His wife/dinner companion used to be Vegan but now is only Vegetarian because she could never find enough Vegan options at restaurants. I’VE GOT MORE if you’re interested. We seriously got their whole life story.

The dessert I had from Asiate was a chocolate lava cake (except called something else) and it was suuuuuper dreamy. Actually, everything we ate was dreamy. So, eat here and thank me later.

Brooke, Blake and Eddie

My husband wanted photos of the kids that he could put on his desk at work because he didn’t have any, so I snapped the photo above, framed it and now he has something cute to display for all his colleagues to see. Yes, our kids are cuter than your kids. The first two definitely look like their Dad, but Eddie for sure looks like me in this photo 🙂 I love them all so so much!

Brooke spent some of her own money and bought her Dad a pack of Reese’s Pieces, one of his favorites, and even wrapped it all up for him herself too! We have talked to Brooke about becoming more mature and what it means to be physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally mature. I think some things we are saying are getting through to her brain! Also, mentioning that in a few short years she could be a mature babysitting and earning a big chunk of change really perked her right up.

Today at dinner, I was asking our children what they were grateful for and Blake said he was grateful for Eddie because “I love him and I like to play with him.” He is such a sweet boy. We love you Blake!!

Coming up this week:

I’m hoping to meet with my trainer to discuss my fitness goals (not be squishy anymore). We’ll see how things go down.

We also implemented a no technology rule this week at our house because the contention and bad attitudes have been more prevalent than we’d like. A side effect of summer and nonstop rain. So, we are really hopeful that this will help our kids use their minds and get along a little better. We’re only committing to a week, so we’ll see how this goes. I’ll probably vent to you on my instastories every night after they’re in bed. HAHA! I’m kind of excited about it! We did a test run today and it went really well 🙂

Gordon is in the office this week, so hooray for 9-5 office time!

I’m also testing a few more recipes this week, which I’m really excited about! I just need to track down some decent heirloom tomatoes and I’ll have everything I need. Stay tuned!!

Lauren asleep with Eddie
mom life.

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16 Responses
  1. Shannon B

    I love this! We have 3 girls and strangers are always saying “My, you have your hands full.” I’m glad I’m not the only one who questions how to take such a statement. Yes, my hands might be full but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! They grow up too fast! Your oldest sounds like mine..tweens are hard at times 😌.

    I had to implement device free times over the summer. The constant non-moment or talking because a device is in front of us killed me! My 6 yr old thanked me one day (although she was punished from her device..but I’ll take it). She found other ways to have fun. Imagine that?! Although that led to massive slime making days!

    Good luck with the gym! You are great at carving some time out of your schedule for yourself & hubby! I need to work on that more.

    Keep having fun & making memories!

  2. Carolyn J Bellevue

    This is the first time I have ever made a comment on an article I have read, but this one was just so great I had to share my feelings. I surely know the meaning of ” having your hands full” with children, I have a girl, Heather, who was born in 1976, a boy, Travis, born in 1979, another girl , Suzanne, born in 1980, and the last girl born in 1980, Holly. I was very fortunate to have had my Mom just 10 miles away from where I was living. After Suzanne was born I had a very hard case of Post-Partum Depression, on top of already having depression, and I was extremely overwhelmed. I would have thoughts of hurting or denying my baby and could feel myself spiraling downhill fast. When I explained this to my Mom, she said that she was going to take the baby to her place and when she thought I was ready she would bring her back home to live with all of us. Unfortunately, it took almost 20 months for this to happen but I was so grateful to my Mom for doing this for me words cannot express. Unfortunately, not everyone thought it was OK to do this. I never told my dtr. about this until she was older, and my sisters thought it was ok for them to tell her their versions of the story, which was nowhere near the truth. Unfortunately my dtr believed them over her father and I and doesn’t really include me in her life now. Yes it hurts more that anyone can imagine but I will not force her to do this. I do temporarily try to talk to her and she is always too busy. I hope that anyone out there that may have this problem to go ahead and find someone as great as my Mom was to help them get through this hard time. You will feel better later and happiness once again will be in your heart.

  3. Charlene Press

    I love reading about your family and make copies of many recipes. I don’t remember where your husband is working. Wasn’t he in an armed service.?

    1. Lauren

      He used to be in the military, but he got out when he started this new job he currently has. We’re keeping that job private, due to the high level threat/security associated with it.

  4. Gina B

    Happy to see you had special birthday dinner with you and your husband. What a view. Love the picture of the three cute kids for their dad to have on his desk. I also like the stripped bed sheets. You and Eddie look so peaceful. Glad to hear that Gordon is working 9-5 each. Makes it better in the evening for family time. Keep giving us updates on the family.

  5. Heather Ferraro

    Gosh ,I get the “ your hands are full!” Comment at least once a week! I have a 7, almost 5 and a spirited 2 1/2 year old…. I usually just say yep! I do! I’d love to have the guts to say something sarcastic but I don’t want to be rude! Hahaha My son spent his tooth fairy money on a present for his grandpa last weekend, it’s so sweet to see them beam with joy! Have a great week!

  6. Julie

    I love the blue and white striped linens in the adorable picture of you and Eddie sleeping!! Where did you get them? I’m curious to hear how your technology limits work out. We need to work on that with our 6-year old!!

  7. Sonia

    It’s a little far from the UWS, but there is a farmer’s market on the corner of 47th and 2nd Avenue on Wednesdays that has AMAZING Heirloom tomatoes! I love all the little farmer’s markets in this city 🙂

  8. Ellen-Ann

    We limit technology, excluding tv to one hour per day. TV is limited too unless it’s watching with family. At the recommendation of the pediatrician making it easier to enforce but we also live with a fenced yard and pool and warm weather most of the year. Good luck. I had 3, under 5 at one point, then a 4th when the oldest was 10. Hang in there.

  9. Mireya Martinez

    I have an 8, 5, and a 2 year old who do does not like to stay in the shipping cart. I get those comments all the time. I usually am stressed while shopping with them, so I just fake laugh, force a smile and move on. I love my kids, but it’s so hard some days. I don’t have family or friends to leave them with so society will just have to deal with our chaos.

  10. BeckyM

    Oh geez…the hands full comment! I always smile and say something along the lines of, “You bet! Hands full of good things!”

  11. Angela W

    Oh my heck I hate the “hands full” comment. I’m hugely pregnant with number 3 and fighting a 2 and 4 year old in stores when people say “you’re *about* to have your hands full!”.

    There’s is nothing useful to me in that statement. It makes me want to hand my kids off to them and say “and now you have *your* hands full!” and run off with an insane cackle or something.

    Seriously. What is the deal with that comment, especially from strangers in stores???

  12. Jane

    I’m smiling…your take on life and family is so much like one. You have to be honest! We aren’t all perfect moms, wives, people…Still, I wish you all the best. Come visit sometime and find out what life will be like in 20 years!!! 🙂

    Jane x

  13. Brenda Newton

    Love the pictures!! As for people stopping you on the street to tell you that you have your hands full: Just say something along the lines of ”and they are each a blessing of God, and when I’m old, I’ll have lots of people to look out for me!!!”. It’s true, you know!!!

  14. Shawnna

    I had a friend who cut out technology and she said the first week was hard (behavior was worse), but after that it was so.much.better. So keep that in mind if/when you are tempted to cave early.