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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Another crazy week in the books! 

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more stressed or scatter-brained in all my life. If ever I were to have a mental breakdown at any point in my life, this would be it. Here’s the latest and greatest going on:

The sale of our house continues to roll on. Having to keep a house meticulously clean with three children so we can leave at the drop of a hat when potential buyers come to do a walk-through seriously BLOWS. I never knew I could be so on-edge when my baby is eating a soda cracker. 

Spring Break for my kiddos was pretty fun and mostly uneventful. Brooke did amazing at her volleyball camp and had such a great time making new friends. She always gets so nervous leading up to it, thinking she is “so bad at volleyball”, but of course once she gets going, she realizes it’s fun and nothing to be worried about. 

Eddie is getting two more teeth! And is also getting sick again…poor boy. I’ll probably take him back to the doctor, depending on how he fares over the next few days. His ears are what I’m mostly worried about. I think we’re heading towards tubes. 

I am getting sick again too! If you have been following me on Instagram stories, then you’ll know how manly I’ve been sounding. Well, here we go again with a different kind of cold. My husband keeps telling me that I need to slow down and rest, but that’s nearly impossible with three kids around. It’s a nice thought though. Tylenol cold and I are getting pretty well acquainted. Also, I forgot how potent Nyquil was. That stuff works wonders on me! 

Eddie in a carseat

Blake continues to pretend he’s a baby doggie, or a baby turtle, or a baby stingray. The imagination that boy has is beyond me. He also has started saying “well, that’s ridiculous” and it’s the cutest thing everrrrrr. 

Earlier in the week, I was looking up what me and the kids will do in NYC once we’re there and started a bucket list of sorts. When I told Blake about seeing a big baseball game, he got pretty excited 🙂 I love that boy!! What are the things you love to do in New York City? Bonus points if they are kid-friendly!

Speaking of New York, I think I’ve narrowed down where I’d like us to live. Well, narrowed down which schools I’d like my kids to attend and therefore what boundaries I’d have to live in so they can attend those schools. It is certainly a completely different system than what we’re used to in Idaho and Oregon! Our realtor mentioned to me that I can call the schools to see if they have open spots before we sign a lease. Hopefully we can get Brooke and Blake enrolled in the same school! That’s really all I want to focus on now. 

Gordon continues to love the training that he is getting for his big-time government job. He’s been working for the last few weeks, but has only been gone to training for two weeks. It feels like he’s been gone a lot longer than that. Just the other day, I smelled his cologne because Eddie had found it and had pulled it out of the drawer it was in. I literally thought to myself “oh yeah, that’s what my husband smells like!” I can’t believe I have two more months to go. 

Brooke holding a volleyball

Coming up this week

I’ll be at my beloved Indulge Conference. Yes, I’ve been planning a big blogger conference on top of everything else. I come home late Tuesday! God bless my sweet sister in law who was able to take time off of work to watch my kids.

Brooke starts at her volleyball league this week! She did a camp to give her some practice and now she gets to be part of a team. She’s concerned about what color her jersey will be. Haha!

I think I’m volunteering in Brooke’s classroom on Wednesday…I should probably double check that.

My best friend, Amy, is coming to visit us with her kids too! Hopefully I can get better REAL quick.

We have an open house on Saturday, so here’s to hoping I can get my house clean. But Amy will be here, so her helping hands will be appreciated! We’ll have to lock the kids somewhere so they don’t mess up our work, but whatever!! 

Be sure to leave me comments here or on this post about all your tips for living in New York! We appreciate them all! Or email me here.

Have a great week!!

Lauren and Blake with a filter

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6 Responses
  1. Jan

    Love watching and reading how your family is growing! I <3 the military and very proud of your family! didn't seem that long ago you and Gordon were looking at each other in amazement when you found out Eddie was on his way! If I were closer, I so would volunteer to help..

  2. Andrea

    Not sure if you follow Love Taza, but she lives in NYC and has three littles as well. They live in a two BR apartment so she is always out and about doing various activities.