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This Week at the Brennans’

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Lauren and Eddie

We got a nice rest this week, visiting my home in Canada!

Here’s what happened this past week:

On Monday, I was busy packing because Tuesday we left for Canada! Gordon took the day off to drive us up north to meet my parents who would drive us the rest of the way. My sweet parents were willing to make the drive and meet us half way so Gordon didn’t have to drive all the way there and all the way back in one day. We arrived Tuesday evening, just in time for dinner and what a good dinner it was!

Brooke, Blake and Eddie were so happy to have a little extra room to run around in and LOVED chasing the dogs in the backyard. They also got a lot of cousin time and one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Eddie has been exploding with his speech and he was so cute saying the dogs names “Quince” (Quincy) and “Scow” (Scout). We went to a nearby dog park and he kept running after the dogs saying “Quince! Scow! Come on! Go!” His little legs moved so fast and he actually did a decent job keeping up with them. I never usually let him run outside in the city because of all the people, cars and bikes but he had the freedom to run out in this huge field of grass and man oh man did he run! After about 20 minutes of running, he finally came over to me and wanted me to carry him for a few minutes before he jumped down and started running again. He was so sweaty by the end of our visit.

Blake and Brooke went with Grandma to an indoor play center called FunHaven and had a blast with their other cousins. It’s turned into a tradition for them I think, so they look forward to this a lot. They came home with lots of cheap toys that will slowly disappear over the next two weeks. Haha!

Lauren and the kids

Two of my sisters and I traveled up to Quebec for a day trip to a lake called La Peche. For my fellow Canadians familiar with Ottawa or Gatineau, this lake was in Gatineau Park. It was the most beautiful, clear and quiet lake! Perfect swimming for kids because it was shallow and had a lifeguard on duty. It took us 70 minutes to get there, but so worth it! We splashed, played and ate watermelon all afternoon! It makes me want to get a lake house and eat watermelon all day. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Do any of you wonderful readers own a lake house?

I was able to test a few pumpkin recipes while I was visiting as well which was not so good for my diet and exercise plan, but oh so good for my tastebuds. Is it too early to post pumpkin recipes yet? MAN were they good! I think Fall is the best season everrr.

My parents have a garden and I happily ate all of their fresh tomatoes off the vine, along with several cucumbers throughout the week. Nothing better than that! I also came up with a random chicken marinade with random ingredients found in their cupboards along with some fresh rosemary and thyme, also from their garden. I have general increments but will have to remake it a few more times until I feel comfortable sharing it online.

I did my best to workout while I was there and even cracked out the free weights from the back of a closet, but certainly didn’t push myself to my limit AT ALL. Aaaand, may have eaten a few too many pieces of poppyseed strudel.

Blake and Eddie both needed haircuts, so I snipped their luscious locks and now they are a tiny bit cooler for the last stretch of summer and ready to start school with their new hair styles. Blake is going into Kindergarten and Brooke is going into 4th grade! HOWWWW did this happen?

At some point, we also grabbed some timbits (donut holes from Tim Hortons) and I was able to go back to school shopping with Brooke! We were able to sneak away from the boys and do a mommy daughter date. She loves shopping when she’s spending someone else’s money. Haha! But, we got most of what she needs, so hooray for that. She also worked together with her cousin doing chores for Grandma and Grandpa to earn a couple of bucks as well. Brooke wanted to go to the Dollar Store because there are NO dollar stores in New York and “that is my favorite store!” So, she was able to spend her $4 to buy some tootsie roll pops, ring pops and sour skittles, all of which she gave to her cousins and brothers BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO. Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? She’s a good one, that Brooke. The sassy is turning more sweet as of late and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

On Sunday, I went to church and it was so lovely to sit with my family and then say hello to those families I grew up with. They mostly had questions about how we are liking New York and why my husband never visits. Haha! Gordie is working hard for his family, so he rarely gets time off. I don’t say it enough but I am so proud of him for always working hard and never complaining about anything.

Lauren and Eddie

Here’s what is coming up this week:

We drove back into the states to meet Gordon (again!) and will spend another week in Lake George for one last hurrah before school starts. My kids are so excited to be able to swim in three different pools or the lake and Gordon and I are excited that there are kid programs at this particular resort so we can drop our kids off for part of the day and actually feel like we’re on vacation too. HOLLA!

Recipe side of things: I’ll have a lasagna dip to share and maybe a post about my diet and exercise program, if I can swing it 🙂

Have a great week, friends!

Blake sleeping in his carseat
New haircut, after a long day at the beach 🙂

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21 Responses
  1. Jessie

    I was in Newyork for 4 days end of September this year and in our walking travels my brother asked someone (in Manhattan) where the closest dollar store was. Now I know why he was looking at us like that! Lol

  2. Nery Enriquez

    I just love to read about you and your family and your recipes and just admire your down to earth attitude! Love that your real! 😂 So happy for you that you had some extra room to run around and spread your wings in vacay 🤣🙌🏼 ❤️

  3. Sherry Augusto

    I’m glad that you had a nice vacation. It’s always good
    Get away. I also wanted to say that I made your rice pudding recipe and it was delicious!!!

  4. Jeanne

    I just love following your family’s journey and watching the kiddos grow. Doesn’t seem like it’s been over 11 years since we were roommates!

  5. Lena Boyd

    I loved reading about your visit with your parents. The children seemed to have a wonderful visit, swimming and being with cousins and the grandparents. Going home with all those memories they will always have. Hoping you are well rested and ready for the beginning of a hectic first week of school.

  6. Marilyn Brennan

    I’m chuckling at the falling picture of Blake have fallen asleep in the car. What a great fun week got you all. I have visions of being in the garden there with you. Thank you for family posts.

  7. Tracy

    On a completely random note, I was roommates with your sister (Shayna) at BYU our freshmen year. I hope she is doing well. I have read your blog for a while, because well…I love food too and I loved her! Anyhow, when you mentioned your family all gathering back at your parent’s home I just thought of her and had memories of her talking about family. I am glad you had a great trip home.

    I live overseas and we have not been home in over a year, but we get to go back next summer and I am kind of really excited to see all our family again. I am excited for a garden to nosh on too!

    1. Lauren

      Hi Tracy! I vaguely remember Shayna mentioning you 🙂 I kinda-sorta know who you are! Haha! I wish Shayna would have made the trip to Canada from Arizona, but alas she did not. Maybe next time!

  8. Cyndie

    I love reading your posts. I live in Idaho so I feel like we were neighbors for awhile. I love the shoes you are wearing in the picture of you in the black and white checked dress. Can you tell me the brand? Thanks, Cyndie

    1. Lauren

      Here is the link for those shoes! Got them from Nordstrom 🙂 They are so comfy and summery! https://rstyle.me/n/c67k5uceyzf

  9. kelly

    sounds like such a GREAT trip!! the kids take such cute pics!! even when you don’t think they do!!
    Glad you got time with family..it always means something when they don’t live close by…I AM spoiled by that….
    I cannot wait for your new pumpkin and lasagna recipes!! I LOVE fall times as well!!

  10. Courtney

    I am so glad you are having a great trip. I can’t get over how much older Eddie is looking these days! That was so sweet of Brooke to do that, I couldn’t say the same for my two, but they are teenagers so there is that. Love that last picture of Blake sleeping his way home. Those are the best day when you know they had fun. Try to stay cool in the heat wave we’re in the middle of.

  11. Karen

    Sounds like you had a lovely time! Could I ask where Brooke’s yellow shoes are from? (please say online… and that they ship to the UK!). Enjoy Lake George! 🙂

      1. Karen

        Thank you! We don’t have Old Navy but they ship to the UK… although it costs more for shipping than the actual shoes 🙁 I might just have to order a few more things to make it worthwhile 😉