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This Week at the Brennans’

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Blake and Eddie in lounge chairs with blankets

A little late, but here we go!

Here’s what happened this past week:

I posted all about our time at Lake George yesterday. It was such a fun trip that was quiet, low key and (mostly) relaxing. Not quite a vacation because KIDS, but a generally low-stress family trip. We really liked staying on Lake George and dreaming of buying one of the houses on one of the itty bitty islands. *Sigh* It’s fun to dream. I do that a lot. Haha! You can read more about our trip here.

Whilst at Lake George, I hurt my back by working out a little too strenuously. It’s like my body was rebelling the exercise because it was in vacation mode. I was relatively quiet on social media because I was high off of Ibuprofen, but by last Friday it was ok. Now, if I’m on my feet for too long or lift something heavy incorrectly, I definitely still feel it. This mama is getting old. Of course, Gordon looked hot and beefy at the pool while I looked like the humpback of Notre Dame because slouching over was the only way to handle the back pain.

My kids adored swimming in their choice of three pools and we probably spent a minimum of two hours every day just swimming. Time was also spent relaxing and letting our kids watch the Disney channel because we don’t have cable TV in our apartment. I keep telling Blake that he’s going to have to put his face in the water at some point, but he most definitely refused every day we were there. 

The weekend was spent back in the city again, getting laundry done, grocery shopping done and picking up last minute items needed for school. I actually had ordered the kids’ school supplies in JULY through the recommended supplier the school recommended because I was on top of it (and I was counting the days until my kids could go back again) but they never showed up. After four emails to the company with no response whatsoever, I finally just went out and bought my kids what they needed. So, if and when they ever show up, I’ll just send them back and figure out how to get a refund. I hate refunding things you order online. It’s such a hassle. Actually, I just hate going to the post office. Does anyone ever like going to the post office?

We’re still in the process of organizing/playing Tetris in our apartment with all of our stuff. Since Brooke requested the move to be back in the triple bunk bed, we’ve been trying to figure out the best new places for everything. I know we need to get a storage unit, but am not sure how we get all of our stuff to said storage unit. It would be an all day job. We are hoping to stay in this apartment until the next phase of my husband’s career takes us to another city and I want to make larger changes to it than Gordon does, so I’m still in negotiations with him on what we will actually end up doing. I totally see his point about not putting money into this place because it’s not ours, but at the same time, I want to like the space we live in. WHAT DO I DO?

My kids continue to amaze and impress me with the amount of fresh food we consume. We got groceries delivered on Saturday, and today (Tuesday) I’ve figured out that we have finished: 3 english cucumbers, 12 apples, 3 bananas, 4 navel oranges, 4 pounds of grapes, a bag of baby peppers, 3 heads of butter lettuce, two gallons of milk and 3 dozen eggs. I think there has been more, but I can’t remember everything. My kids are growing, methinks. So I went out to replenish our itty bitty fridge today. I’m scared for the future.

A large brick building

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

My kids start school tomorrow! I’ve been waiting two months for this. I know that sounds horrible…I really do love my kids, but man is it hard coming up with different things to do with them in the city every day for two months straight.

Blake will be in Kindergarten with a little friend from church which we are both pretty excited about, and Brooke is with a friend from last years’ class.

Gordon got a good chunk of the morning off so he can come with 🙂 We find out who their teachers are tomorrow! Brooke wants a girl and Blake doesn’t care.

Also happening this week: another training session with my personal trainer. He needs to kick my trash after all the yummy food I’ve been eating while I’ve been gone! And hopefully a date night with my husband. It’s been a long while since we’ve been alone somewhere together without kids interrupting us. The older I get and the more crazier I become, I’m understanding the importance of date nights.

Gordon and Lauren

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12 Responses
  1. Margi

    Lived in an old apartment with hardwood floors. Had my dad come over and we sanded and refinished the floors. Landlord refused to kick in a dime as he hadn’t been consulted. I was much younger then and didn’t even think to call as it was something he and I had chatted about but never made definite plans. So when I left he refused to give me back my deposit as I had put holes in the walls hanging my pictures. Was an attorney/politician so I just walked away. What a jerk! You do anything get it in writing that you have permission to make any changes.

  2. Amber M

    I have to side with your husband on this one. I lived in my apartment for almost 11 years before buying our house. My landlord didn’t do any upkeep unless something broke. Aside from decorating I would have never put a dime of my money into the apartment. It wasn’t mine and long term I wouldn’t see any gain from fixing it up. I also knew it wasn’t my forever home. Granted I don’t know what type of changes you are wanting to make or the cost of them. I just think it’s silly to renovate something that you don’t own.

  3. Donna Brennan

    Love yours pics of the Resort–Wow!!! It looks like a lot of fun for everyone!! I think a place on an island sounds perfect–can we all go? I understand your back pain, been there and finally getting better. Went to the gym today and almost hurt it again!!! Happy you will get a little time off–well from 3 kids to 1!! Enjoy the school year. Love to the kiddos.

  4. Vicki

    My husband just hurt his back also, and your hunchback of Notre Dame comment cracked me up. Hope yours is feeling better! Good luck with the school year.

  5. Erin Raatjes

    Contact your credit card company and refuse the charges. They likely will side with you since the company doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    1. Pamela Gauthier

      Contacting your credit card company about items never received is a very good idea. Have done it myself a couple of times! Don’t hesitate! Have a great date with your hubby, a good school year for the kids, and take care of yiur back…don’t overdo! Been there too! 😉

  6. LynL

    Hi Lauren –
    Just a thought – many many years ago when I ordered my sons’ school supplies early through a supplier the school recommended, as you did, they were delivered to the school. They never came to the house. Not sure if that may be the case with yours or not.
    Also, I refuse to go to the post office. I print out postage from their website and then have the postal carrier pick up my package, OR I go to the UPS store and send a package that way. Also, you can print out a label on the UPS website and they’ll pick it up from you for a fee. Much better than going to the post office.