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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brooke and Blake

Oh school. How I’ve missed you.

Here’s what happened this past week:

My kids are now in school! PRAISE. They started up last Wednesday and are loving life. Brooke is in grade 4, Blake is in Kindergarten, and Edward is in preschool. My kids are adjusting nicely to this new school schedule and I am loving the few hours during nap time where I can get some work done. I’m pretty sure we all just thrive with structure and schedules, so September is a welcome gift.

Eddie has preschool Monday and Thursday mornings with a few of his friends from nine to noon. I wish it was three days a week if I’m being totally honest because he can handle it and loves socializing. But we’re sticking with two. Some of my Mom friends got together, hired a legit teacher and are taking turns hosting. I’m so excited to get to know these other moms more and we have even talked about going to brunch together while all our kids are in school a few times a month. Does that not sound like a great way to spend a morning? Yes yes and yes.

This year, I get to pack three school lunches which is fun because I line their little lunch bags up and fill one by one. Everyone gets the same thing and they can decide the night before. Mostly it stays the exact same through the week with a fruit, veggie, protein and grain. Eddie always wants the ‘gaypes’ (grapes) and ‘gums’ (fruit snacks). I normally don’t buy fruit snacks, chips, cookies or sweet things to add to their lunches but I got sent them for free from a brand, so we’re slowly making our way through the box. 

The morning routine could get polished a little. Mainly, I could stand to wake up a little earlier, but man is it hard to get up after 5 hours of sleep! Brooke, like her mama, tries to sleep in as long as she can. Blake and Eddie are rip-raring to go at 6am (sometimes earlier…ugh!) and I am just grateful that 2/3 are out the door at 8:15. I try to make eggs almost every morning because protein is important and cereal just doesn’t fill my kids up quite like it used to. (Plus its nearly $5 a box here!) So we do eggs, bacon and toast (or oatmeal or cream of wheat). My trainer said Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day, so that’s what I do and by default, that’s what the kids do too.

Blake at school
Second day of Kindergarten! Feeling official with a desk and name tag!

Speaking of trainer, I had a rough session last week where we focused on the lower body. One legged squats are the worst, I still like deadlifts and kettle bells are great, except when I have to do bulgarian squats with them. This workout make my butt sore which never happens because my body mechanics compensate for my weak glutes with my hamstrings or lower back. So hooray for workouts that target things I want them to target!

Gordon found out this week that he will be switching to more of a regular 9-5 schedule starting in October! He loves his job and I’m so glad he loves his job, but he has come to hate the city because he hasn’t really had time to explore or make friends. So, I’m hopeful this new schedule will allow for a regular date night, more night outs with friends and a new take on NYC. There are parts I don’t really like about living here, but for the most part have gotten used to it. He hasn’t really gotten that chance, so I’m excited to get him out on the town more often.

Speaking of getting a night out on the town, what are your favorite NYC restaurants? Getting bored of the same old same old over here.

Blake at school with Lauren
First day of school! After the teacher said “ok parents, it’s time to start leaving” I told Blake “Ok, I think I need to go!” to which he replied “yeah, she JUST SAID THAT.” So, he was completely fine.
Here’s what is coming up this next week:

More school! We actually had Monday and Tuesday off this week for Rosh Hashanah but they’ll be back for the last half of the week, thankfully!

Gordon is working extra long hours this week and making me wish for October to get here oh so fast.

I am working on developing recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas already (which is a little bananas but whatever.) Are there any you’d like to see? I feel like this past week has been me playing catch up with behind-the-scenes blog work (which is NOT my favorite part at all). It’s gotta get done before I move onto the fun stuff. A tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Hoping to get some serious recipe testing done. And get my lenses cleaned. Eddie has been smudging them all with his fingers. UGH! That boy. Yikes.

I’m hoping to go see Crazy Rich Asians too, though I might go alone. Whatever. No big deal, ya’ll. Nothing like a little matinee all by myself. Just give me popcorn and I’m good.

Anyways, hope you have a great week!

Brennan Family

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38 Responses
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  2. Katie

    I love following along with your weeks! I also live in NYC! I stay home with my two little boys (3yrs and 18months) and a husband who has a craaaazy work schedule so I can totally relate! Check out the new Eatly downtown. It gets pretty crowded and the layout can be tricky to navigate with a stroller but it’s a fun date day/night or even a solo trip if you ever get some time to yourself 🙂

  3. Courtney

    Yay for back to school! Don’t you love how worried you are for kids to start school and they are like “yeah ok bye” My girls would never admit it but I think they like school a little bit. Not for the homework but for the sports and seeing there friends everyday even if its just in spurts. I hope Brooke is enjoying 4th grade so far. Go Eddie for being in pre school already? Wasn’t he just born like last year? LOL. Hopefully his teachers don’t have to tough of a time wrangling him in.

  4. Danielle B

    My favorite restaurant for dinner is called Jack The Horse Tavern. It’s located in Brooklyn and has the best Trout Salad and mac n cheese… with a bottle of The Cab, you are bound to have a great evening. Take a stroll on the promenade after to digest and take in the city lights.

  5. Jessica Gomez

    I have so enjoyed hearing about your sweet family over the years! Started following you when Blake was still a baby and have continued since! Love all your recipes!

  6. Tara

    I sporadically checked on your blog before the move to NYC, but I am an avid follower now. Just seeing how your family has adjusted to city life has been such a fun journey. One of my favorite things has been seeing your family attending church every Sunday. Unfortunately, church is no longer a priority for many families, and so I admire you for finding a new church home, getting your family there (walking, subway, rain, snow) even when staying home would be much easier.

  7. Shelli Bender

    Love watching the kids grow up, they are doing it so fast! First day of school pictures are so fun to look back on when you’re like 40 years old *laughs*
    Love the sharing, appreciate it much!!!

  8. Molly

    Hope your kiddos have a great school year
    and you get to enjoy some peace and quiet!
    Can’t wait to see what goodies you have in store for the holidays!

  9. Amy B

    What an exciting week! I find my kids crave structure and routine too, so when school starts it’s always nice. I’m looking forward to the holiday recipes!

  10. Jilmesa from Texas!

    I just love all your stories! I look forward to reading them every night before bed! I can definitely relate to all of them! Thanks for sharing a fraction of your life!

  11. Erica

    We LOVE spending time in NYC. On our last visit (in May) we really enjoyed Rubirosa and Clinton Street Baking Co (amazing pancakes). We also loved Tiam and if you like Indian, I highly recommend Bengal Tiger!

  12. LT

    I also live in the UWS and recommend Jacob’s Pickles for their honey chicken and biscuits! Also Sushi Yasaka for fabulous sushi and eel rice bowls. 🙂 I enjoy Celeste for Italian. Absolute Bagels for fresh chewy bagels. The Hungarian Pastry shop for cheese-cherry strudel and napoleans and lemon mascarpone cheesecakes. 🙂

  13. Sonia

    Some of my favorite places in this city are Toloache, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar (hands down the best Pizza in NYC – you won’t get tired of it even if you go over and over again), Parm, and Eataly in Manhattan. If you don’t mind venturing to Brooklyn – Lilia is fantastic and Missy Robbins won the James Beard Award, so you can only get reservations 30 days in advance, but it is so so worth it. In Queens, Kurry Qulture is incredible Indian food and Queens Comfort is diner food with a twist which is delicious, but also cash only. The last place is Clinton St. Baking Company – it’s known for it’s brunch/breakfast, but it’s much easier and quieter during dinner if you don’t mind having breakfast for dinner. They also do normal dinner type things during dinner time, and their pancakes are just so fluffy and delicious, you’ll wonder when the next time you can come back is!

  14. Jane S.

    Hi Lauren! We just returned from a week in NYC and had a great time. I had read your recommendations, and we ate at the pizza place you suggested, and loved it! We were also looking for places that would accomodate my daughter who has to have GF dishes, which turned out to be pretty easy. Westville (in Chelsea) is a small, farm to table place with great food and lots of fresh veggies. We also loved Raclette (511 E 12th) where they have all these different cheeses that they MELT over your food! So delicious! And if you haven’t found Schmackary’s for dessert… it is worth the trip! Great Cookies!
    Hope this helps! Have a great week!

  15. Sheenam @ Thetwincookingproject

    Another great post Lauren. It was great to watch Eddie on your Instagram stories jumping those puddles back home from school. What a cutie!!

  16. Suzy

    You should check out Rubirosa, Emmett’s, and Emily West Village for your pizza night! Also for a nicer place, Boqueria has amazing tapas. Mighty Quinn’s and Hill Country are great BBQ. The Meatball Shop is a classic fav of mine. Cookshop has amazing brunch. On the UWS Jacobs Pickles, Maison Pickle, Red Farm, Rosa Mexicano, and Parm are so good.