This Week at the Brennans’

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Lauren and Eddie
Post bath time with Sir Edward!

This was a good one!

Here’s What Happened this past week:

Early on in the week, my two older kids started an after school program and they are loving it! Brooke and Blake only go two afternoons per week, but they are loving it! As a matter of fact, the first thing Brooke said when I picked her up was “that was so fun!” I didn’t even have to ask! Both kiddos were super sweaty and happy to come home 🙂 I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to do because it was all new and they were going to have to interact with kids in other grades and different teachers. But of course our school is wonderful and the transitions have been great. Instead of ‘babysitting’, this school offers classes the kids can take. Brooke is doing sports and playground games while Blake is doing t-ball and sports. I was so happy to hear that it went so well for them!

Remember those Amazon clothes I ordered? Man oh man, did I send a lot back BUT! I did end up falling in love with many of the items I got! This cute dress that is so comfy for $15, really comfortable sports bras (3 for $23), loose and cute workout tops (3 for $24), workout capris ($13) that are stretchy and glorious (that look way longer on me because I’m so short!) I was skeptical and probably sent just as many items back as I kept, but man did I find some winners.

Wednesday morning, I spoke at a blogger conference about blog stuff. (You can read about how my blog became my career here.) And then Wednesday afternoon, I boarded a plane and flew to Las Vegas to meet up with some of my best girlfriends from Oregon. I flew my niece in to watch my kids (bless her heart) and away I went. It was cheaper to fly her in than it was to hire a babysitter here in the city. Talk about messed up, but it was so good to see her again! We love you Kennedy! 

I was in Las Vegas from Thursday to Sunday and had so so so much fun! We laid out by the pool, I almost finished the book Crazy Rich Asians, we stayed up SO SO late talking and laughing, I won $16 at the roulette table, we saw La Reve (a cirque du soleil show that was amazing!) and we ate some pretty spectacular food too. I don’t want to put all of that information into this blog post, but you can expect one in the near future.

Brooke, Blake and Eddie

Blake was just at the tail end of his sickness when Eddie started getting the same virus. Stuffy nose, exhausted, cough. Gordon woke up a few mornings with a scratchy throat too, but I think Ed got it the worst. And of course the peak of his sickness was when I was gone to Vegas, poor boy! Gordon sent me videos of Eddie being sad and missing me. He wasn’t sad the entire time, but it certainly ripped my heart out if I watched it too much. I’m hoping that I won’t get whatever is going around. Brooke is just fine with the occasional headache here and there and I’m mostly just tired, especially because of all the sleep I DIDN’T get on vacation. Oops!

While I was in Vegas, I published the most glorious pumpkin layered dessert…similar to a dessert lasagna. YA’LL. Run, don’t walk to this recipe. It is TO DIE FOR and no-bake! It really takes a lot to screw it up and it tastes glorious.

I also have been booking and planning other vacations for my family! I’m taking my two oldest somewhere fun after Thanksgiving and then we’re doing an all family trip in February. The kids have some days off in April too, but I haven’t decided where to go. We’re going international for the other trips, so I want to keep this localized to the northeast. Any thoughts on good places to go?

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

More recipes! Wheeee! I love the Fall and eating all the comfort foods around!

A much needed session with my trainer. Please don’t mention all the food I ate while I was gone. Haha!

A weekend with my family watching conference.

Hopefully a little quiet time to get some office work done. The not so glamorous part of blogging. I’ve been putting a lot of it off, but think I’m going to bite the bullet. I feel so good when it’s done, so maybe I’ll have the oompf to do it.

I think I have a doctors appointment this week too…or is it dentist? Time will tell.

That’s it for now, friends. Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

Blake smiling at the camera
Blake after his sports after school program!
A group of people in a pool
One of the many pools I was parked beside the entire weekend.
Lauren with friends
Me and my girls.

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7 Responses
  1. Lena Boyd

    Hello Lauren, I am just writing to say we miss you and wish you the best….Sending love and prayers to you and your dear family. Hugs my dear.,

  2. Lena Boyd

    Your life is soo busy, but you get it all done. I love hearing about the children and their activities. Busy children are happiest and the most curious and most eager to learn. Thanks for sharing, L

  3. Kay Gregory

    You posted a fabulous looking tomato basil tortellini soup recipe the other day but it couldn’t be accessed. Could you please post another link for it? I am dying to make it for my family this upcoming weekend. Thanks Lauren!

    1. Lauren

      I published it to a site that deleted their recipes. I unfortunately don’t have record of it anymore! My virtual assistant posted it to facebook when she wasn’t supposed to :/ Sorry!