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This Week at the Brennans’

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Eddie standing on a chair

Not many pictures this week because life!! So many busy things going on.

Here’s what happened this past week:

I know there are a lot of you that are anti Christmas before Thanksgiving, but WE ARE NOT THOSE PEOPLE! We busted out the new Christmas tree and decorated the apartment with one box of decorations that we own. One day, we’ll have room for more, but not this year! It took us one evening to get everything up and decorated. Besides the decorated tree, we have one “Noel” banner and our stockings. Nothing crazy, but I love having the tree ‘glow’ all day. Ah, Christmas. I love you.

Speaking of Christmas, we had some crazy winter weather last week! Like our first big snow storm of the season. It took Gordon two hours to drive home. The drive is normally 20-30 minutes. His boss let him leave early in hopes he’d miss the brunt of it and I think he DID miss the brunt of it, but still took him two hours. He isn’t made for commuting. Haha! All the more reason to stay in the city so he can be close to work.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up feeling completely awful. I had had a scratchy throat for a few days and I could feel it brewing inside of me. But Tuesday morning, it hit me hard and was a little more severe. Gordon was thankfully able to take a sick day and after I took *all the pills* had a nap and some spark, I was feeling a little better. Tylenol cold severe is miraculous. Especially the night time kind. I slept so hard! Except that evening, Gordon and I got some take-out for an at home date and I’m 99% sure I got food poisoning from that darn chicken I ate. I didn’t throw up, but almost wish I had because I was SO nauseated. I used DigestZen on my tummy (essential oils), took some pepto bismal with my Tylenol Cold night time and hoped for the best. I woke up several times feeling terrible, but by morning it was more manageable.

Thursday morning, I was feeling significantly better. Still sick, but much better than the day before. I went to Parent teacher conferences for Brooke and Blake that day with just chicken noodle soup and tea in my system, but somewhat decent. Of course our children are flying through kindergarten and 4th grade perfectly. Their grades are stellar as is their behavior. SO thankful for great teachers.

Thursday was also Gordon and my 11th wedding anniversary! We were able to get a last minute babysitter for an hour and a half so we stayed close to home and went out for dinner. I ate a few fries and called it a day because of my tummy troubles, but Gordon got some fried chicken and a chocolate milk shake. Haha! We’ll need a re-do at some point soon 🙂 

Through my many illnesses this week, I was able to make it through the most recent season of the Great British Baking Show. Binge watching was made for sickies like me! I was SO happy with the outcome! If any of you were able to binge watch it this week, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Still getting used to the new hosts, but its still good!

My teeth are getting more crooked the older I get. I have no idea why or how, but right now at this point in my life, they are moving back to their original crooked positions that they started in before I got braces. Someone once told me that hormones can help teeth shift easier in your mouth. I have no idea if that’s true, but I do know my hormones are completely messed up (which is completely normal for me) so…?? I have no idea if there is any truth to that. But, I’m looking into invisalign. Have any of you used invisalign before? It’s way cheaper than metal braces, not that I would get braces again, but I’ve heard generally good things about it. Thoughts?

On Friday, I was able to run a few errands with Brooke and only Brooke. MAN, is it easy to just run around this city with one kid who is old enough to jump in and out of taxi’s! I might even say fun! Can I go back in time and just have one kid? Just kidding. Mostly.

A group of people walking down the street

I’m getting ready to go to Paris and Amsterdam with Brooke and Blake! We’re leaving after Thanksgiving and couldn’t be more excited 🙂 I think I’m the most excited and they are just along for the ride. Haha! Leaving Gordon and Eddie at home. We’ll bring them on the next trip 😉 It’s going to be cold and we’re going to be outside 95% of the time, so I’m getting prepared….meaning buying all the things off of Amazon. Got a cute, warm hat and a big puffy long coat. I’ve been looking for a longer coat that is less than $200 because I already have two nice coats that are warm and great just not super long. Aaaand I couldn’t justify the cost with Christmas coming up…plus HELLO I’m taking my kids to Europe. That ain’t cheap. So I found the one linked above for $99 off Amazon! So far I love it. But it’s been like 2 days. Also got Brooke these fleece lined leggings and Blake these long johns. I refuse to deal with cold-related whining! Plus, we’ll use all these items in New York after this trip. Follow me on Instagram for all the fun pictures and updates from this trip.

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Thanksgiving! Hello 22-pound turkey! And we’re even going to attempt to go to the Thanksgiving day parade with our kids too! We’ll freeze for sure, but thankfully I bought all this warm gear off Amazon! Ha!

Gordon is going to play in a turkey bowl on Friday morning (football) and I’m confident he will freeze.

My in-laws are flying in on Friday to come hang out with us for a little before me and the two older ones fly off to Paris and they will stay here to watch Eddie. I think they will LOVE the upper west side. The last time they were here, they did a lot of lower manhattan tourist activities like walk the Brooklyn Bridge and see 9/11, but now they get to experience a different part of NYC 🙂

And, I am going to post a few more recipes on here before the week is through!

Have a great week, friends! xo

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13 Responses
  1. Joanne

    My husband is a dentist and his office uses Clear Correct (a very similar competitor to Invisalign). I did it and am very happy I did. You do need to wear them 22 hours a day and take them out anytime you eat or drink anything but water (which is a bit annoying). Overall though I totally recommend.

  2. Ceilidh

    I had braces as a teenager and failed to wear my retainer every night so alas, here I am as an adult back in the same position again — crooked teeth. I ended up getting Invisaligns last year. I like them, but they are not for everyone. I am someone who constantly nibbles on food, so it has been a bit hard for me. You have to wear them 22 hours a day, which is a lot harder than it sounds…especially if you are planning on going out etc. Plus you have to brush your teeth every time you put them back in…so I end up brushing my teeth like 6 times a day. Ha. However, it is nice not having a metal show every time you smile!

    Have you been wearing your retainer?

  3. Donna brennan

    Wow lots going on sorry about the sickie bit it always sucks. Teeth do move over time as we age. I never had braces, my teeth were a,ways straight. Until now!! A little crooked on top but I am older so will let them be. I’ve heard good things about Invisalign. What a great trip for the kiddos. We went to Amsterdam a few years ago. It was beautiful but not as cold as now. Whatcha out as you walk past some of the cafes they do tend to be full of smoke!! You can find marijuana everywhere. The flower market was beautiful. They have bulbs that are prepackaged for USA customs. Check the date
    !! I recently made your scone receipt vwoth gluten-free flour and they were/are awesome.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all if you. Miss you. Hope you got to the parade I am watching it on tv. Love it!!

  4. Emily

    If you decide to do Invisilign, look into smile direct. Invisilign actually owns 30% of smile direct and the cost is about 1/3 the cost of Invisilign. Same process, same trays, much cheaper.


    I had Invisalign and loved it! I had 53 weeks of trays so a little over a year – just finished about a month ago – and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. And because you have to wear the trays 22 hours a day, it keeps snacking to a minimum!

  6. Susie Walker

    Definitely do the braces now before they get too bad. I waited ( I was 61 when I had them put on) and it took 22 months to get them straight. I wish someone had told me to do it sooner. The more cooked they get, the harder it is to get them clean. I had metal braces and the process is so different now than years ago. Mine were too crooked to do the Invisaligns.

  7. Lily

    A friend of mine got Invisaligns and they work great! How exciting to get to take the kids to Paris and Amsterdam. They will love it and they’ll have a great “what I did on my vacation” essay for school LOLOL

  8. Carla

    If you don’t wear retainers your teeth will return to baseline…or worse. I re-did braces at 45 and have worn my retainers every night for 9 years now! I have been the “retainer police” for my daughter who is now 21. She even has a spare pair, just in case!

    My neighbor has done braces THREE times. She finally just had a retainer bonded to the backsides of her teeth.

  9. Courtney

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I know you said you were a little sick last week too. I think Mel from Mel’s Kitchen cafe posted about getting invisiligns in a post earlier this year and they worked for her. You said you had something international planned for you & the kids. I hope you guys have so much fun. Can’t want for a recap. Thanksgiving is supposed to be so cold here in New England., I’m gonna stay inside and eat all the things 🙂 Isn’t it awesome when your kid becomes self sufficient, She’s be able to get around the city by herself in no time.

  10. Helene

    Hi Lauren, when in Amsterdam, make sure to take a canal cruise with your kids. If you’re there after Nov 29, check out the Amsterdam Light Festival (walk or cruise, after dark!). And if you know the book The Mouse Mansion, you can actually visit the mansion, for free!, at the public library, https://www.oba.nl/jeugd/het-muizenhuis.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3v2T_s7i3gIVl-F3Ch2nvwonEAAYASAAEgLsh_D_BwE. The address is Oostersdokkade 143. It’s great for kids! Have a great time! If you have any questions about Amsterdam/Holland, let me know! I’m from here :-).