This Week at the Brennans’

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A little girl sitting at a table
Shared this photo of Brooke on instagram the other day helping with holiday baking. She is just the sweetest!!

What an exhausting week.

Here’s what happened this past week:

Jet lag jet lag jet lag! I have been on and off with my exhaustion bouts. Mainly just waking up a little earlier than usual and then feeling completely wiped around 7pm. Normally, I can stay awake well past midnight, but the beginning of last week was rough. I think Gordon felt the brunt of it because I was passed out cold on the couch and he would put all the kids to bed. What a champion my husband truly is. I just love that he picks up my slack. Of course I pick up his when needed too, but just wanted to should out to Gord for being my mvp this week….and every other week too.

My kids didn’t seem to be bothered in the least about jet lag. We got home late Tuesday night and they went to school the next day feeling fine. Kids are so freaking adaptable and resilient. What the heck. Super grateful that they were aok, but still puzzled how we lucked out. Maybe falling back six time zones is easier than jumping forward? Not sure, but glad to be home.

I have bought almost all the Christmas presents on our lists. I know I keep saying that, but this time I really mean it. I still have a few smaller stocking stuffers to grab like candy and gum, but besides that I’m mostly done. I was going to wrap a lot of the gifts this past week too, but I never got around to it because I was so darn tired. I get the majority of my to do list done when my kids are asleep, and when you fall asleep before the kids, well, nothing gets done.

On Saturday (the coldest day ever), me and the family started filming another intro video for the blog! The last one I did was well before Eddie was born and back in the day when Gordon had hair. Technically, he still does have hair, but he’d “rather be bald than balding”. An opinion that is not embraced by the general public. But I quite like him bald these days. He looks tough with his bald head and big muscles, but he’s seriously the nicest man you’d ever meet. 

Besides trying to function in a tired body and sleeping, this past week I’ve been consumed with this book and I just finished it yesterday! Did not see the ending coming. Mind blown. If you need a good read over the holidays, I’d recommend it 🙂

I also tested a few recipes with cranberry this week. I need to remake several just to make sure they’re good and snap some pictures too. I love holiday baking! Hoping to do a cookie exchange soon 🙂

Brooke and Lauren making frosting in the hall
Making frosting in the hall…not sure why. Haha!
Here’s what is happening this next week:

Gordon’s work Christmas party! I love getting dressed up for a reason. I have this dress to wear (in maroon) and think it’s the cutest with these heels which I usually only wear for special occasions.

Eddie and I get to visit Gordon at his office on Friday morning! I’m so excited because no one is allowed to go into his office. All very top secret stuff…except for Friday. Excited to see what his office looks like and what pictures of the kids he has posted where. It’ll be fun. Maybe we’ll sneak a quick lunch date in too. Unlikely, but a girl can dream.

Brooke has a playdate with some school friends this week and Blake starts a soccer program he’s starting as well 🙂

Hope you all are staying warm. Have a great week, friends!

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5 Responses
  1. Courtney

    That pic of Brooke is so adorable, how old is she is? So glad to here the kids didn’t end up with jet lag, but its a stinker that you did. My husband shaves his head too. He would agree with Gordon. But he always has a stocking hat or beanie with him from Oct/Nov through April. He says having hair on your head make a big difference. G;ad it was sunny out for your video. We were in New York for a bus trip on Saturday and it was cold, especially at night. I have to say that is one crazy busy city and I don’t know how you do it. I will live the city life vicariously through you. Have fun at Gordon’s work party, Hoping you have a great time.

  2. Autumn Vigil

    Excited to see some pics of you all dressed up! I just discovered the Sexymodest website this week after asking a lady in the airport where she had gotten her super comfy looking pants.