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This Week at the Brennans’

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Lauren and Gordon and the New York Stock Exchange

This week had a lot going on!

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon and I went to his company’s holiday party at the Stock Exchange and it was so fun! Last year when we went, we hardly knew anyone (well, I didn’t know anyone) but this year was much more enjoyable because there was a good handful of people I could talk to. We don’t dress up like this hardly at all, so it was a nice reason to get fancy and spend a night on the town. Also a great excuse to wear my new dress and my favorite high heels.

The next day, I sent the kids off to school and I took Eddie down to Gordon’s office for another Christmas party, this time for the families. We spent a few hours there, meeting coworkers and eating treats. Santa did end up showing up, but Eddie only wanted to watch from afar. Haha! After we said goodbye to Gord, we walked over to Target and picked up a few stocking stuffers for the kids plus the cutest mini cars from Cars that Eddie obsessed with. (I couldn’t find them online to link to, but they’re called mini racers for those interested.)

On Friday, Brooke painted a cute little tea cup and saucer with her Activity Days group. She always has so much fun with her church group and I am so impressed with her abilities and love for Art. I’m trying to find her some sort of Art Class that would offer her the creative outlet she seeks. Pretty sure her future job will be some sort of artist. She keeps telling me she wants to be a vet, but I’m thinking down the line it’ll change. But, who knows? Interests come and go with preteens. 

Lauren and Gordon
prettiest tree outside the stock exchange 🙂

Friday, I also committed to start potty training Eddie. YOU GUYS. This is my Everest. He is happy to pee on the potty because he knows he gets candy. But getting him to actively tell me he needs to use the potty…yeah I don’t see that happening anytime soon. He isn’t bothered by a wet diaper or some wet (or even dirty) undies. He just keeps on doing his thing like nothing is wrong. So, I’ve stopped having him in underwear and just take him every hour or so and praise the heck out of anything related to the potty. I’m not sure what to do at this point, but I’m going to research it a bit and see what I can come up with. I think he needs to mature a little bit or I need to help him make the connection in his brain that pee means go to the potty…somehow. Any tips from all you super-moms out there? Pretty please?

Gordon had to work Saturday, so I was trying to not go stir crazy with the kids and all the potty training I was trying to do with Eddie. Ha! Didn’t work out too well, but I tried! I was pretty frazzled by the end of the day when Gordon showed up, but isn’t that every day? Haha! Kiddingnotkidding.

On Sunday morning, around 1am, Blake came into our room crying. He climbed right into our bed and laid down on top of me. I was trying to figure out what was wrong asking “are you hot? are you cold? are you sick?” and of course once I asked that, he sat up and barfed all over me and our bed. Gordon immediately sprang into action, grabbing Blake and running to the kitchen sink while I changed my clothes and our bed sheets. After things were cleaned up, we got Blake situated on the towel covered couch with a bowl, poor boy. Gordon sanitized the sink and did a few dishes before we fell back into bed around 1:45. Man, does an apartment with a washer and dryer sound really appealing right about now.

New York Stock Exchange

I somehow find the time this week to go through all our finances for the year, pay taxes, order late Christmas cards, have a good chat with one of my good friends from Oregon who is coming to NYC for Christmas, not wrap any gifts and bake a zillion cookies for friends and neighbors.

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Um, a lot to do to get ready for Christmas! Wrap the gifts, make a menu, get some groceries, make a few recipes ahead of time to store in my freezer, send out Christmas cards, edit a bunch of photos and post all the recipes I’ve been meaning to post before Christmas. *gulp*

I also am planning on organizing our apartment a little better (read: getting rid of a bunch of extra toys and kitchen equipment) to make it seem like me have more space than we actually do. Plus with Christmas coming with all.the.thing, we need to make room for that extra stuff. Such is life in the big city.

Have a great week, friends! Merry Christmas xo

Gordon and Eddie looking out a window
At Gordon’s office Christmas party.

Lauren, Blake and Eddie

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11 Responses
  1. Jeanne Schaedler

    Just a thought, I know read this late, ask your son if he wants to make a river? Or let’s go make a river. It worked on my little cousin. He was the same way about training. It still took some time but when someone would ask him if he needed to make a river he knew what they were saying and he would say yes. Then eventually he started saying he needed to make a river. It was pretty neat. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Lynn Benner

    Happy New Year Lauren & Family!!

    We grownups joked when my son was 4 that he’d be the first one to graduate High School in a diaper. I tried potty training at 3 & 3 1/2 with no luck. I finally just stopped trying with him (4yrs, 4 mos) Then one day at a friends house her potty trained son said, I have to go and away he went. We told me son to go visit his friend in the bathroom. (We snuck behind him). Sure enough, D asked a million questions and viola, started potty training.

    It seems the more you want it, the less kids do. So I’d say quit trying, let him come to terms on his own.

  3. Meg

    Your Eddie sounds like my Logan. He’s FINALLY potty trained at 4 1/2, but it’s taken us 1 1/2 years to get here. Ultimately, HE had to decide he wanted it. His personality just wasn’t motivated by any sticker chart, candy, or toy. He just wanted to be in control. So, I kept trying to be consistent about scheduling potty times and praised the heck out of him, but it was a long road. I guess all that is to say that if it doesn’t go the way you hope, just keep telling yourself that he WILL eventually get it. P. S. I just saw that dress at Costco today (Sexy Modest had a pop up booth) and I thought it was so cute!

  4. Donna Brennan

    Oh my heavens. A party on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange his cool! Have patience with the potty training. Sometimes they just aren’t, ready so don’t run yourself ragged. He won’t be in a diaper forever. Promise!! I wish I had the energy you have. I love your week at the Brennan’s ! Miss you guys hopefully this summer JENNY and I will get to NYC. Merry Christmas to all of you 🎄🎄

  5. Sue

    My youngest granddaughter said she wanted to be a vet since elementary school. We thought that would pass but she’s in her first year of college and still pursuing her dream of being a vet. She just got her first semester finals grade and she has a 4.0 grade average. So proud of her
    Anyway, may Brooke follow her dreams.
    Love your family and your adventures in NYC.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Shawnna

    I finally figured out my oldest was capable of being potty trained but just chose not to. I started training her right before 3, then stopped like you did and waited a bit, then tried again. This went on a few times. Once I realized she was capable but choosing not to, I started punishing her when she had accidents and she was potty trained in a week. She was 3 1/2. I know the books say not to do that, so I guess you have to know your child to know if it would work for you.

  7. Guyla

    Hi Lauren, there is a book called Oh Crap! that looks pretty effective…if you have the time to do it. I work full-time out of the house and her technique just doesn’t work with that schedule.

  8. Kathy Brady

    Hi Lauren! My son wasn’t potty trained until he was almost 4. He was completely able to use the potty but totally uninterested—playing was far more important. He loved playing Gameboy and was quite proficient for his age. I finally told him that big boys who wore underpants and went potty played Gameboy but babies who wore diapers didn’t. Two days later we were done and he never had an accident—he just had to be motivated. Good luck!