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This Week at the Brennans’

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Lauren holding Eddie outside

Back at it again!

Here’s what happened this past week:

This post will encompass a week and a half because with the holidays, this specific post kept getting drawn out to Tuesdays, then Wednesdays, then Thursdays and so on. But I’m BACK to posting on Mondays again which I am a big fan of! It makes my week of posting become more consistent which, lets be honest, I could use a little more of! Ha!

I am officially 33 now. I don’t feel all that different, but I have noticed a few more prominent wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. While they sort of bother me, it just means I’m living life with lots of expressions! Ha! I mentioned to Gordon that I should go get Botox and he was like “yeah, no.” I’ve also had a hard time sleeping since the new year. Don’t know what that’s about, but I think I’ll start some light yoga right before bed. I used to do that when I was single in college and I slept SO well without fail every time I did this simple 10 minute yoga DVD. It was mostly stretching, but it worked wonders.

So, the kids went back to school last Wednesday, January 2nd. We get all sorts of holidays off here at public school in the city which we never seemed to get in the PNW and Idaho just because of the lack of diversity. Here, we get ALL.THE.HOLIDAYS off, so that means our Christmas vacation was shortened because we also get other days off in September, October and November. Even though it was traditionally shorter than we are used to, it was nice to get back into routines. Blake’s Kindergarten teacher was back from maternity leave which he was excited about upon pick-up. Brooke still isn’t thrilled with school. She would prefer to stay home with her new toys and games. Ha! I can’t blame her, but she just needs to remember that deep deep down, she really does enjoy school.

Before the kids went back to school, we tried to spend more time outside on the ‘warmer days’ (read: in the 40’s and cloudy) and one afternoon, Gordon was home early so we were able to scooter over to the park and play tag all together. All five of us playing doesn’t happen very frequently, but man oh man is it fun! My heart was so happy running around the park, playing tag. It was the very definition of ‘wholesome recreational activities’ and all of us left the park after two hours so happy and tired! We all fell into bed pretty wiped out, but I think pretty happy! I love this family of mine. 

Gordon is wanting to cut Eddie’s hair, but I really am hesitant to because I love it long! I might just give him a little trim, but keep it on the longer side. I’ve started tying it up in little buns on the top of his head and its the cutest thing ever. MAN BUN for a two year old. Why not?

My friend Moana and her husband were also still in town and we got to hang out with them a little more before they went home to Portland. We certainly miss all our friends in Oregon (and Idaho too!) but we are consistently reminded that New York is where we are meant to be right now.

Blake and Eddie sitting on a bench

This past Saturday, Gordon and I got a babysitter and headed out on a day date! It’s been a while. Oops! We went to Dig Inn, a restaurant that comes highly recommended from friends. So we went to check it out and man was it good! Lots of great sides and main dishes all served together in a bowl. It reminded me of all the hipster restaurants in Portland we used to go to. Very tasty and delicious! We also went to tour a larger apartment on our way home to see if its something our family would like/need in the future. While we LOVED the apartment, we know we have a few months left on our lease and will most likely wait to pull the trigger. And before you all go thinking we are crazy for moving again, you can relax because this apartment was only 3 blocks away. The children would all stay at the same school and we would still go to the same church. We will not move far if and when we move to a larger apartment. Certainly was tempting though! (It was more than double what we currently have. drool.)

Over the next month, I’m ordering all sorts of meal delivery services to test all the brands to see which one is the best! I’ve tried a few here and there over the years, but will definitely get a better idea as I work my way through each box I receive. These are the brands I’ve ordered from: Hello Fresh, Plated, Sun Basket, Blue Apron, Green Chef, Martha & Marley Spoon, Purple Carrot, Daily Harvest, Freshly, Home Chef, One Potato, Dinnerly and EveryPlate. Am I missing any?

The beginning of the new year meant Gordon and I starting our no sugar resolution. We’re only planning on doing it for 4-6 weeks leading up to our cruise so we don’t feel like fat sausages in our swim suits, but also for health too. The first few weeks are always the toughest and I mostly just get cravings at night when I would eat something sweet. The nights are the hardest because I don’t eat anything after dinner at all, except maybe more water or ice chips. I’m trying to focus more on my health this year, getting more training sessions with my personal trainer for my birthday. I have found that having someone to be accountable to is the best way for me to progress and see results I want to see. After sharing a few thoughts and tips on instagram, I got a huge response! So I might end up writing a blog post about all of this. Would you be interested in a post like that?

Also, anyone know of great places to get one piece swim suits?

A person sitting on a bench

A little boy wearing a blue hat

Lauren, Gordon and friends
Sweet Moana and Juval! We love you! Come back to visit soon!
Gordon and the kids crossing the street
We are a scootering family!!

The kids scootering down a path

Kids scootering down a path
Brooke is such a good big sister! She looks out for Eddie and was the best scooter buddy for him.
Eddie scooting across the street
trouble on wheels!
Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Gordon and I are going to a hockey game at Madison Square Garden! Pretty sure I know more about hockey than Gordon does, but whatever. It’ll still be fun! The joys of marrying a Canadian girl.

I also will be taking my kids to all their dental appointments on Thursday. By myself. Heaven help me.

Testing more recipes this week as well as hopefully posting the rest of our travel photos from our trip to Paris and Amsterdam! Lots to look forward to this week 🙂

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18 Responses
  1. Bethany

    I saw an ad for Dinnerly yesterday and thought of you! I’m not sure if it’s very popular or not but thought I’d mention it 🙂

  2. Autumn Vigil

    I would totally be interested in a blog post about your weight/trainer/eating habits! I have set one and only one goal for myself this year and it’s to focus on my health and my weight. I would especially be interested in your opinion of testing body fat rather than watching the scale (I believe you mentioned this a little on Instagram???)
    Also, the pic of Eddie scootering across the street is one of the coolest ever. He’s such an awesome little “city kid”!

  3. Heather Poulsen

    Albion Fit has some great one piece suits! The material is awesome and really good quality; you get what you pay for. I have 3 of them from this last season and all fit true to size. Thank you for sharing your cute family with us.

  4. Kathy Edwards

    Love your family pictures, Eddie is such a little mini you. I’m interested to hear what you think of the dinners you have ordered, although we cant get any of those where we live. Enjoy the hockey game, Canadian girls rock at hockey.

  5. Alice

    I’ve had really good luck with “Swimsuits for all”. I swim often and go through quite a few suits. Theirs have been great quality and seem to last me the longest. They have cute, modest, wearable styles too. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  6. Allysom

    I would also recommend checking out Albionfit for swimsuits. Such cute and fun patterns! Also would love info about your fitness/tips! Cute fam!

  7. Courtney

    Good luck at the dentist, Hoping you have lots of fun at the hockey game.I wouldn’t think you are crazy for moving again, It’s all about finding the place that feels like home, right? Eddie will be able to pull off any hairstyle, He is such a cutie, and can’t believe he is going to be 3 soon. Oh and Happy belated birthday! I am like you when it comes to fitness goals, I am more motivated when someone else is holding me accountable.

  8. Joycd

    Happy belated bday! I’m glad you had a wonderful one. Can’t wait to see your pics from Europe! There’s nothing wrong with a “man bun” for Eddie, if that is what you and Gordon prefer! My husband and I also grew out our youngest son’s hair until right before he started kindergarten. Happy to PM you a pic of my son’s “man bun” if you want!

  9. Lena Boyd

    I so enjoyed the update, you all are so busy and energetic. Our wheather in Mi. Has been unseasonably warm and I fear we will go into our norm soon, brr with lots of wind and snow. Eddie looks older with his hair cut. Did you save a curl, I did with our sons first”real” cut, have it in with his picture at two and half yrs old.
    Good luck with the no super goal and Yoga soo relaxes me at bedtime.
    Looking forward to a post/blog, great idea.

  10. Donna Brennan

    wow, sounds like a busy time!! Where are you going on your cruise? I know someone mentioned Lands End, that would be my choice too. I don’t like traditional one piece suits but I have a tankini!! I covers the same as a one-piece but you can go to the bathroom!!! That is high on my list. Also i only have to replace one part at a time, either top or bottom!! I haven’t tried any meal delivery but I know Scott and Beth have used one and they are pretty good, I son’t think it was blue apron, maybe hello fresh or Green chef. They have given Dave and I a couple to make, they taste good but take way more prep time than I want. We are the ready to eat in 1/2 hour or too long! Have a great trip. We are currently on a Celebrity Cruise to South America!
    love you all
    Aunt Donna