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Tieks, yo.

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Have you heard of Tieks before? Well, hold onto your butts cause you’re about to!!

Tieks are foldable, comfortable, cute, adorable, leather, colorful flats.

See exhibit A: 


I got the Mint Patent Tieks a few weeks ago and fell in love! If you look in the picture above, you can kinda-sorta tell I have fat wide feet. I was nervous to order my size because my feet are so awkward and large. But, I took a chance and gave them a whirl.

Initially, they were tight, but after a day or two of wearing them sight-seeing in New Orleans, the leather stretched out and conformed to my feet. Now, they fit me perfectly and I love them! Amazingly comfortable shoes.


Also, they take up like so little space at all because they fold in half. How cool is that? Not to mention, they are super stylish 🙂 Love the mint color. I’m loving mint everything these days.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.26.00 PM

I ordered these shoes right before my trip to New Orleans, so was super excited to try them out and see how they would do, as I mentioned above. I walked two days straight in them all around the city and didn’t get sore feet at all. Like AT ALL. Have you ever ‘broken in shoes’ that absolutely killed your feet? None of that happened with me. They were comfortable and perfect from the get go. That was enough to win me over and want to get a pair in every color. I haven’t yet, but have my eyes on these pretty ones.

If you’re in the market for new and adorable flats, give these a whirl. They are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for 🙂

Check out all the pretty colors available here.

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18 Responses
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    […] and a little shopping, Amanda and I headed over to Magazine street to do some shopping. My tieks walked all over New Orleans this […]

  2. Hannah

    I am going to New Orleans in August, I have been looking for some cute shoes to wear that won’t kill my feet while I am there. my Question is about the stretchy around the heel, that part always cuts into my heel on ballet flats that have stretch, and wearing them without a hose or sock was ok while sweating? Thanks!

  3. Cory Ahern

    They might be cute, bu I could never justify paying that much for anything like htis – way out of anything I could ocnsider a price range!

  4. beth w

    So, i also have a question about how much support they provide. I see lots of rave reviews for them, and know that they fold up quite well, but do they provide enough support? I wear flats to work, but if I were really to walk around/sightsee, I would much prefer my Tevas or sneakers. Or maybe I’m not just stylish enough to be able to pull these off for all-day wear.

  5. natalie g

    Do you feel like there is enough cushion on the soles? I have a few pairs of Yosi Samra’s (they are suppose to be similar to Tieks) but I wouldn’t consider wearing them all day to sightsee. The soles are fairly thin, in my opinion. I keep hearing how great Tieks are and may make the splurge.

  6. Lisa Sonstegaard

    Great to know they fit wide feet! Mine are wide as well and and It has been hard to find comfy flats. I have been looking at their website for a while now…maybe I’ll give them a go.

  7. Sara

    I bought my first pair of Tieks last month as well, after hearing such great reviews. They are so comfortable, and I agree – no breaking in time. They are expensive but well worth it in my opinion. As I just got basic black for my 1st pair I am trying to decide what fun color to get for my eventual 2nd pair! LOVE THEM! Love your mint ones!!!

  8. Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

    Flats are my favorite shoes! I’ve had these on my wish list for a while! Absolutely love the color you chose! Gorgeous!

  9. Sandy Davenport

    Cute shoes but can not imagine myself ever spending that much money on one pair of shoes no matter how cute or comfy they are. heck they cost a good portion of my monthly income

  10. Stephanie

    I LOVE mine! It was a splurge to buy shoes this expensive, but they have been my go to shoe all summer. Especially nice because I can wear them to work or casual wear. I always get compliments too!

  11. Dee Mack

    I own a pair of Tieks and i absolutely love them. They were given to me as a gift. Prior to that I had never heard of them. They are the best because I can fit them into my purse and change into them quick and easy. And comfort, for a flat shoe, it doesn’t get any better. And most importantly, I have wide feet and my toes never feel crushed. I am buying next two pair, but it’ll be a while because I still have decided on which colors. I keep changing my mind.