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Tilt {Portland, OR}

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IMG_0205Last week, my husband and I took our kiddos to eat at a restaurant called Tilt in Downtown Portland. I’ve heard about this place from a few people and after seeing a picture of a burger from Tilt on instagram from one of my friends, it sealed the deal! So off we went…..IMG_0182We actually went in between the lunch and dinner rushes right at 2pm so we could take our time and I could take all the pictures I wanted to. We had this huge booth all to ourselves. Cha-ching! I ordered a bunch of food and I’m pretty sure the lady taking my order thought I was nuts, but it’s all good 🙂 IMG_0141Hello biscuits and gravy. This was awesome. Very bacony…which is never really a problem.
IMG_0150I ordered this Fat Farmer Burger too….IMG_0190It was a southwesterny veggie burger. Not my favorite, but good. IMG_0165My husband ordered The Big Tilt Burger. It was huge and yes that’s the edge of a fried egg you’re seeing. Oh, and also had lots of bacon 🙂 IMG_0168Since we went here, my husband has become obsessed with fried chicken biscuit sandwiches so he ordered this too.IMG_0187Hello lover! Out of the main courses we got, this one was my favorite. Seriously. Fried chicken on a soft buttery biscuit is amazing. IMG_0171Their fries were better than the average fry, but the tilt sauce was what made them surprisingly incredible. I usually HATE fry sauce, but this stuff was YUM.IMG_0153Also incredible: their homemade tots…aka fried mashed potato balls. The tilt sauce made these for me.IMG_0159We got the cheddar stuffed kind, but am regretting not trying the jalapeño or bacon kind.

Next time? I think yes.IMG_0175But, my favorite food here that I tried were these onion rings. I am an onion ring LOVER and these were just bliss. BLISS I TELL YOU. Again, that tilt sauce took these over the top.IMG_0197And because my life revolves around the word GLUTTON, we got dessert too. This was tied for my very favorite thing I ate next to those darn onion rings; Lemon sour cream pie with a whole bucket of whipped cream. Brooke and I were in heaven!! IMG_0198It was seriously so dreamy!! Pretty sure I am soul sisters with those bakers at Tilt. *Also the pie crusts are perfection…crumbly, tender and so flakey!!*IMG_0204My husband got the marionberry pie and it was good too, but had nothing on that lemon pie!!

We had an amazing meal and almost rolled out of the restaurant we were so stuffed. I’m dying to go back to try more burgers, biscuits sandwiches and pie and so is my husband!

I’d also like to point out that the staff were really really friendly and thought my kids were cute, so naturally I’m like “lets go back tomorrow!

But they forgot to bring us our pie….twice which was kind of surprising considering they weren’t busy. Eventually though, they wrapped it up for us and threw in a slice of lemon poppyseed loaf which was pretty good, but nothing compared to the pie. It was more of a kind gesture which we appreciated.

If you’d like to visit Tilt in Portland {which you should!!}, here are their deets:

1355 NW Everett St. Suite 120
Portland, OR 97209

3449 N Anchor St,
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 285-8458

Find them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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18 Responses
  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks for introducing me to TILT and the scrumptious photos! I visited recently and the tater tot are Amazeballs! Love the spicy jalapeno ones dipped in ranch!

  2. Ashley

    My hubby and I finally went with a couple of friends! It was awesome! I got a cheeseburger and onion rings. I liked my hubby’s cheese tots better than my onion rings though. My friend ordered fried chicken, and that came with bacon potato casserole and fries with bacon to dip in and a biscuit. Killer! She got the winning dinner, for sure, even though it was way too much food and she had to take most of it home. Hubby and I chose the orange cream pie to share. Terrific! I was intrigued by their salted honey pie, and would totally try that some time. Let’s just say I plan to go back!

  3. Sarah S

    Thanks for this post, Lauren! I was in Portland last weekend, and my fiance and I checked it out based on your recommendation. We loved it!

  4. Alli

    YUM. We’ll have to check out Tilt now!

    BTW, for chicken and biscuits you must try Pine State Biscuits! Have you been there? Screen Door also has yummy fried chicken (on a sweet potato waffle!).

  5. AmberS

    I just moved an hour away from Portland and would love to go explore the area soon. I think I can get my husband o go try this. Thanks!

  6. Lindsey

    Perfect timing, I get to go to Portland towards the end of the month for work and I am definitely going to do my best to get here!! Only problem is I am going solo so I will just have to bring back lots of leftovers. Snacking on onion rings or burgers on a plane isn’t rude if it’s delicious smelling right?!? Thanks again!

  7. Kelly Hamilton

    How you stay so thin eating food of this kind? 😉 Seriously, I LOVE the Bluegrass but as soon as I can, I’m heading to Oregon!

  8. Phi @ www.sweetphi.com

    OK, wow, these photos are incredible…makes me want to go back to Portland asap! This past fall my husband and I visited Portland for our anniversary and had such a great time we want to go back next year, and when we do I’m definitely going to go to the Tilt! Thanks for posting 🙂

  9. Karen

    I am stuffed just looking at the pictures. I would love it if you could develop a sour cream lemon pie recipe that matched this one….major yum!!! and how about the tilt sauce….I am looking forward to your future posts on this request. Thank you in advance.

  10. Mandy Gi

    If you ever come up to victoria BC you need to try out Bin 4 Burger lounge. Amazing burgers and even better onion rings!

  11. Mandy Gi

    If you ever come up to victoria BC you need to try out Bin 4 Burger lounge. Axing burgers and even better onion rings!

  12. Matt Davis

    Tilt is right by my new office, so it’s a frequent lunch destination. The bacon tots are awesome, but one of the few cases where the portion is pretty small for what it costs… Everything else I order there, I’m lucky if I can put away half of it (in the case of their Reuben, a quarter of it). For all those pictures, I really wanted to see the counter girl’s face when you ordered all that food- that was probably enough to feed 10 people!

  13. Natalie @ Paper And Birch

    Those burgers are HUGE!! I’ve never heard of marionberry before. That lemon sour cream pie looks incredible!!

  14. Wendy

    Hi Lauren, I’m a recent transplant to the Portland area, so I want to thank you so much for the restaurant reviews that you’ve posted. I have a long list of restaurants to try!