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Top of the Rock

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Brennan family

A few weeks ago, we went to the Top of the Rock! My kids kept wondering what “the rock” was because their understanding of a rock is a rock…like from the ground. So, we tried our best to describe it as a really tall building! Brooke understood, Blake couldn’t care less and Eddie was desperately trying to escape any way he could figure out how. Sooo, that’s pretty much how our evening went.

Here are a few photos we snapped from the top! We were the only family with little little kids there, so we felt a little out of place, but we’re getting really good at standing out instead of blending in. And all the blue shirts we were wearing was a total coincidence. Ha!! Get more details and recommendations at the bottom of this post, as usual 🙂


Gordon and Blake

Gordon and Blake
See what I mean? Blake was suuuuper unimpressed 76% of the time.
It was windier at the top than I remembered it, but Eddie LOVED all that wind is his curly mane!
Gordon and Brooke
One of my favorite photos! The evening light was gorgeous.

Gordon and Brooke

Poor Eddie wanted to be a big kid so badly!

Gordon and Blake

Empire State Building

We kept trying to point out different things that our kids would recognize like the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building. Brooke was into it, but Blake kept saying things like “Look mom, a crane! ANOTHER CRANE OVER THERE TOO!” Glad to see things never change with this little son of mine.


Lauren holding Eddie up to the lookout point

Brennan family on top of a building looking out

Brennan family on top of a building looking out

Brennan family on top of a building looking out

Brennan family on top of a building looking out
Super windy evening, screaming child and two other disinterested children. Ah, motherhood.


A view from the top of the Rockefeller building
Central Park gorgeousness! (And do you see what I mean by crane?)
Lauren giving Eddie a drink of water on the ground
The only time he sat still then entire time we were at Rockefeller Center. This kid!!! So rambunctious.
Helpful Tips and Links

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Even though its a hassle for me to take the subway alone with all three kids, it is so darn convenient with all 5 of us. And cheap!! I am the biggest subway convert everrrrr. Use the subway to get here! The stop brings you right here. Hardly any walking needed.

Be sure to stop at the Lego Store (and Bouchon Bakery…and the J.Crew) at Rockefeller Center too. I’m so excited to come back to skate here around Christmas!! Classic.

You have to purchase tickets to come to the Top of the Rock in advance. The first time I came was at 8am; the first available time to come. If you don’t like crowds, this is the best time to come. These tickets we got were for 7:15pm and it was busy. I tried to get some tickets closer to sunset, but they were sold out. Depending on what you want your photos to look like, you can definitely fit this into your schedule when you’re visiting NYC. ALSO! If you purchase tickets and its raining or the visibility is awful, they will reschedule you to come back another day for free 🙂

My Nike’s have been my go-to site seeing shoes. They are comfortable and practical. And on sale here.

Like I mentioned before, my backpack has been a lifesaver. I always need two hands available and can’t manage a purse on my shoulder. This is the perfect size for everything I need to carry around: diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet, sanitizer galore, bandaids, etc. Typical mom stuff.

Oh, and Rockefeller Center is right beside Radio City Music Hall. The entrance for Top of the Rock is on the same shared side street as Radio City Music Hall…down the sidewalk from J.Crew on W 50th 😉

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7 Responses
  1. Kristen Smith

    I followed you for your recipes years ago but since you have moved to NYC I really enjoy your “travel” posts so much! We have been twice and would love to go back any time we can. Top of the Rock was a favorite spot for our teenagers/young adult kids!

  2. Courtney

    We just went to Top of the Rock a few days ago. I wish they weren’t building that taller building that is under construction on your Central Park picture! It is so much taller now and blocks that great view of Central Park!

  3. Karly H.

    One of my favorite memories from a trip to NYC with my then 12 year old son was our visit to the Top of the Rock. Such an amazing view!

  4. Peggy King

    Thank you for sharing your NYC adventures with us! Love reading your thoughts, tips, and funny stories! Good luck this week!!

  5. Lori

    I am enjoying your NYC adventure posts. Have never been there but hope to go someday. I get so nervous for you with Eddie though! I know how fast kids that age can just take off! Have you considered one of these for him just for safety’s sake: https://www.amazon.com/Toddler-Safety-Harness-Lengthen-meters/dp/B06XCC43FR/ref=zg_bs_2237486011_5?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=SJW9CWNXMG238TDZH7PB&th=1