Top Pot Doughnuts- Seattle, WA

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Donut Sign

As many of you know, I went to Seattle a few weeks ago for ‘business’. While there, I had some seriously amazing food. First stop? Top Pot Doughnuts. These guys totally know how to whip up some killer old fashioned fry-babies.

Donut Sign

Top Pot has several locations, but we went to the one on 5th Ave. on a cute little Seattle street 🙂


The ladies I went with got quite the array of treats to nosh on, I must say. And, the staff were nice enough to give me a few stickers to bring home to my munchkin.


Here’s the chocolate old fashioned doughnut….looking mighty fine if I do say so myself.

Taking pictures with a phone

I HAD to take a picture of this!! Everyone inside the shop was seriously staring at all the weird ladies taking pictures of their food! Food bloggers sometimes get a bad wrap. But I completely understand 🙂


Here’s my Maple glazed old fashioned doughnut and I must say it was DIVINE. Gave me the sugar rush I needed to explore the rest of the city! Isn’t it purdy?

Friends with donuts

Tina, Jessica and Shari made great doughnut eating buddies!

If you’d like to go visit Top Pot, here are their locations:

2124 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA

609 Summit Avenue East
Seattle, WA

6855 35th Avenue Northeast
Seattle, WA

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9 Responses
  1. Jane

    Didn’t know Seattle was in Oregon! All my life I’ve been wrong about where I live, I guess I don’t live in Washington!

  2. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    What a fun post and I love the 1st picture…looks so old-fashioned.

    And so does the one with the maple glaze…mmmm, good!

  3. Amy

    These are the doughnuts that they sell at Starbucks. I’m sure they’re way better fresh but they are the same kind if you aren’t in Seatlle!

  4. Anna Dingle

    We will be visiting family next week in Seattle and they told us about this place so we’re definitely going to try it out!!! That Maple donut is on my list of one to get!!