Trip to Cascadian Farm {Northern Washington}

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Last week, you probably saw a ton of photos on my Instagram feed from my quick trip to Northern Washington to Cascadian Farm! You guys. It’s so beautiful up there!

It was pretty dreary the whole time, but it made for gorgeous photos 🙂

Take a peek:


Tis the season for pumpkins!







Only food bloggers would be THAT interested in fertilizer.

A path with trees on the side of a dirt road







This trip was a sponsored event by Cascadian Farm, so I was able to meet some new bloggers and meet up with some old friends.

One thing I learned during the trip was that all organic products are GMO-free. I had NO idea and felt really dumb for not putting two and two together. Ha! We learned a lot about organic foods, actually which was really interesting. Probably because all that stuff is right up my alley.

I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and had quite a few classes all about this kind of stuff back in the day {pesticides and other allowances in the food industry, synthetic materials, etc..} I was fascinated with it all, so it was fun to get another little refresher.

Anyways, I had a great time but was happy to get back to my little ones.

If you live in northern Washington, I am jealous! You’ve got mountains and gorgeous trees everywhere!

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3 Responses
  1. Erin | The Law Student's Wife

    GORGEOUS pictures. Clearly, a visit to Northern Washington is a must. I love Cascadian Farms, so it was neat to get a peak at where they operate. Also, is it weird that I want to hug one of those pumpkins?

  2. Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    I was so jealous as I was scrolling through these beautiful photos on your Instagram feed last week! I’m so glad you had a great trip, and thanks for sharing your vacation photos – perfect escape while I am sitting at my desk 🙂