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Vanilla Cinnamon Cake with Browned Butter Frosting

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IMG_0239Is anything better than butter? BROWNED BUTTER!

If you’ve never ever made this, and then mixed it into some frosting–you need to stop what you’re doing and go make this right now. I made this cake a few weeks ago for Better Homes and Gardens blog and just DIED over the results. I love the nutty almost maple flavor that the browned butter gives in the frosting. It’s seriously so tasty! Especially with a little dash of cinnamon on top of super moist cake! Mmm….

IMG_0217If you’re wanting to brown butter, then all you do is throw some into a small saucepan, place it over medium low heat and watch it like a hawk. Once things start looking all golden, then you’re done! Super simple to do and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in all sorts of recipes.

Get my cake recipe plus this browned butter frosting recipe plus more step-by-step photos here.

Disclosure: Land O’Lakes provided me with the same prize pack as listed above for review and recipe development. All opinions expressed are my own…as usual. And I was not compensated in any way to say nice things about Land O’Lakes. 

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803 Responses
  1. melanie

    What would I make? A batch of chocolate chip cookies? Cinnamon rolls? Or maybe the ooey gooey butter cake that’s been on my baking list?

  2. Mary B.

    I would definitely make this cake! It has my favorite things: vanilla, cinnamon, browned butter…my birthday is coming up and I think this is what I will make for it, even if I don’t win! 🙂

  3. Beth

    I have a wonderful recipe for a pear tart that uses browned butter. I would love to make that. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  4. Ginny L.

    My favorite thing to make with (4 tbs) of butter is a goat cheese -tomato-wild mushroom sauce to go over baked shells. Mmmmmh. Definitely would be first up.

  5. Nicole

    I use butter in everything. All the above suggestions sound amazing. I would make some sort of cookie. Working on perfecting an oatmeal cookie

  6. Abbi

    I would love to win, and use the butter to make a chocolate chip cookie pie in that cast iron skillet! Also, the Sauté Express® Sauté Starter looks very tempting and seems like it would make for an easy after work dinner.

  7. Vicky T

    Love love butter and its actually good for your heart contrary to popular belief. NEVER use margarine or processed vegetable oils! BAD, BAD, BAD!
    I think my fav way to have butter is on warm from the oven homemade bread….it doesn’t get any better than that IMO.

  8. Katherine R. @ Tar Heel Taste Bud

    In addition to this delicious cake – LOVE the flavors – I’d love to make a banana cake I’ve been eyeing for Easter! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway 🙂

  9. Laura

    I would love to try this vanilla cinnamon cake with browned butter frosting. I have never made browned butter frosting. And absolutely there is nothing better than butter! Can’t wait to try this recipe out! And it would be awesome to win this fantastic prize package too! Love your blog. I even had fun checking out Gordon’s w/s too. 🙂

  10. Meredith

    I think I would defiantly make this cake if I won. My husband and I are having friends over for dinner this week, and this would be a perfect dessert 🙂

  11. Thomas M. Littlewood

    Those sauté packs look great for students (which I am) looking for quick, tasty meals on busy and stressful days. That’s what I would make!

  12. Ann

    I’m making carrot cake with browned butter cream cheese frosting for Easter…I could definitely put this butter to use in that!:)

  13. Cindy Brickley

    Shortbread cookies or wafers, it takes a lot of real butter to make them. I love these with my coffee in the morning.

  14. Vicki

    I’m going to make pecan sandies…they are my brother’s favorite and I need to thank him for putting new brakes on my car

  15. Seana C

    I have been wanting to try brown butter in chocolate chip cookies. I think it will bring a nice depth of flavor. Also, I recently saw a recipe for brown butter ricke krispies treats. I am intrigued.

  16. Paula Ramsay

    I have never made browned butter before, and I’m dying to! So making something with browned butter would be absolutely first on the list! And then I would make cinnamon chip scones! Everyone I am related to and/or work with beg for them! This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!