The Easiest

Minestrone Soup


olive oil onion diced carrots peeled and diced celery washed and chopped chicken broth dark kidney beans garbanzo beans  tomato sauce  diced tomatoes  cabbage basil oregano or marjoram salt and pepper  short cut pasta such as shells

Flour Bowl

This was super EASY to make and was GREAT! My 17 year old son even liked it.

Readers LOVE this soup! 


✔️ Saute Veggies ✔️Add Broth + Other Ingredients ✔️Simmer + Cook Pasta ✔️Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer ✔️Top with Parmesan

Make it your own! 

Add Meat: add in ground beef, chicken, Italian sausage or another type of protein. More Vegetables to Use: you could sub out any of the vegetables  Flavor Enhancing Ingredients: this could be anything from adding garlic to adding lemon juice/zest. 

You can freeze it for later, too! 

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