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3 weeks old!!

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IMG_0097So, my little boy is growing like a weed and is already 3 weeks old! Time flies by when you get no sleep. Ha! Here are a few highlights:

-Blake went from 8 lb. 2 oz at birth to 7 lb. 11 oz two days later when we went to the dr’s office for his first initial check up. The doctors said it was normal and that his weight would be back up soon.

– At the two week check up, be was up to 8 lb. 14.5 oz. Basically, my milk is pure GOLD. He’ll be chunky in no time. I’m pretty sure he’s almost 10 lbs!

-He’s in size one diapers and enjoying life a little more. Those newborn ones were getting pretty snug! He’s also grown out of a few newborn clothes too. I’m both sad and happy about this. He’s growing so fast!

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 10.42.01 PM-Brooke is slowly adapting to her baby brother and is learning to be patient as am I. For the most part, she is really great and shows her love for her brother. My heart melts every time I see them together. I’ve turned into such a sappy mom!
Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 10.41.53 PM-Getting any work done is very very difficult with 2 children. This means I’ve gotten pretty good at typing with one hand….and doing absolutely everything with my iPhone while I’m nursing the baby.Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 10.41.39 PM-I took paternity leave for granted for sure. Also, it flew right by. I can’t nap whenever I want to now and it sucks!! I took this picture after a 2 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the day!

-Honestly though, things could be much worse! He’s a good eater and a good night sleeper! Occasionally I’ll be up 4 times with this little rascal, but generally it’s just twice. And, I’ve even gotten a few 5 hours stretches in too! 11pm-4am, baby!! Oh yeah. My daughter wasn’t nearly this good. Hopefully in a few more weeks, we’ll be up to 6 hours.

-And, at first I was paranoid to wake him up to nurse every 3 hours, but now that his double chin is taking over, I’m totally fine with letting him sleep however long he’d like at night.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 10.41.33 PM-I love this boy. And this boy loves his pacifier. At first he wanted nothing to do with it, but by week two, he was all over it. But just the mam kind. He won’t take anything else. Also, I love this photo. It makes me laugh a lot.

-Seeing my husband with a teeny tiny baby makes my heart melt and slightly makes me want to have a million more babies. But then I remember the pain and the nausea and the jelly belly aftermath and change my mind.

-Speaking of jelly bellys, I’ve lost most of my pregnancy weight and have about 6 pounds more to lose before I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby. Except my official pre pregnancy weight was 10 pounds higher than my normal weight because of all the damn clomid I took. So, I guess if I wanted to be an overachiever, I’d aim for 16 pounds.

-I have no muscle tone anywhere. It’s frightening. I’m starting to adjust my eating habits, but nothing drastic for the time being. Nursing makes me starved most of the day. I’m just trying to increase my fruit and veggie intake.

-Just like with Brooke, Blake has a sensitive stomach and gets a lot of gas and hiccups. I’ve adjusted my diet so I don’t have caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, spicy foods or dairy. I assume the weight will fall right off since I can’t have what I want. Gas drops are my BFF.

Do you have any tips on babies with sensitive tummies? Like how to keep them happy? He’s mostly just cranky in the evenings for an hour or two.

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25 Responses
  1. Tammy

    Hi Lauren,
    The thing that always seems to work for me is (I’ll try to explain the best I can) to do long kinda slow kinda fast bounces up and down. It does give your legs a work out, but it seems to work everytime. Hugs!

  2. Amanda

    Um, yeah. I am sorta totally completely smitten with him. And DANG girl… pregnancy weight already? You are GOOOOOOOOOD!

  3. Tina | My Life as a Mrs

    oh my word – he is just too stinking cute!!! cannot wait to have some baby snuggles in AustiN! 🙂

  4. Lynn

    Here’s a sure fire way to stop (or calm) the evening crankies!
    1. Swaddle the little guy
    2. While you’re standing, put him sideways across your chest or tummy
    3. Shhhhh him. Or run the vacuum cleaner.
    4. Swing your body side to side. The louder he is, the louder the shhhh, and bigger the swing.
    5. Suck. Pacifier with all of the above.

    The book “Happiest baby on the block”, by Dr H Karp, was a life saver for my grand daughter. Dr Karp really nailed the way to turn off the crankies!!!

  5. Kimberli

    Congrats! Gripe water worked for us to keep our little one (now almost 3!!!) calmer when dealing with the gas and hiccups. Whole Foods carries it.

  6. Annessa

    He is adorable! I am 28 weeks along with our second and our first is only 21 months old. I am so nervous so I am glad to see that you are surviving it! My son had horrible gas and sensitive stomach problems and we also took him to the chiropractor. He had some colic but the chiropractor helped so much! Wishing you lots of luck and enjoy those cuddles!

  7. Kristi

    Dairy free is the way to go – found out my little man has severe allergies to dairy and peanuts (and soy and wheat) almost immediately! Also, get the Baby K’tan, I loved my Moby, but this is the way to go!! Enjoy…just take in the moments….because they do grow so fast….Somehow I woke up and have a 3 year old and a 7 month old.

  8. Amy @Very Culinary

    I have a picture of my #1 reading to her new baby brother (this was 5 years ago!)…it’s one of my favorites. So precious! They’re adorable, Lauren <3

  9. Valerie @ From Valerie's Kitchen

    We never dealt with any sensitive tummy issues but Boy #4 always seemed to get cranky each evening right when it was time for us to sit down and eat dinner…without fail. We set up one of those baby swings, put on some music and cranked that sucker up. That swing would put him in the calmest state and give me a chance to sit down and eat!

    He is an absolute doll Lauren 🙂

  10. Nikole

    Such a sweetie, makes me want another! My son had bad acid reflux and I swear by the Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water. It helped so much. I also started taking him with me to the chiropractor when he was a month old.

  11. Katie Lynn

    Have you looked into baby wearing? A few of my friends do it and LOVE it. I believe you can put him in a baby sling now, though I’m not familiar with the requirements. Definitely worth looking into as it frees up both hands and you can move around really easily!

  12. kate

    Oh my goodness Lauren, he is too precious! I am 14 weeks pregnant with our first, and can’t WAIT to see his/her face 🙂 Congratulations!!

  13. Jennifer

    So cute!! Our babies were born on the same day I think!!! My baby has gas and the hiccups as well, maybe I should try this diet you are on. Have you thought about doing menu planning, I know you’re super busy though! I’d love ideas for that diet though, I think everything I cook has some sort of dairy in it!

  14. Kellie

    Awwww how cute. I didn’t know what the baby was and when I got to the first pic in the email and before I saw what color the baby was wearing I already knew he was a boy. You know how with some babies you have to ask what they are….well he looks all boy lol. Congratulations. I love the pic of your daughter reading to him LOL. So sweet!! I can’t wait til my son and his wife decide to have a baby so I can be a grandma!!

  15. Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

    Awww too cute! I love that shot of Brooke reading to him! Hope you can squeeze in some napping here and there!