Weight Loss Update

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Here we go–back at it again!

I didn’t take very many photos of myself this past month and apparently when I did, it was when I was holding a giant cookie. This isn’t indicative of how this past month went with my weight loss progress, but I will say that Swig sugar cookie was well worth the calories.

So! This month was filled with swim lessons for our kids, not a lot of gym time, my husband finishing up some assignments for his Master’s and a 5 day trip to Utah. It had its ups and downs, and we were {and continue to be} so busy, but that’s ok! Here’s how my weight loss has been going:


Between the business of our summer schedule and then the traveling to Utah, we haven’t been eating the best. That said, I’ve been trying so hard to stick with a Whole30 {low carb, no sugar, mostly paleo} diet. My kids are doing a similar diet by default because I make one thing for dinner and everyone just deals. Before I receive hate mail, please note they are having dairy and lots of bread, because lets face it: those kids take after me. But, I digress.

While I was visiting friends in Utah, it was more of a low carb diet {with the exception of that cookie!} and then Gord and I got right back into the Whole30 diet again upon my return. I don’t want to say Whole30 is the worst, but it is pretty darn close. Between not having sugar and having to put so much more effort into every.single.thing I put in my mouth, I’m not a happy soul. Based on how I felt when I was doing the diet thing after I had Blake, this is right on par.

I feel pretty hungry here and there, so I try to grab fruits, veggies or nuts. I’ve also found some yummy chicken sausages that are my saving grace for quicker meals.


Not much to report here. Brooke’s swimming lessons interfered with our perfectly timed gym sessions between when Eddie woke up in the morning and when he needed to go back down for his morning nap. Sooo, that was unfortunate. No real gym time for the past 3 weeks. But, I think I’m a generally active person. Or maybe I’m forced into being an active person because I have 3 kids?!

I know I for sure need to get into more lifting. I’ve been taking it easy with my cardio because those have the TV’s in front of them! Ha! But I need to work my legs, arms, shoulders, back, allthethings so I can gain more muscle and therefore burn more calories through the day {thus being able to eat more!}

Everything revolves around food in my head.

Anyways, I thought about doing more Jillian DVD’s that I have because those suckers got me into shape after I had Brooke, or looking up one of Carrie Underwood’s leg workouts just to switch things up. Maybe this month I’ll try some different ideas to keep by body guessing 🙂

Weight Loss

So, this month I’ve somehow lost .8 of a pound. Strange but true. I’m not sure if this was actually fat lost, but whatever. I’ll take anything at this point. Plus considering I did a whole lot of nothing at the gym, that it a great number.

So overall, I’m looking at another 4-9 pounds to loose. I’ll be totally happy with 4, but wouldn’t mind the 9. With this Whole30 eating plan, I expect my goal weight to be a little more attainable. I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN.

PS- I think no matter how much weight I lose, I’ll still have a little poochy belly. Those babies stretched my tummy out into the abyss, so, I don’t think there’s any coming back from that. Womp womp.


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14 Responses
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    […] my waist.  Then I got pregnant and had my sweet little Ed and now after 6 months of hard work, I’m just about to where I want to be. […]

  2. Shannon

    You did great, and as for the belly Jennifer Garner said: “Yes I have a baby bump it’s call: and than she named her kids.” Loved that. Yes I have a baby bump by the name of Tif and Syd my girls 🙂 When I was 20 I had flat 6 pack now I have a bump that I’m proud of. I am healthy and happy and that is what matters.

  3. Karen

    There are lots of free and great workouts on youtube. Try melissa bender or jessica smith…both are awesome and jessica even has 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute workouts…she has walking ones, strength…she has an amazing 10 minute total body strength workout. An 8 minute quick and quiet Hiit…check her out…no excuse.
    Additionally, I find a diet with no restrictions but portion control is actually more of a lifestyle diet. Dislike using the word diet…but what I mean is it is a lifestyle. No cravings, etc… 80/20…..when food became my friend not my enemy…everything clicked!

  4. Deena

    Hi Lauren! You’re bea and don’t wirry so much . I lost 15-20 lbs last year by eating a dinner at 2 pm and light lunch snacks for dinner. I ate somewhat healthy but I didn’t have to limit everything like UR diet. Just a thought.
    Beautiful family you have have.

  5. Ardelle Schmidt

    Would love to help you on your health journey if you ever wanted. Herbalife is the #1 nutrition company and is so amazing! i lost 16 pounds, and have kept it off and building tons of lean muscle for 2 years now! Not a diet – a healthy lifestyle change. And…..i still indulge here and there. I have wine, pizza, cake..but moderation! Please – if you ever want to try something that is super easy, inexpensive and comes with your own personal health coach, access to a private group for clients that is proven to help with success, and want someone in your corner 24/7 cheering you on to success…please find me on facebook and friend me or send me a message. Best i have felt since i was in my early 20’s . Anyone reading this – please look me up on facebook too. My passion is helping people become the confident version of themselves, knowing that no number on a scale or size of jeans will define your selfworth <3 God Bless.

  6. Brooke

    You should share some of your whole 30/Paleo recipes. We’re a family with two small boys and I cook super clean for the whole family. I think there are a lot of folks out here who would like to see some “cleaned up” recipes. Proof that you can have s family with young kids AND eat healthy!

  7. Michelle Nelson

    We are opening several Burn BootCamp locations in and around Portland. Please tell all of your friends there! It is amazing!!! It is life changing and they have free childcare!!! : )

  8. Amanda

    Thanks for being so honest and upfront! My youngest is 15 months and I am still trying to drop the last 10 lbs. I know I need to workout…but between 3 kids, moving and taking my Masters I am not sure how attainable it is. Would love to hear some of the whole 30th recipes you are making for supper!

  9. Mala Puri

    Would love to see some of the recipes you have been using on Whole 30, I am on my 4th round right now, and looking for inspiration!