Weight loss Update

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Hi Friends! Happy Monday 🙂

My family and I made it back from Hawaii very early this morning after a 6 hour plane ride, and dealing with a dead car battery at the long term parking lot at the airport. NOT something we wanted to come home to at 11:30 pm. But, we got things up and running and had kids in their beds by 12:30. Yawn.

So, regarding this post….I probably should have written it before I ate all.the.things in Hawaii. But, before we went to Hawaii, I was doing stellar with the weight loss thing. So, I’m going to focus on that and then the crazy week to come {we’re finally moving this week…like officially!}

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Gordon and I have been really good about having our protein shakes for breakfast, fruits and veggies throughout the day and trying to eat less carbs with dinner. Some days, I felt like I was mentally exhausted in trying to think of new ideas as to what to make for dinner and some days, I didn’t even care. But generally, we were really good about maintaining this overall eating strategy.

Oh, and drinking lots of water. Gordon is waaaaay better about this than I am, but I’m working on it….slowly.

I struggle with afternoon snacks. I just want to eat crackers and cheese and bread and butter. You know how delicious carbs are, right? It’s hard for me to want to reach for vegetables. Or even an apple with peanut butter. But more times than not, I will make the smarter choice. So, there’s that.


Because I’ve been so busy with packing our house for our move and planning our trip to Hawaii, my workouts have been more few and far between than I would have liked. I’ll go occasionally to the actual gym {2x a week or so} and then find 1-2 workouts on Youtube. Things like pilates or P90X if I’m feeling overzealous. I don’t think in the last few weeks that I’ve worked out more than 4 times a week and that’s perfectly fine by me because I know I’m working hard throughout the day just lifting and packing boxes or walking everywhere while on vacation.

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Weight Loss

Since doing the above since the last time I did a post like this mid-April, I’ve lost 5 more pounds. So, that means since having Eddie, I’ve lost 40 pounds total and am now 9 pounds away from my goal weight. Yay! One step closer 🙂

I am 1 pound under what I weighed in high school and 9 pounds away from what I weighed when I got pregnant with Ed in the first place. Once we’re settled in Idaho, I should be able to start getting back into a new routine.

So, that’s where I’m at. I’ll be weighing myself once we get to Idaho since our scale is packed, but hopefully it isn’t too far off from these last numbers. I’ll keep you posted 😉

Anyways, if you have any tips or tricks that you used to get back into shape after baby, let me know! I’d love to hear.

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24 Responses
  1. Karen martin

    Hi! You look amazing! I’m an arbonne independent consultant and I think you may love our 30 day healthy living kit! Check it out at:

    Most of my clients easily lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks! Myself including. But what I love most is I have so much energy!!!! Let me know if you want to check it out! I can always mail you some samples once your settled in your new home! Good luck! Love your blog and recipes!!!

  2. Kristen

    Yay for you! I’m with you on the veggies. They are not the first thing I reach for! Lol. What kind of protein shakes do you use? I’ve been really disappointed by several. That chalky taste…bleh.

  3. Nicole Thomas

    I’m currently pregnant and going crazy with the carb cravings and *trying* not to gain too much right now, as I’ve still six months to go! I had a gastric bypass almost three years ago so I’ve been struggling with my body image during pregnancy (this is my second) but less so than the first time. I totally understand what you’re feeling mentally and physically and you look fantastic and are doing a heck of a job!

  4. Meme

    Great job on the weight loss. Eddie seems to love Hawaii. His eyes are sooo blue. Goregous. Where in Hawaii did you go and stay? I’d love to go back there.

  5. Melanie

    I enjoyed your Hawaii snaps! I’m headed to Maui in July. Have you heard of Trim Healthy Mama? It’s brilliant on how to add healthy carbs and still lose weight. I love it so much. 🙂

  6. Joyce

    Lauren, you look great!! Busy lady with all those kids. Your children are precious and cute. Keep up the good work and you will feel greater in no time! Good luck on the move.

  7. Ruth

    Hi, Lauren!
    I love your blog and am encouraged by your weight loss journey. Back in December I started a Trim Healthy Mama, being 46 and a mom of two boys and a being a very busy Pastor’s Wife left me with little time for me. After two years of going back and forth on whether this plan was going to be for me or not I took the plunge. I started back in December and to date have lost 18 pounds. i noticed that you said that the snacking ideas are hard and you’re right. I always had the same problem. But I also noticed that you said you want to eat cheese and butter and crackers…me too. On THM I can. And I love all the “food freedom” I now have. I am just sharing my experience and what has helped me. I still have another 50 pounds to go though my husband says, “no way”, bless his heart. But I am well on my way. I, by the way, am not with THM, I do not get paid or get anything for sharing this. Just wanted to be an encouragement. Thanks for reading. And keep on writing and sharing. God Bless!

  8. Lisa

    So proud of you and glad to be part of your journey. Glad your trip to Hawaii was awesome. Hope to see you today.

  9. Gail

    Best thing is to change your workout. Do one or two things different. Weights esp. It will go slower now that you have gotten rid of most of the weight. That is normal.. Just hang in there. You look wonderful.

  10. Katie P

    Good for you! I love 21 Day Fix eating for helping drop the weight. It’s nice, clean eating, and I can still have carbs in a reasonable amount. I hit a rut for a good long while, but just this morning I finally got to a weight that I haven’t been at since I was a newlywed 8 years ago (not my wedding weight- that’ still 10 lbs away!). And I’m wearing pants that I previously could not even button, and they are actually loose on me. I’ve been working out 6 days a week, which I know is crazy but I am kind of obsessed with it.

  11. Mandy

    Are you nursing Eddie? I’m trying to cut the calories but so nervous about losing the milk! If you are nursing, can you provide your tips? Increasing the protein? Thanks!

    1. Lauren

      Yes, I am!! All you typically need to keep up your supply is lots of water and lots of fruit for the natural sugars instead of processed sugar. I know fruit isn’t allowed on a strict low carb diet, but I eat as much as I want….with the occasional spoon of nutella too 😉

  12. Keri

    Where did you find your one-piece blue swimsuit?! I’m struggling with my post-baby belly big-time! I definitely need to work more on turning to fruits and veggies as well, it’s so much easier to grab junk food on the go!!

    1. Lauren

      This is the exact one I have: http://www.bodenusa.com/en-us/womens-swimwear/swimsuits/ws056/womens-maldives-swimsuit

  13. Kristin H.

    Have you ever heard of the book Trim Healthy Mama? They just rewrote it so its easier to understand, and they have a separate cookbook. It sounds very similar to what you’re doing, no sugar, healthy carbs. The biggest difference is that you separate your meals with healthy fats and your meals with healthy carbs. It has made THE biggest difference for me, that I can still make all the yummy food you post, with just a few modifications! I can still cook for groups of people and have them feel spoiled, and I feel spoiled, but lost 75lbs after baby 2. The best part was that it is a lifestyle change so I could continue through pregnancies 3 and 4 and feel more toned and less bloated and more energy keeping up with these little ones 😀

  14. Laurie

    Great Job! I’m still working on losing the baby weight and my youngest is off to college in the fall, so you deserve a pat on the back!

  15. Karen

    Try bulletproof coffee. Blend 3 tablespoons each of butter and coconut oil and stir in brewed coffee. That’s your breakfast (and usually lunch too). You’ll be energized and satiated all day (you won’t crave snacks) plus it tastes great.

  16. RJ

    I just ate well, moved around, and didn’t eat ALL the donuts…weight came off sooner than later. 😉 Also, FitnessBlender on YouTube has all free workouts I found easy to cram in while the kids were sleeping or at school or whatever. Keep on eating carbs. Life is so short not to enjoy bread.