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Welcome Baby Porter!

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Newborn Porter

Gordon and I are so thrilled to announce the healthy and safe arrival of our fourth baby, Porter James Brennan, on Monday, September 16th at 12:55pm. He was a hefty boy, weighing in at 8 lbs, 9 oz but has turned out to be so sweet and calm. He hardly cries and when he’s awake is content to sit still and just look around. All I prayed for during this pregnancy was a healthy baby who would sleep more than Eddie and be somewhat predictable and so far, that’s exactly what he’s turned out to be. My milk has come in quickly, thanks to Porter’s hearty appetite and he has been sleeping 2-3 hour stretches which is all I can ever ask of him at this stage.

Labor and delivery were all sorts of different…unlike any other baby I’ve had. My contractions started up after I walked home from church on Sunday afternoon. They were on and off all afternoon, evening and into the early morning hours of Monday. By then, I was so exhausted and in so much pain that I decided to go to the hospital. I got there around 5:30am and left Gordon home to get the kids ready for school. My doctor was on call which I was thankful for because she is completely competent and I had just seen her in the office a few days before. Anyways, for whatever reason, my body was stuck and not progressing quickly at all, even though the contractions were steady (and painful!). Around 7:30, they started a little Pitocin to see how my body would react. Again, very painful contractions that weren’t doing much of anything at all. Gordon showed up at 9 and by then I was about to get my epidural. Things got significantly better once I couldn’t feel anything. Ha!

Around 11, my water broke on its own and things really picked up. The stronger the contractions got, the more obvious it was that my epidural didn’t end up working on one little section of my right side. At 12:45, the anesthesiologist tried giving me an extra big dose to try to fill the epidural space in hopes it would numb that one section but it just made my left side more numb. That was pretty crummy.

The doctor came in to check me at 12:50 and I was only at an 8, but within 30 seconds of saying that and getting me to roll from my right side to my left I was ready to deliver a baby. I’m not sure what happened with my body or what she saw, but my doctor went from being really calm to kicking things into high gear and getting all her stuff on to deliver the baby. Both my husband and I are like “wait, what? Delivering now?” and four pushes later, he was out. He didn’t come out crying or screaming, just very awake. Gordon and I were so surprised by how much blonde hair he had (swoon!) and how much he looked like our previous first three.

Porter’s actual due date was September 17th, but I had him 11 hours early on the 16th. SO close! But, Gordon reminded me that the first due date we were given at the beginning of the pregnancy was September 16th and then were given an adjusted due date of the 17th a month later. I completely forgot about this so maybe that counts? Regardless, I’m glad to have him out and not be pregnant anymore.

Below are lots of photos from our hospital stay. I ended up staying an extra day in hospital to get a few more sessions in with the lactation consultant and SO glad I did that. Last night was our first night home all together as a family of 6 (!!!)  and it felt so good to be home 🙂

Anyways, thanks so much for sharing in our joy with us. It feels so good to have our family complete.

Lauren in a hospital bed

Lauren skin to skin with Porter

Newborn Porter

Newborn Porter

Newborn Porter

The kids looking at Porter

Eddie looking at Porter

The kids looking at Porter

Blake holding Porter

Eddie holding Porter

Yellow Cake

Gordon holding Porter

Eddie pointing at Gordon and Porter

Lauren talking with Brooke who is holding Porter

Sleeping newborn Porter

Porter\'s foot

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192 Responses
  1. Tamara H.

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of sweet Porter! He is gorgeous (just like your other children). I love how “in love” his siblings look to already be with him.

  2. Catherine Matthews

    Congratulations to you all. Another beautiful baby. All your children are lovely little souls
    and you two are wonderful parents. Lots of love from Sydney, Australia.

  3. Carolyn Hinkelman

    The pictures are so nice and clear. What a wonderful family you have and the little guy will not lack
    for love as it plainly shows in the pictures. Stay safe and have fun with the great family.

  4. Mary Lotempio/Garner

    Congratulation to you and family for this healthy baby boy. He is just so beautiful!. Thank you for sharing these wonderful precious moment in the life of your family. Many blessings to you and loved ones!

  5. Lynn Bocek

    Beautiful name and baby.
    Great job Lauren, you are amazing!!
    Love all the pics❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Cecily Fincher

    Congratulations!!! Porter is beautiful and love the hair and glad he is a quiet baby at least for now!! **Plenty of time in days ahead for the kids to raise the roof!! Lol

  7. Sue

    Congratulations to you and Gordon on your beautiful baby boy! ❤️👶🏻❤️ I will look forward to watching him grow thru
    your stories and pictures. I know you have moved a lot with
    Gordon’s job. Porter was born in New York, where were each of your other kids born?

  8. Gina B

    Hi to the Brennan family, Congratulations on you new addition. Love the name Porter and he is beautiful. He does not look like a new born baby. Love all the pictures you sent. The family look so happy. So sorry you had some trouble with the birth but I am sure it was worth it. Thank you for sharing the event. Take care of yourself. Keep blogging and sending information about you and the family. Love hearing from you.

  9. Julie TAYLOR

    Congratulations Lauren, on your baby Porter. He is so cute , beautiful blonde hair. Thankful for a healthy baby and delivery. Pictures are super . 👋💕

  10. Debi Stoll

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!! Porter is just darling… thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment! 💙💙

  11. Jeanne

    Lauren and family….
    Congratulations to you all! For me each of my four babies was truly a blessed miracle!
    Enjoy each and everyone of them as your family grows, it happens way too fast!!

    Porter is absolutely beautiful!

  12. Barbara Smith

    Congratulations to you, Lauren, your husband and the rest of your beautiful family, on the birth of your adorable baby boy Porter.

  13. brenda priest

    Congratulations. He’s a doll. What great pictures you have taken of him and your family,
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  14. barbie bowman

    So happy for you all. your new little boy is precious. Loved the picture of the three cherubs looking him over. Pray you get some GOOD REST. Such Blessings for a lovely family.

    Hugs to you all.

  15. Chris

    Many Blessings to your entire family…he is beautiful ..I love your littlest reaction and placing a kiss on his head.
    And the precious photo of mother daughter talk while she holds Porter. You have a beautiful family.

  16. Janie Adams

    He is just perfect! Your children are beautiful! We just had our 7th grand on Sept. 27 I love your site and Congratulations ! I know how exciting that is !

  17. Leslie Gagne

    Many congratulations to you and your family! He’s so cute! Can’t believe the amount of hair this little guy has
    on his head. Wishing you and your family blessings and many wonderful years of happiness.

  18. Joyce Mrzlock

    Hi Lauren, He is a beautiful baby. I think the pictures a all just precious the one with you husband holding him and the smile on his little face is just priceless

  19. Maureen Ostrowski

    Congratulations to the whole Brennan family on your blessed event. He is beautiful and the beaming smiles from his siblings light up the world

  20. k

    You have the most beautiful babies! Congratulations on #4! What a sweetie. I just love how excited your older kids are. Precious! So happy he’s here and healthy.