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We’re Moving!

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Post Update: For safety reasons, we’ve removed this photo of our home for the time being. We’ve gotten some emails from some of you well wishers {and some creepers} stating that they know where we live now. So, I’ve taken the photo down and replaced it with this one of Eddie. Eventually I’ll be sharing more details, but for the time being this will have to do. Sorry!

That’s right, you crazy kids! Come summer, the Brennan Family will be MOVING to….wait for it….Boise, Idaho!

We’ve had to explain our reasons behind this move to lots of people who don’t understand the whys so hopefully this will give you a little insight as to WHY we are heading to Idaho of all places.

Why are you moving?

We have quite a few reasons why we felt this was the right decision for our family. The main reason was actually because of this wee little blog that has blossomed and grown into our full time jobs! Paying for this blog in a state that is really unkind {tax-wise} to small businesses was our biggest reason. We’ve done everything we could to maximize our deductions personally and for a small business with the help of our accountant. Though that has helped, this last tax season really was the last straw to break the camel’s back. Comparing how much we pay in Oregon to the four other states we were thinking of moving to, it was literally painful to do a few quick calculations to see how much money we could have saved if we lived there instead of here. We’re talking thousands, people. Do you know how many outfits I could buy with that?

Another big reason to move was to get all the sweat equity out of our small 1400 square foot home that we’ve put into it over the last 3+ years of living here. With the housing market going CRAZY in Portland, we’d be foolish not to. Crunching a few numbers and selling our house meant that we could pay off ALL of our debts, get my husband a newer car {he was driving a janky, rusty old honda!} and have more money in the bank for retirement and stock up our emergency fund. Another pragmatic reason to leave.

I suppose another reason could be it just felt right. We love Oregon and it kills us to leave some of our wonderful friends that we’ve made here, but we felt it was time to move on, get a bigger home {one that we wouldn’t have to move out of for a long long time} and make the switch now, before Brooke got older, into those higher school grades.

How did you pick Idaho?

Well, there were a few states on our list like Washington, Arizona and Wyoming to name a few. But at the end of the day, Gordon is still in the Oregon National Guard. And the kicker in this plan is he wants to STAY with the Oregon National Guard. So, wherever we’d end up moving to, he’d have to travel back to Oregon once a month. Washington was super close, but still too expensive for our taste. Wyoming was too far, even though it’s beautiful there and has the low-key lifestyle we like. Arizona was initially our top pick because we have family there and taxes are low. But at the end of the day, we wouldn’t be saving very much money month to month with all his travel expenses to get to his drill. So, Idaho was our choice and we have felt nothing but peace about our new adventures that await in Boise. We seriously cannot wait!

A few more details

So, remember this Instagram photo I posted way back in March during Spring Break? Yeah. We were in Boise looking for houses to buy! So sneaky, we are 🙂 Our house was already on the market.

We were in Boise for three days and within that time received 17 offers on our home and found our {enormous} dream house. We drove home on a Wednesday afternoon and had to stop at a McDonalds {the only place around with free wifi…haha!!} to e-sign the papers to sell our home AND the papers to buy our new home, pictured above!

Since then, there have been no problems, no hiccups, no nothing to make us question this decision. We have felt God lead us through this whole process since we first started in January and I have complete faith that this is the exact right home, the exact right city and the exact right place our family needs to be and that is a comforting thing to have.

Details on the new house

Here comes all the fun stuff! See that house in that picture? That’s OUR NEW HOUSE! I still can’t believe it. We closed on it and everything, so it’s all ours!

Out of the 17 homes we toured over 2 days {yawn}, this was the very last one to see and both Gordon and I fell in love. It’s a brand new home and only required minor tweaks, though Gordon is hesitant to do anything to it! If we were to build our dream home, this would be it. It has a lot of the smaller features that both Gordon and I would have wanted had we built a home from the ground up. That was what sold us on this property.

It is just over 3200 square feet and has 5 bedrooms, a 3-car garage, 2 offices, a playroom, a big backyard, wide hallways, a beautiful kitchen {duh!}, a gorgeous master bathroom, a large walk-in closet and a partridge in a pear tree. It seems obnoxiously big for our family, especially since its more than double the size of our starter home, but once our children start getting older, I feel we will grow into it nicely.

I’ll be posting more photos once we are actually moved in and I’m there every day, but for the time being that one, low-quality photo I took with my phone will have to do.

So, that’s our exciting news for the day 🙂 We could not be more grateful/excited/thrilled/tired/thankful/all the feelings for our new adventure that awaits.

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90 Responses
  1. Nancy

    Very happy for you! My husband and I have followed God’s leadings for 60 years. His leadings do bring peace to our lives.

  2. Janelle

    How exciting for you! Just think of the exercise you will get going up and down all of those stairs – Ha Ha Congrats

  3. Linda Farrar

    Congratulations!!isn’t it awesome how when it’s a “God thing” pieces just fall in place so fast….praying favor for you on the move…lifting you guys up in prayer for strength in upcoming days….

  4. Pascale

    Idaho is a great place to live. I live in Los Angeles but my parents live in Driggs… we visit 3 times a year and LOVE it there. Good people, clean air, beautiful national parks, great skiing (Grand Targhee), close to Jackson Hole. Beautiful summers and cold snowy winters. I would have loved to raise my kids there. Good luck to you. What a great move.

  5. Jo

    Wishing you Gods richest Blessings in your new adventure. You are a beautiful family. Idaho is gorgeous. Our Granddaughter attended Boise State.

  6. Jo

    Wishing you all the best in your new adventure. Your home looks beautiful. May it always be full of Gods Blessings. You are a beautiful family.

  7. Liz

    Good for you. Your new home is beautiful and I’m sure everything will work out for you. We have to do what we have to do! Lots of luck and happiness.

  8. Nicole

    Congratulations! Quite an adventure! The best of luck to all of you, looking forward to more news and pictures… kind of jealous, you know, but in a good way 😉

  9. Michele

    Best of luck with your move. We packed up and headed to Boise from California almost two years ago… We absolutely LOVE it here! Best decision ever! Congratulations!

  10. Andrea

    Congratulations! It will be a wonderful adventure, a renewal of the life that you and your family know now. You will feel like a Queen with all of the added space, your own offices! No one under foot! You will also discover new recipes, new ideas, new styles. I’ve moved nine times in my adult life, all for the good. My four kids, who are all waaayy grown adults now, have a great attitude, enjoyed the different places, friends. Bless you and your family in your new home ❤️
    ps. I have met quite a few Boise people and they have all been very, very nice people!

  11. Selma

    Lauren.best of luck to you and Gordon. You two are awesome, smart, sensible couple. Enjoy Idaho, each other and the Love in your life will blossom even more. I myself moved recently from Conn to Florida for similar reasons. Have a wonderful life, great health and looking forward to following your blog. Happy cooking

  12. Andrea Heinrichsohn

    I wish you all the very best! I live far, far away (Germany at the moment) but I love looking at your blog. ????

  13. Angela

    I live in Middleton/Sand Hollow area, and love it! I am an Idaho girl, and you will soon be too! How exciting for you and your family!! The airport in Boise is a little crazy weird but easy to fly in out/of…Good luck on the big move

  14. Deb

    How amazing you found a new home with a partridge AND the pear tree…so rare! Congrats on having the courage to move, I too am a small business owner so I know all about the tax penalties, but luckily Michigan isn’t too shabby when it comes to the taxes. Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!

  15. Candi DeZeller

    How exciting for you!! I live in Arizona and love it here. I did one time travel up the East part of Idaho and it was beautiful. Blessings to you and your family on this exciting adventure!

  16. Katie

    Congratulations!! We have been house hunting for 5 years, so I’m really happy for you that you were able to do all this so quickly and easily! Have fun with this new adventure!!

  17. Judy Mishler

    I am excited for you and your family. What a beautiful home. I hope you post pictures of the inside and that kitchen. :0)

  18. Dick Bryant

    Lauren: 2 things.

    Boise. We traveled there on vacation from Western Colorado 10 days ago, and fell in love with it. We’d probably move there, except it would be too far from our kids who live in the Denver area. I’m positive you’ll be sooooo happy there. CONGRATS !!

    Also, we tried your mixed berry strudel pie on Friday, and WOW. It was beyond fab !!

    Thanks for everything you do !!

  19. Debbie

    Greetings from Georgia! I love your blog and am so happy for you. If you allow God to lead, you will always find His peace and contentment. Best wishes as you move and get settled. Can’t wait to see more pics!

  20. Sybil

    Lauren- Your news is wonderful! I enjoy your blog and am thrilled to know that it is doing so well. Good luck on your move and enjoy your new state and home!

  21. Lisa

    Congrats! Boise is where all the cool kids live! Haha, I live in Boise and I love it here! I moved here 2 years ago for a job but don’t plan on leaving. It’s the perfect place to raise a family! Good luck on your new adventure 🙂

  22. Kate

    Good luck with the move. My husband and I live 2 hours north of Boise. We’ve been here almost 8 years and love it!
    Welcome to Idaho!!

  23. Barbara Schieving

    How exciting! Boise’s a great town. I’ll look forward to seeing the inside of your beautiful home.

  24. Bryn

    Congratulations on your new home! When I started reading your blog you and Brooke were making videos in an apartment kitchen! How fun to watch your family grow.

  25. Steve Carty

    Since Oregon is a Democrat leaning state, it’s understandable why you’ve been taxed to death. Hope you do well in Idaho. Keep the recipes coming though.

  26. Priya

    I cant wait to see pictures of your New Home. Your post has so much of warmth .The house in the picture looks beautiful. I know how much taxing it can be buying a house. I bought mine last year. It is only 450 sq feet. But that is too a lot in a place like Mumbai , in terms of cost and space especially for a Single Girl. 🙂 Big Congratulations to u and your family. You are awesome. 🙂

  27. Marie

    So excited for you! We will be doing the same this year. Just reading your blog got me so ready to get this done & improve our lives. I can’t wait to read more. ☺

  28. Kami

    Congrats! I’m from Boise, Idaho! Haven’t been back for a little while, it’s grown quite a bit. You will love it there though. Except when weather hits. No one can drive..ha ha! Your house looks like it’s in Meridian (that’s just my guess) which is where I would want to live I’d we moved back. It’s such a lovely area! We understand about expensive. We are in Pasadena, Ca. I can’t believe the size of home we could get for the amount we are paying here! Ugh! I can’t think of it! Lol! Good luck! ☺

  29. Andrea

    Congratulations!!! New house sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see pics. I live in WA and definitely understand the reason to skip it over. We moved to what we thought was a cute little town and now it’s the hottest new place to move and already becoming too crowded for me with traffic constantly increasing. Anyhow, wishing a safe and easy breezy move. ????