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What we’ve been up to

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IMG_19031. Last week, we played hooky, forgot about our responsibilities and went to Hood River to visit my in-laws. They have a trampoline. Jumping ensued. Blake loved life.
IMG_19232. Also, this photo. OMG. I love him. #trampolinehairIMG_19313. Gordon traveled to Colorado to visit his brother and family over the weekend. I was perhaps slightly jealous he got a weekend away with no kids to watch. My nephews are so cute! So glad he’s home now.IMG_37354. The weather in Portland has been pretty darn amazing. Also, really glad we have a big backyard to play in.
IMG_38045. My kids are cute, I’ve decided. This was taken over the 4 days Gord was gone.IMG_38146. This was also taken while Gord was gone…….??? I have no explanation. It just showed up on my phone.IMG_38207. Blake is my favorite son. I just about died when he wouldn’t stop giggling in this baby swing.IMG_38288. Blake also prefers life as a naked child. He stood here a good 10 minutes before I got tired of waiting and bathed him. Funny kid!!


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7 Responses
  1. Cheryl Newton

    1st of all, your son has the cutest baby butt since my boys were babies. And, is that your green Honda Element in the background of the playground swing pic of Blake? (Loved, loved, loved my Galapagos Green Element. Wish I still had it. Even if it was only front-wheel drive. *sigh*)

  2. Shannon

    cute pictures! Brooke is getting so big, does she go to kindergarten 2014-2015 school year or does she have another year?

    Love baby giggles and swings can get them going!

    Trampolines are so much fun, even I love them. Plus they are quite a workout

    might want to be careful, my friend posted a picture exactly like this one and got in trouble with the law. It was innocent but she had to take it down.