Minty Squares

Course Dessert
Servings 16 Servings
Author Lauren



  1. Generously grease 8x8 square baking dish (like my beloved in peace where ever you are little buddy). You could also line the dish with waxed paper. In large bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs, coconut and nuts. Set aside. In small pot, boil butter, sugar and cocoa for 30 seconds while stirring. Temper egg into cocoa mixture by first pouring some of the hot mixture into the egg while stirring and then pouring that mixture into the rest of the pot while stirring. Once egg is tempered, pour entire contents of pot into dry ingredients. Stir until everything is combined and moist. Press firmly into prepared dish set in fridge and make 2nd layer. 
  2. for the 2nd layer: Whip all ingredients together until smooth. Pour onto first layer and smooth evenly. Refrigerate. Make 3rd layer. 
  3. for 3rd layer: Microwave chocolate with butter until completely melted and smooth. Spread over second layer evenly. Refrigerate until completely set. Cut into squares. 

Recipe Notes

-I have found that it is best to wait at least 30 minutes in between making the 2nd and 3rd layer because it is very difficult to spread thick melted chocolate onto the minty cream layer when it hasn't firmed up enough. The two layers seem to mix together instead of being two distinct layers.-If you want things to go quickly, put your pan into the freezer in between layers so it hardens faster, although beware! The chocolate layer won't cut too easily/prettily. If you're going for looks, use a sharp knife and store in the fridge/on the counter until the chocolate has set.