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Yes, We’re Moving!

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Sweet little Porter outside our new home

I’ve been simultaneously so excited and so sad about this news we are sharing with you today.

As many of you have guessed, yes, we are moving back to Oregon! We’ve been living here with my in-laws for months with every intention of going back to NYC and even have the cancelled flights to prove it. But there came a time 4 weeks ago where Gordon and I tried our hardest to figure out what was best for our family given our circumstances. Homeschooling? In person schooling? Hybrid? Could I make three different in-person school schedules work for three different schools for my three school-aged kids? When would I work? When could I work? Can I do it all alone while Gordon was working 60+ hours a week? What would I do if he was traveling for work? Can we get a nanny? Could we even find a part time nanny? What are the odds we would get sick? We couldn’t figure it out. Nothing was clicking or making sense.

And then that uneasy, nagging feeling hit Gordon deep down in his heart. None of those were the right decisions for us. We needed to leave.

So after going back and forth on what “leaving” looked like, we made the decision for Gordon to resign and do the majority of the homeschooling and for me to work full time from home. I probably had a harder time with my husband wanting to quit than he did because he truly loves his job and he is GOOD at it. Also, it took him 12 years to get to this kind of level and status. But when push comes to shove, it’s just a job and he can get another. Maybe in a year or two when things are a little more back to normal.

As far as deciding on location, we weren’t sure where we wanted to end up because with our kids not going to school, us not really going to church right now and most communities still somewhat quarantining, how would any of us make friends? So after talking about Boise and then Portland, we decided to move back to a neighborhood we were familiar with, west of Portland with the same friends we left 4 years ago. One of those friends sent me some listings of homes in her neighborhood not thinking anything would come of it aaaand jokes’ on her, we purchased the one right around the corner.

It’s a decently sized home on a quiet street in a quiet small town about 40 minutes from Portland…just what we were looking for.

While we are so excited to move in, we are so sad to leave what few friends we had left in the city. My heart is breaking thinking about never seeing them again. While our experience in NYC wasn’t the greatest, our friends made it worth it. The only reason we were able to last as long as we did was because of those friends. We will never forget our time there.

So, Gordon is packing up our apartment and I’m staying here with the kids. He will be packing up this next week with the movers and then hitting the road and will drive our car across the country. (Sound familiar? I don’t feel that bad for him…ha!) ANYWAYS, that is what has been going on these past few weeks and why I’ve been so hit and miss with my instastories. We are just planning the next few weeks, trying to navigate movers and travel and selling items and more.

We are hoping to close on the house early September and then move in around the 12th, give or take a few days. Again, still working out the details, but we are so excited to be staying for good.

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92 Responses
  1. Michael L Ward

    I am glad to hear that your happy with this decision and somewhat proud of Gordon for taking on the new role. I know from my own experience, “it aint easy”. He’s got this!

  2. Patty Rentschler

    Wishing you and your family much happiness. It’s always difficult to leave friends when moving, but it sounds like you made the best decision for your family, good luck

  3. Becca Seamon

    I love following you! I am also moving- but only from NJ to upstate NY (near Cooperstown) to be closer to family! It’s a crazy world and you have to do what’s best for your family! I have 3 kids as well. You are an inspiration! ❤️

  4. Denise B

    Welcome back to Oregon. We ALL love our lives here. Have enjoyed your adventures and your recipes and look forward to continuing. Again – welcome back.

  5. Cherylann

    Congratulations! God works in such wonderous ways that we can’t even imagine in the deepest part of our souls. God bless you on this journey and I know you two will end up exactly where He’s planned for you.

  6. Kathy

    A good decision for all of you, although it must of not been an easy one. I could tell from your posts when you were in NYC with four kids and basically confined to your apartment that you were very stressed and concerned. I don’t know how you managed. Our son and his wife and two children live in Tokyo and they have an apartment. It has been very difficult for them as they venture out very cautiously – Greater Tokyo has over 30 million people. They did go to a movie theater recently and wore masks and the theater took their temps. I dearly wish they could move back to Ohio and even better a small town like we live in. Good luck to you and your family and I agree with a previous comment – kids need a yard to play in if at all possible.

  7. Courtney

    Congratulations on your move. While I know it wasn’t ideally how you wanted to move back west, I understand why it would make sense. Especially having Gordon’s family nearby. Now Porter and Eddie will get to grow up outside the city. I am sure Brooke and Blake are thrilled to be back just like you are. After your move out to NYC, I don’t blame you for not feeling bad leaving Gordon with all the move work, Although I think he still got the better deal. He is packing up your apartment and you had a house to sell and 3 kids to contend with. 🙂 Good luck with everything!!

  8. Brandy

    I am so excited for you guys. I know it is sad to leave friends, but this is the best decision for your family. I quit my job 5 years ago after baby number 4 and started homeschooling. We now have 5 kids ages 3 -11. We live in a small house for 7 people, but we are thankful for it and so thankful for a yard. Praying for Gordon’s safety as he travels. Praying for things to go smoothly with moving and homeschooling.

  9. Jennifer

    Wow…big changes. I think you will be much happier. Give yourself grace through all these changes. I will keep watching from GA.

  10. Colleen W Sprunger

    Girl you must be the MOST flexible person! I’m excited for you that you get to move out of the city! I hope your business does awesome!

  11. Lena Boyd

    I knew it, my mind continued to say “ move out of NY,”get out of there. Live in the open spaces with the children. Life often gives Lemons and you learn to grit your teeth and make that Lemonade..
    Gordon will be better off for this decision, he should be with his family durning this awful, questionable time. He knows his decision is the right one. You have a good man Lauren and I know you know it. Good luck with the move and happier days are coming again.

  12. Sonja

    That was clearly the right decision. God has a way of helping us choose the best way for our families. Best wishes as you start this new adventure

  13. Cathy

    WOW so happy for you and your family. I love that you and Gordon are willing to give and take for each other to make the best decisions for the whole family. I am excited to read about your new adventures and how the Lord continues to bless you all.

  14. Shannon

    I was just telling my kids you were going to move back to Oregon I just felt it was in the cards. Good luck on homeschooling and yep it’s okay that now he’s doing the cross country drive. He still has it easier since you did it with the kids.

    Hope everything works out and I know we are all ready to get back to the new normal that might look a little like our old normal in a few years maybe? Hopefully!!!

  15. Kathy Brady

    Wow, I didn’t see this coming! If anyone can make and execute major life changes, it’s the two of you. You’ll never regret putting your family first. The house is really cute and it sounds like you’re going to be in a great neighborhood. Congratulations!

  16. Pam B

    You made the best decision for your family. Your children will be around family and friends. God’s blessing as you move forward.

  17. Vicki Mednick

    You and your husband show true love – making sacrifices for each other and working together to put those babies first. You never could have predicted the pandemic. My husband commuted by bus to NYC for years and we talk about how that would even be possible now. Luckily he is retired. My son will have to take public transit again when his company mandates. His little town across the river in NJ at least seems safer than NYC. Can’t imagine making it work there with four kids even in the best of times. You did great, and I bet your next chapter will be awesome. So sorry your husband has to give up his career for now, but you deal with what life gives you. Sounds like he will be busy. Ironic that you had to handle the move in, and he has to handle the move out. Good luck to your family! Looking forward your updates.

  18. Karly H.

    Comgratulations on the home and eventually being together again! These are some strange times and doing what is right for your family is most important. Looking forward to reading about your next adventures as a family. 💓

  19. Candi Wilmot

    This makes my heart so happy for you and your family. What an amazing life experience in NYC. It was stressful for you. Definately sensing a much more relaxed Lauren, although still stressed with decisions, with grass and more nature you are glowing! Your kids have beeming smiles and the brightest eyes. Cheering you on from Nebraska!

  20. Jill R

    Welcome back to Oregon! We moved not so long ago to Forest Grove and love how close yet far from Portland we are!!! It’s been such a fun little town to live in!

  21. Alex

    Never a dull moment and ever evolving! Great the two of you could come to a solution! I’ve been temporarily in Seattle for two years (hubby’s job) and will be moving back to MA around Christmas! Excited for our house and room! Good luck, Lauren!!!

  22. Laura Villarreal

    Alot of decisions narrowed down to an answer and beautifully answer God did!! A beautiful home and yard for the whole family!! Take it day by day, enjoying each one until it’s move in day. Praying that all goes s.oothly and filled with love and joy. 💕

  23. Amy B.

    I know it’s hard to make decisions like this, especially given the current circumstances. However, how nice will it be, again, to just open a door and let the kids go out and play?! Assuming y’all didn’t have your own yard in NY, that is. I hope this move is nothing but the best for y’all!

  24. Mary

    Good for you guys! I’m sure it wasn’t easy reaching that decision. Right now it feels nearly impossible to make decisions that feel 100% right regarding kiddos and school and work. I feel like lately I’ve been turning more towards comforts to balance the insanity that is every day life. Hopefully this move back “home” will help you all feel more at ease and settled. I’m in Beaverton, So if I see y’all around town I’ll give you the mom nod of solidarity. 😉 congrats guys!

  25. Felicia Haro

    Congratulations!!! On your new adventure!!! Oregon is a great place to raise your family. You have a beautiful family ♥️

  26. Beki J.

    Lauren so glad to hear you are going back to Oregon. So sorry that we missed you as we just ed to Utah. Enjoy being there.

  27. Fay

    So glad you are both putting family first,! A job, no matter how great, is just a job, but our kids are everything!! And don’t feel to bad about leaving NYC, you’re not the first. My mom is from Brooklyn and along with her four siblings there are no cousins left except one in Staten Island, the rest have moved also.

  28. Nery

    Again, you are just such an awesome momma! I know it was a very hard decision for both of you but you guys will make it work like always. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see the new place and the new adventures to come for all of you! ❤️

  29. Karen DeWild

    Congrats! Our daughter and son in law live in Hillsboro. We live in WA. Parts of the states are still beautiful! We love Oregon also. Nice place to make home!❤️

  30. Sharon

    I don’t often comment on your posts, although I sure do enjoy them. But, good for you!! I thought this would be your next announcement. This will be exactly what your family needs. Good for Gordon, that was probably a hard decision. Congratulations.

  31. Kara

    Hello from Seattle! Have to say I’m a bit excited to have you back on the “best coast” I mean west coast. And what a blessing to find a home so near old friends!

  32. Cindy

    Congratulations! I’m so proud of you for setting priorities especially during this difficult time. I love that Gordon will homeschool and the kids will too! What quality time with Daddy! I will always follow your posts

  33. Molly

    What a big decision but it seems like it’s just the perfect choice. I know it has hard parts but so many good things as well! You handle moves with so much grace, I know this one will be the same!

  34. Soozie

    I truly believe you made the right decision and I’m so happy for you all! You always have to follow your instincts about what’s right for your family. Oregon is beautiful, though it is continuously growing and feeling a bit crowded- it’ll always feel like home to me as well

  35. D.McFadden

    Happy for you! Family comes first. This is an incredibly difficult time for so many parents and children…and, let’s not forget TEACHERS. Prayers for safe travel. Good Luck in your new home.

    1. Kimberly

      Prayers for safe travels for Gordon. Good luck with all the crazy things that gonna happen in the next few weeks for you and your family. Keep that beautiful smile you have and everything is gonna be great!!😁

  36. Sheryl Wight

    This is wonderful news. I don’t know how you made it work with 4 kids in an apartment in NYC. Kids need a backyard and grass and room to run and play! I feel so happy for your children, and you and Gordon, of course!

    1. Charlyn Josey

      Congrats!! So happy for your family!! You made living in NYC look so easy with four kiddos. I am looking forward to following you and your family with the next chapter of adventures and good recipes. Lots of luck while you all settle in with your new home.