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Yes, We’re Moving!

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Sweet little Porter outside our new home

I’ve been simultaneously so excited and so sad about this news we are sharing with you today.

As many of you have guessed, yes, we are moving back to Oregon! We’ve been living here with my in-laws for months with every intention of going back to NYC and even have the cancelled flights to prove it. But there came a time 4 weeks ago where Gordon and I tried our hardest to figure out what was best for our family given our circumstances. Homeschooling? In person schooling? Hybrid? Could I make three different in-person school schedules work for three different schools for my three school-aged kids? When would I work? When could I work? Can I do it all alone while Gordon was working 60+ hours a week? What would I do if he was traveling for work? Can we get a nanny? Could we even find a part time nanny? What are the odds we would get sick? We couldn’t figure it out. Nothing was clicking or making sense.

And then that uneasy, nagging feeling hit Gordon deep down in his heart. None of those were the right decisions for us. We needed to leave.

So after going back and forth on what “leaving” looked like, we made the decision for Gordon to resign and do the majority of the homeschooling and for me to work full time from home. I probably had a harder time with my husband wanting to quit than he did because he truly loves his job and he is GOOD at it. Also, it took him 12 years to get to this kind of level and status. But when push comes to shove, it’s just a job and he can get another. Maybe in a year or two when things are a little more back to normal.

As far as deciding on location, we weren’t sure where we wanted to end up because with our kids not going to school, us not really going to church right now and most communities still somewhat quarantining, how would any of us make friends? So after talking about Boise and then Portland, we decided to move back to a neighborhood we were familiar with, west of Portland with the same friends we left 4 years ago. One of those friends sent me some listings of homes in her neighborhood not thinking anything would come of it aaaand jokes’ on her, we purchased the one right around the corner.

It’s a decently sized home on a quiet street in a quiet small town about 40 minutes from Portland…just what we were looking for.

While we are so excited to move in, we are so sad to leave what few friends we had left in the city. My heart is breaking thinking about never seeing them again. While our experience in NYC wasn’t the greatest, our friends made it worth it. The only reason we were able to last as long as we did was because of those friends. We will never forget our time there.

So, Gordon is packing up our apartment and I’m staying here with the kids. He will be packing up this next week with the movers and then hitting the road and will drive our car across the country. (Sound familiar? I don’t feel that bad for him…ha!) ANYWAYS, that is what has been going on these past few weeks and why I’ve been so hit and miss with my instastories. We are just planning the next few weeks, trying to navigate movers and travel and selling items and more.

We are hoping to close on the house early September and then move in around the 12th, give or take a few days. Again, still working out the details, but we are so excited to be staying for good.

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92 Responses
  1. Judy Pectol

    Best of luck to you with your move. It is impressive that your are making the best decisions for your family. Sorry for all the hard work involved in making such a big move. Glad you will be working full time since that may mean we will be getting more wonderful information and ideas from you.

  2. Karen T

    You are not alone in the hard decisions you had to make. Seems to be universal along with the virus. We too had to make decisions and the one we made was also pandemic driven, but will be good for the next couple of years. Congratulations and best regards for a level of comfort in your new decision.

  3. Kristen

    That’s big news and I know the relief you must feel in your decision. You’ll always have New York but this time with your family during Corona is unique. I’m proud of you and Gordon…what a tough choice but I hope you find peace in knowing it’s the right one! (PS nyc and Portland…my 2 favorite cities. You can’t go wrong!).

  4. Bambi

    Such difficult decisions made by so many this year . I applaud you and your husband for the effort to do what you feel is the best for your children.
    Congratulations on the house! It seems it was meant to be . Welcome Home 🏡

  5. marci

    your family is doing the right thing. this ‘new normal’ is not normal at all.

    emotions run high and stress is beyond—–

    new and happier experiences await you and your family. familiar sights and sounds are good medicine for all.

    take good care of each other…..

  6. Susan H

    Congratulations on what I know was a tough decision for you as a family! But personally, it makes me feel better knowing that your husband will not be in harms way as this violence continues to escalate. And having grown up in Illinois outside Chicago, I can say it is nice to live farther out from a major city. And I know that for you and your family, as well as it is for me, church is an important part of life and it is nice to be able to attend in person.

  7. Gina B

    Wow! A lot has been happening in your family. First congratulation on you move. I know it is best for the family. Does Gordon have some one helping packing up everything? That can be an under taking project. I love the picture of you new house. Now the kids can run around in the backyard and front yard. Sorry to hear the Gordon had to quit his job but I am sure that he can get another one that he will like. I think that Oregon is a good place to raise a family. Since you have been there before you have friends and you know the area. Best wishes to your new endeavors.

  8. Eleanor

    A decision made in the best interest of the children is the right decision! Can’t wait to follow you along in this next chapter. Happy travels!

  9. Donna Brennan

    So happy for all of you!!! You will be closer when the long winter is over (I loved game of thrones!) as soon as we can we want to come to Oregon!! I do have a question I tried to check my favorites but it wants another password?? Just wondering. Hope all went well for Gordon!! Love you all Aunt Donna

  10. Patty O'Flaherty

    I am very happy for you. I know you made the best decision for your family. I love Oregon and the people I met when I lived there were terrific!
    Good Luck in all your future endeavors!!

  11. Judy

    You don’t need to be stressed or scared of what is coming. God will get you where he wants you so just trust in him and everything will work out. I am so glad you are moving out of NYC and to beautifyl Oregon. I grew up in Spokane Wa. and the northwest is beautiful country and the kids will thrive there. I will be praying GOD’s blessing over you and you family and traveling mercies for your husbands cross country trip. It will all be okay. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. Pamela Gauthier

    So very happy for you! I could never live in NYC. You’re going to love being back in familiar territory and the kids will be so grateful as they grow older! Good luck. god bless. Looking forward to more recipes!!

  13. Carol Weaver

    Lauren I’m so sorry for what your family has been thru.
    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so glad you’ve got family and friends close to you.

  14. Virginia Ledford

    I think that is a very smart move for you and your family. Space and quietness with kids able to run around outside without worry. I know Gordon will be able to find something in Oregon that he will like and with the in-laws being close by they can surely be a help to you. Have a safe move and get settled. I love your recipes and a few of them are my absolute favorites I cook all the time.

  15. Cyndi

    Congratulations! So happy for you . I don’t know how you did it living the city life with 4 kids ! But you made it look easy !
    Enjoy your new home , and I know the children will love having a yard !

  16. Peggy McDonagh

    Hi Lauren,

    I can sense how much of a struggle this decision has been for you and your family. You will be fine and you really never know what the future holds. This year has been very different for everyone. I hope all of us take away the good things about being quarantined, slowing down, cooking more at home with family, etc. I am especially grateful for you and all of your recipes. You have inspired and saved me in so many ways. All the best on your move and I look forward to reading all about it. Safe travels and be well.

  17. Shirley Younkin

    Just want to wish you and your family good luck and happiness on your move. I enjoy reading your stories and recipes almost as much as making and eating them. Looking forward to more recipes and stories.

  18. Diana

    I am an older person (50s) but i really enjoy your recipes and your posts. I just wanted to say that I believe you made a wonderful choice for yourself, your husband and your children. Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing about your new life in your old town. God bless!

  19. Trisha

    Congratulations on your move! You have to do what’s best for your family and a quiet little sounds wonderful. Look forward to reading your adventures in moving! ❤️

  20. Jane Rodrigues

    Hi! Well – what a whirlwind time you will be facing….. I wish you the best. My son lives in Seattle and loves the West Coast ( a huge change and difference from Northern Ontario and even Ottawa, Ontario Canada).
    He and his wife have been to Portland – although not so much since Covid and have really enjoyed the city!
    Best of luck!!