Greek Salad Recipe

by Lauren's Latest

Why you'll love it

Topped with a homemade tangy greek dressing, feta cheese, baby tomatoes, olive and cucumbers for that delicious classic taste.

No baking or cooking required.


Baby Spinach Green Olives Cherry Tomatoes English Cucumber Red Onion Feta Cheese Oregano and/or Black Pepper

Greek Salad Dressing Garlic Oil White Wine Vinegar Dijon Mustard Onion and Garlic Powder Italian Seasoning and Oregano Salt, Pepper and Sugar

How to Make the Best Greek Salad

#1: Chop vegetables and mix up your salad dressing.

How to Make the Best Greek Salad

#2: Add all of your chopped vegetables to a bowl and add feta cheese to the top.

How to Make the Best Greek Salad

#3: Top with salad dressing.

Serve as main dish or as a tasty side dish!