Katie Cooksey, the mastermind behind the popular blog Kroger Krazy, has taken a significant step in her culinary journey by acquiring Lauren’s Latest, a beloved recipe and food blog. This acquisition, that took place in June 2022 marks a turning point for both bloggers, as Katie takes on this new adventure while Lauren gracefully transitions into a well-deserved retirement to spend more time with her four young children. Katie is thrilled to carry on the torch while honoring the foundations laid by Lauren.

Katie - Lauren's Latest

Kroger Krazy was born in 2009 and has since carved a special place in the hearts of readers seeking savings on things their families need most. Katie’s blog has become an essential resource for savvy shoppers, helping them navigate the world of grocery shopping, find incredible deals, and really make a difference in people’s day to day lives. Her dedication to sharing money-saving tips has made her a trusted companion for budget-conscious people.

With the acquisition of Lauren’s Latest, Katie steps into a new chapter of her blogging journey. This transition allows her to expand her creative reach and cater to an even broader audience. As the new owner of Lauren’s Latest, Katie is poised to carry on the blog’s legacy of providing mouthwatering recipes, beautiful food photography and culinary expertise. With her innovative ideas and dedication to delivering value to readers, Katie is set to take Lauren’s Latest to exciting new heights.

More about Katie: Katie is a 40-something mother and entrepreneur who absolutely loves all things food! Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, Katie finds inspiration in her picturesque surroundings as she lovingly prepares homemade meals for her family. Her 17-year-old daughter, Kambell, her fiancé Bryan, and his two boys, Daniel (20) and Alex (17), all share in the joy of Katie’s delicious creations. In fact, Lauren’s Cheesecake recipe from Lauren’s Latest is a perennial favorite in their household, often requested for birthdays and special occasions. It truly is the best cheesecake ever!

Beyond her culinary pursuits, Katie finds solace and joy in other activities as well. When she’s not busy in the kitchen, she indulges in her love for gardening, relishes boating adventures on Lake Erie, and spending time with her daughter in pretty much any activity she will allow. 🙂 These passions outside the kitchen not only bring balance to Katie’s life but also inspire her creative cooking endeavors.

Katie’s passion for family and her love of homemade meals set the stage for an exciting and rewarding new chapter as the owner of Lauren’s Latest.