Monster Truck Cake

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Get all of my tips and tricks on how to make a show-stopping Monster Truck Cake! I made mine for my 4-year-old son and it was so so easy.

Monster Truck Cake

Since I posted all about Blake’s birthday party, I’ve been getting lots of questions and emails about how I made this cake!! I was surprised because for me, this is nothing special. Super easy cake without fancy structural tricks. The glorious thing about having a boy is boy birthday cakes can look messy and you can totally get away with it!! I didn’t need any special piping bags or equipment for this cake, which I LOVE.

You can still make a lovely, delicious, nice looking finished product without having to spend money on things you’ll use once. My methods mean you don’t have to try too terribly hard to get fun finished results 🙂

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Monster Truck Cake

So, first things first:

I used two boxes of Funfetti Cake Mix to create 1-9×13 cake, 1-8 inch round cake and 12 cupcakes. A double recipe of my Perfect Chocolate Cake would also do the trick.

Make the cake according to package directions and cool completely. You’re not going to use all the cupcakes for this, but I didn’t want to toss all that batter down the drain. Extra cupcakes are never a bad thing.

Once my cakes were cooled, I made sure I could loosen them out of their pans (I sprayed them all really well with nonstick, so this wasn’t a problem at all!!) and set them aside for a few minutes longer while I made 1 1/2 times my BEST Chocolate Frosting Recipe.

Monster Truck Cake

Flip the 9×13 cake onto the serving platter and frost completely with chocolate frosting. An offset spatula works great for this!

Flip 8-inch round cake onto your hands and gently press the cake to the left side of the 9×13 frosted cake. Place one cupcake right next to the round cake on the right. Slice another cupcake in half vertically. Place one half cupcake cut side down next to the whole cupcake to create a ramp incline.

Frost everything with more chocolate frosting. Add the other cupcake half cut side down onto the very top of the cake and frost that as well.

For decorations, I simply used crushed Oreo crumbs and edible chocolate rocks, candles and a monster truck (that I ran through the dishwasher).

The chocolate rocks went around the bottom edges of the cakes to cover up an uneven frosting job and the Oreo crumbs went along that inclined ramp. I added 4 single candles along the ramp and then the larger number 4 candle right at the top.

To finish, I added the monster truck along the ramp and pressed it into the frosting to keep it in place.

Monster Truck Cake

Overall, I thought it came out really cute, even though I didn’t use special equipment. It just goes to show you that with a little creativity, you can make a fun birthday cake for your kids in no time 🙂

Are you good at cake decorating? What kinds of cakes have you made for your kids before?

Have a great day, friends!!

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  2. Katy P

    This is such a cute cake! My boys both have birthdays coming up this summer and I always make their cakes. I’m looking for something new and different this year! Might give this a try- only gluten free, since we have one with Celiac disease.

  3. Gina

    We also try to make our own cakes for our boys’ birthdays. Designs like this are so great because they are so forgiving :).

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    My four year old son keeps telling me I need to be making this now! Hahaha :). Thanks for the great idea, in a year from now we will probably be making this for his birthday cake :).

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