S’mores Bar Party!

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Try out your very own Gourmet S’more’s Bar Party at least once this summer. It is as easy and delicious as these pictures look!


If you’ve never experienced anything other than a plain old s’more, you are in for a treat!

OMG, get ready to liiiiiive!

And perhaps get the Diabeetus.

Ever since I got home from my Sandestin Girls Weekend where Amanda shared with us her fabulous gourmet s’mores, I’ve been dreaming of them….like figuratively AND literally.

Well, a few weeks after my trip, I got a group of friends here in Portland together to create my very own S’mores Bar Party!

This is *the* perfect dessert and treat for any family gathering, holiday or get together, but especially the 4th of July which is right around the corner 🙂

These parties are so super simple to throw together. You just buy the ingredients and lay them out for everyone to use. All of the goodies I used were a little different than Amanda’s original set up that I experienced in Florida, but still delicious none-the-less. {It’s really hard to go wrong with these babies!!}

Here’s how I put mine together. And thanks so much for the idea, Amanda!! xoxo

Gourmet S'mores Bar Party


Step 1: Get a ton of yummy spreads to make your s’mores have an extra oomph of flavor.


The obvious favorites from the day were this Coconut Macaroon Cookie Spread {found at Kroger stores}.


Salted Caramel: always a classic!


And crunchy biscoff spread. Omg, this stuff is amazing eaten with a spoon {in the pantry away from your kids so you don’t have to share}.


Step 2: CHOCOLATE! Obviously, we have to get a lot of the original Hershey’s chocolate bars because it is a classic, but I switched things up a little 🙂


But you gotta switch it up too! The Carmello {caramel filled chocolate}, Butterfinger bars and Peanut Butter Cups were the favorites, but I think it’s because we had a lot of kids just snitching chocolate and completely skipping the s’mores making part. Cough cough Blake.



Step 3: Get a lot of cookies and other items to house your s’more other than graham crackers! What a different RITZ CRACKERS make in a s’more! OMG. Salty sweet heaven! Also the fudge striped cookies, soft baked chips ahoy and thin pretzels were also great options.

Yes, I tried them all. Why do you ask?


For actual assembly, I like to get my s’mores all ready {minus the marshmallow} so that hot marshmallow can start melting the chocolate immediately thus creating an extra melty gourmet s’more!


I did have a bit of a sugar high after this party. Full disclosure, people. That’s what I’m all about.


Once you have your s’more halves assembled and layered with chocolate and spreads, it’s time to toast those mallows.


We were at a public park, so we used a portable fire pit and charcoal. BBQ’s, fireplaces, microwaves and real backyard fire pits are all other good choices.


1-2 minutes by the hot coals and you’re ready to enjoy! Try the original with a little nutella!


Or fudge striped cookies with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


Or those thin pretzels with dark chocolate, salted caramel and a perfectly toasted marshmallow.


OR Ritz Crackers with butterfinger chocolate, Reese’s spread and another gooey marshmallow.


Or more Ritz with a PB Cup and nutella!


Or soft baked chocolate chip cookies with carmello chocolate and macaroon cookie spread.IMG_0216

Or my all time favorite of the day: Fudge Striped cookies with crunchy biscoff spread, salted caramel and regular hershey’s chocolate. The biscoff and caramel are so dreamy together!


All of my friends had a great time and it had nothing to do with me and my fabulous personality. Everyone loves s’mores! They’re a huge crowd pleaser and always go over well.


This guy particularly loved anything with the Reese’s spread and Butterfingers. IMG_0151

And this little rascal just enjoyed stealing all the chocolate.

IMG_0165 copy

Not even ashamed.

ANYWAYS, hope you all get around to trying out your very own Gourmet S’more’s Bar Party at least once this summer. It is as easy and delicious as these pictures look! Promise 🙂

Have a great day, friends!

PS- not pictured: wet wipes for everyone because s’mores are messy little creatures.

PPS- messy s’mores do not mix with camera equipment. Just a little heads up.

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  4. Kellie

    I brought a s’mores bar to a bbq this weekend for the 4th and it was the hit of the party! Thanks for the great idea! We also threw in some toasted coconut marshmallows which went over well 🙂

  5. Julie

    I entertain a lot and am always looking for new and creative party ideas. This looks perfect for a summer get-together!

    I love your blog and you seem to be a very sweet person so I know your comment about “getting the diabeetus” is not meant to hurt anyone. Buuut, as someone who has had to live many years with diabetes and common misconceptions about its causes, etc., I wish people would think twice before making comments like this. Joking about a chronic disease like diabetes is no funnier than joking about “getting the cancer”.

    Thanks Lauren!

  6. Nostalgia Products

    This is so great! People love s’mores and now you’ve given them so many options to mix and match. We’d love to see all of the unique creations everybody comes up with. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  7. Martha T

    This looks like such fun!! Where in grocery stores would I find cookie spread? I am not familiar with it at all. Besides this purpose and eating it with a spoon, what would you do with it? Thanks!

    1. Sue

      I used the Biscoff Speculos to make some cookies once with the Biscoff replacing the butter…and with cinnamon. It was owh so yummy..