Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

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I walked up and down every aisle looking for healthy snack ideas for kids. I picked out some things and am now sharing my findings with you!


I don’t know about you all with kids, but mine are total snackers. If they had a choice, they would totally eat snacks all day rather than sit down and eat a meal. I get so frustrated sometimes, mostly because I don’t have what they want on hand and most of the time when they say “Mom, I’m hungry!” I draw a blank as to what to feed them…ya know, besides a glass of water.

So one day, I just went to Fred Meyer on a mission to find healthy snacks for my kids. I walked up and down every aisle and picked out things I knew they would like.


While in the cheese section, I found this little sign 🙂 So cool! If you caught this post, you’ll know that I’m working with Kroger on this exact program. Just helping spread the word about their Little Victories campaign, where if you make small tweaks to the products you buy, you could make a big difference in your health. That’s what I tried to do with these snacks I bought for my kids. So simple to do and it’s a lot less expensive too! Score!

Here’s what ended up in my cart for my kiddos besides the fruits and veggies:

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.44.55 PM

Trail Mix: this is the third bag of Kroger trail mix I’ve purchased this year. Why do I love this brand of trail mix? Because it has more raisins and nuts than chocolate pieces. I hate giving my kids the trail mix that is mostly chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised to open this package and have to dig around to find a bunch of chocolate pieces…and my kids don’t seem to notice a difference.


Whipped Greek Cream Cheese Spread: this is obviously not a snack on its own, but added to a toasted mini whole wheat bagel with a few thin slices of cucumber makes a yummy snack. This stuff is pretty darn tasty on any toasted bread product plus its made with greek yogurt, so it’s a lot healthier than plain old cream cheese.IMG_0175

Rice cakes: My kids LOVE rice cakes, so naturally I buy these a lot. I never ever buy potato chips and even trying to convince me to buy tortilla chips is pushing it. I love that these come in different sweet and salty flavors AND that they are significantly cheaper than the brand name version right next to them on the shelf.


String Cheese: this makes a good grab and go snack. A lot of times, I will bring a snack or two in the car if we’re headed somewhere and most of the time string cheese fits the bill.


Raisins: Blake is a raisin freak. He will eat them all.time.time and won’t stop unless I take them away. I always try to have a stock of raisins in the house to keep that little son of mine happy. These also get thrown into my bag as snacks when we’re headed out the door.


Other snacks I buy for my kids:

  • unsweetened applesauce pouches {Kroger makes a great one I love}
  • pretzels
  • cut-up fruit or veggies
  • rolled up slices of lunch meat, like my beloved pepper turkey
  • granola bars
  • hummus and pita
  • greek yogurt {tubes or cups}

A lot of the time, my biggest problem is remembering what to buy! I’m such a forgetful person. Mom-brain is a REAL THING, people. So, it’s really good for me to write this post out and purposefully go to the store with this in mind. Hopefully you’ll use some of these ideas listed or expand on this list to help think of some new ones.

Overall, Kroger is a great brand to look out for and purchase. We love it!

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176 Responses
  1. LaTosha

    This post is right on time! I’m trying to eliminate a lot of the junk food I buy for my kiddos and this post has given me a breath of fresh air and some awesome ideas for my next shopping trip!

  2. Linsey Curtis

    Thanks for the ideas! I have a hard time getting my kids to try anything new, especially healthy stuff. Last night they actually tied orange bell pepper slices….and liked them! Yay!

  3. Kristine Gregory

    I love the idea of really thinking about our children’s snacks. They deserve to enjoy food all while learning
    Healthy habits.

  4. Sonja

    My 6 yr old is a total snacker, so thanks for some great ideas! We have a Kroger not even 5 minutes away, but I’ve never tried their brand. Most definitely will after reading this post. Thanks!

  5. Natalie E.

    Changing out our current snacks for more healthier snacks! Thanks for all of the great ideas. Putting in the same healthy snacks every day gets a little boring. I like finding more options so that I can mix things up a little! 🙂

  6. Annie

    This is a great list Lauren! My kiddo is a bit older than yours and she also really enjoys Apple slices with peanut butter and whole raw almonds which as super easy to tote around with you to practices!

  7. DeniseG

    Our small victory is meal planning. Three weeks of clean, healthy dinners bought and prepped yesterday. If it wasn’t on the list, it didn’t go in the cart! That’s 21 days of healthy food for my family, all mapped out so I don’t even have to think twice about it each day, hooray!

  8. tsmith

    Getting my son to eat carrots and ranch for a snack. Now to just get my daughter to enjoy veggies as a snack. I’m not sure that will ever happen within my lifetime. She is quite a sugar junkie.

  9. Karen

    My kids are total snackers–they would much rather eat snacks all day then sit down to 3 good meals. So, instead of completely fighting it, I am resolving to make those snacks good, balanced and healthy. This afternoon, I’ll be baking some healthy snack bars and mini-muffins (using Kroger pumpkin puree) to restock the snack cabinet.

  10. Christi

    I love all the snack ideas! One thing I’ve been doing with my 19 month old is buying organic fruit and veggie pouches. He’d rather snack on that instead of drinking a ton of juice. I’ve noticed that by doing this he sleeps longer at night. Win-win!!

  11. Amanda

    It’s a victory every time I get the little one to eat healthy and Kroger brand cheese sticks are both healthy and easy in the budget!

  12. Carol

    It’s always great to have extra snack options since both my kids have different allergies and sensitivities…thanks will try to incorporate many of your ideas!!!

  13. BB

    I recently moved and now there is not a Kroger nearby! I miss shopping there. I love the healthy snacks, as a student you can never have too many – I would be careful about the raisins though they are quiet sticky and sugary.

  14. Emilee

    Thanks for the ideas! My five year old just found out she loves hummus. I chose not to tell her they’re made from beans since she claims not to like them. 🙂

  15. katie

    I clicked on this post because often times I’m left to watch my younger siblings while my mom is at work and I have a hard time with snacks. These are great ideas we will be trying !

  16. Trish Phillips

    These are awesome snack ideas! I love rice cakes and I’ve never thought about getting small ones for the babe. My victory is the 3 crock pot meals I’ve made this week, including tonight’s balsamic need!

  17. Roseann

    Thanks Lauren for the great ideas. I feel like when I pack school snacks and lunches I am always putting the same things in. You have provided some good examples of different options that can easily be pulled out of the pantry or fridge.

  18. Angela Maines

    My little victory for today is giving my kids granola cereal instead of the usual frosted flakes. They claimed it was “crunchy” and that’s why they liked it. Crunch away, little ones!

  19. Brandi

    Have been working hard to make larger portions of healthy meals to freeze for lunches for my 2 yr old son and myself, so all this week we have had healthy soups rather than anything processed or heavy!

  20. Christi D

    My daughter is just over one, so we also think very hard about what she puts in her body. Today, we were running low on groceries before a trip to the store, but we managed to scrounge up a lunch of veggie soup and applesauce with string cheese.