New Year Resolutions

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I was compensated by Kroger to write this blog post and share my ideas for ‘Little Victories’. All opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Well friends, a new year is upon us! I can’t believe it. Cue the Auld Lang Syne. Orrrr if you like ABBA, this little gem. #omg

Looking back, it went by pretty fast. I feel like I just wrote this post about 50 Easy Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle last week. And by last week I mean last year?!  WHAT.THE.HECK.

Lots of you read that post and shared it on social media making it one of my most read posts of the year. I like to think its because I’m awesome but I’m pretty sure it was like, because I listed totally do-able things. Little baby steps that add up to fulfilling big goals.

Well, Kroger contacted me all about my 50 Easy Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and was all like “Hey! We’re all about easy steps toward a healthy lifestyle too!” and then we held hands, sang kumbaya and drank hot chocolate by the fire.


Ok, that never happened but, doesn’t it sound nice? Ithinkso.

ANYWAYS, Kroger is encouraging everyone to reach their goals and attain these ‘little victories’ in 2015 to help keep your healthy-lifestyle-healthy-eating New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that nearly 90% of people giving up on their goals well before the year is even really started? That’s because they make resolutions that are too lofty, too hard to keep up with, too hard to follow, or resolutions they never had any intent of keeping in the first place.

That’s why taking baby steps is the way to go! Little victories, ya’ll. It’ll change your life.

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*My Little Victories*


What are my little victories going to be this year? Here are a few:

1. I’m not drinking any soda in 2015. I was never much of a sugary-soda kind of drinker. I am however a diet soda drinker. Like, I’ll have one if we go out to eat and will buy a case mayyyybe twice a year. But, did you know my husband gave up soda 5 years ago?! Five years he’s been soda-sober! {Cough cough….show off.} So, that’s something I feel like is attainable for me. Flavored water…here I come!

2. Exercise at least 4 times a week. This shouldn’t be too hard. I switched gyms. I have a friend to meet there weekday mornings. I take classes on certain days. The teachers now know my name {yikes}. I need accountability, so that’s what I tried to do for myself by meeting a friend and getting to know the instructors. Once I get to the gym, I really enjoy working out…its just getting there that’s hard. Right now I average 3 times a week, so adding 1 more day should be do-able.

3. If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I am a carbaholic. I love cheese and I love carbs. All carbs. It’s potentially a problem, but mostly just for my thunder thighs. Anyways, this year I’m going to try and incorporate more ‘good for you’ carbs/grains into my meals. Please note: I’m not talking about going on a low carb diet {pretty sure I would die}. I’m talking about substituting my usual staples with healthier options. More bread, waffles, pancakes, etc. made with whole wheat flour. More whole wheat pasta instead of regular. Cooking with brown rice instead of white. Incorporating more quinoa into my mexican dishes and salads. I found these products at Fred Meyer {a Kroger affiliate} and am so excited to try them in some new recipes! Long grain brown rice, tri-color quinoa, low calorie pasta and vegetable penne rigate {pastas not pictured}.


Some healthier recipes featuring quinoa would include Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad {pictured at the top of this post} Southwest Sausage and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps and Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken over Quinoa Pilaf.

Some recipes featuring brown rice include but are not limited to Broccoli Cheddar Brown Rice Skillet  {as seen below}, Asian BBQ Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini Fried Brown Rice and Orange & Hoisin Glazed Pork Medallions with Pineapple Fried Brown Rice.

This year, I’m hoping to post a lot recipes featuring these kinds of products. Woot!

brown rice

Over the next month, I’ll be featuring lots of healthy {and delicious} products from Kroger with 9 other blogging friends to create a fun blog hop! I’ll be posting a lot more links to these sorts of posts on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to follow along and stay tuned! Also, head on over to your local Kroger store to get some of these items. I’ve tried them all and they truly taste awesome and are typically the cheapest brand on the shelf!

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644 Responses
  1. Keturah

    Giving up soda is on my list too. I love that you are planning to add some healthier options to your blog. Everything always tastes great and is family approved, so hopefully I can sneak some of these healthier items into the kiddos’ and hubby’s meals and they will enjoy them. 🙂

  2. Erin

    My little victory for today has been that I haven’t been sick! I went to bed last night with a stomach bug so I’m hoping it went away with 2014!

  3. Joy

    my new years resolution is to be wiser this year and to do what I can to live a longer life as a senior aged individual. The best way to live it to abstain from some things, indulge in some things and control some things, not necessarily in that order. When you have to take, you also have to give/reward yourself in other ways. When you are happy in your daily living, you live a healthier life.

  4. Amanda

    Now that I’m no longer pregnant and am mostly recovered from my c-section, I’m going to start HIIT again. I can’t wait!

  5. Cathy

    I also need to quit drinking so many cokes! Especially since I only drink the regular kind. The extra calories are killing me! Good luck in your quest to quit.

  6. Joy

    I just recently found your site and really appreciate the recipes you share. I have shared your 1 hour cinnamon rolls with many of my friends for the new years day breakfast/brunch and have made some to allow some to taste test, so to speak. thank you and a happy healthy new year to you and yours

  7. Kim Maddock

    I just want to take better care of myself. So much ofmy time is spent taking care of my kiddos, and I get lost in it all.

  8. Lauren

    My small victory will be to drink only water at work each day, which will be a huge change from how much diet soda I drink.

  9. Donna ADINOLFI

    Hoping for more “little victories” like the end of this past year when the hubby and I entered the gym again after twenty-something years. We are doing quite well and feeling better with exercise and a change of eating. Wishing 2015 is even better and stronger both physically and mentally. The gym is a great way to do something together and relieve stress. Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!

  10. Hope Heinks

    My little victories are literally one step at a time! I am recovering from a knee injury, so each day I strive to add 100 more steps! I also have been eating so much healthier and appreciate Lauren’s Latest and Kroger for this amazing contest! Happy 2015!!!!

  11. Phyllis

    I eat pretty healthy, but don’t get enough leafy greens. So today, will be eating collards for New Years Day tradition & try to eat leafy greens at least 4-5 times a week from now on.

  12. Nora

    I really enjoy your blog. I ‘ m working hard to keep my cholesterol low.and I always look for ideas to cook healthy for my family .

  13. Sarah Christensen

    Bringing in the new year eating more than just chicken soup today will be my little (not so little!) victory for today – finally feeling better enough that real food actually sounds appealing, haha. We’ve been SO sick this last week!

  14. Bryn

    I resolve to drink more water this year. I gavd up soda last year and have noticed that I just don’t really drink enough during the day. Also, my husband and I do well with veggies and whole grains so this is the year I’m going to push harder with the kids.

  15. Marjory Betchkal

    Thank you Lauren, I am now 2 years Soda Free. Don’t touch the stuff. I get up every morning and work out leaving one rest day a week. I am trying to give up the sweets again. I did it for a while, but it’s hard. That is my goal this year to go completely sugar free. Love your blog and look forward to all the new posts this year. Happy New Year!

  16. Sandy Manning

    I don’t drink a lot of soda but I have it occasionally. One thing I have gotten to really like is sparkling water like Perrigrino or Central Market’s brand and oh, Trader Joe’s too. I add a fresh lime slice squeezed and then left in the glass. I really like the taste and I feel like I’m drinking something special like soda. Only I don’t feel guilty!

  17. mintpearls

    My little victory will be continuing to exercise and lose weight — did so well in 2014! I’m proud of myself! 😀 My word, what an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  18. Bob Flanagan

    My little victory will be to eat healthier and to reduce my blood sugar level so that my doctor will turn that frown upside down.