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How I Stay *Mostly* Sane

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

I am a mom to three kids: Brooke-7, Blake-3 and Eddie-8 months.

After I had Eddie, I was convinced that the older he got, the more my life would get easier. {Please try to contain your laughter.}

I’m not sure if I was optimistically hopeful or blissfully unaware but, clearly I forgot that I’d have THREE children to care for, plus a house to keep tidy{ish}, meals to cook, dishes to clean, laundry to fold and oh ya! manage this wee ol’ blog of mine.

I was and probably still am the epitome of a busy working mother. My to do list is looooooong, ya’ll.

So, anywhere I can catch a break/save time/save sanity/not have to work harder then necessary, I do it.

It’s why I use parchment paper on every surface possible.

It’s why the majority of my dinners have started moving in the direction of healthyeasysuperfast. {I’m talking about you, Super Mom Stir Fry.}

And, it’s why I use ClickList.

First time using ClickList!
First time using ClickList when I was very pregnant with Ed.

ClickList is online grocery shopping for any Kroger affiliated store. For me in Boise, that is Fred Meyer.

How it works

Log onto the Kroger website {or download the app}, create an account and start shopping. It’s really that easy! The interface is very simple to use and week after week, your grocery lists and common items you buy are remembered {eureka!} so the longer you use it, the quicker it becomes for you to order. I typically shop late at night from my phone in bed. #reallife

After you have your order, you send it over to your home store and select a time to pick it up. As long as you send it over before midnight, you can pick it up next day.

Obviously, the last step is to pick up your groceries and pay. Best part? You don’t have to get out of the car. They load your groceries for you and bring your receipt to your window. The first time I used this service, I was 8 months pregnant and it was pouring rain. I was THRILLED I didn’t have to waddle around the store trying to find everything on my list with Blake and my large belly!

View More: http://jessicademersphoto.pass.us/laurens-latest
A Few things I love

This service keeps track of your purchases and after a while can predict what you’re going to buy. Sounds a little creepy, but it’s awesome because…

They will send you coupons based on your purchases and those coupons get automatically ‘clipped’ so when you check out, you can see your savings right away. I don’t get crummy coupons for random things I never buy because they tailor this service to me and my family. I get coupons for diapers, baby food, lunch meat and even produce!

You can automatically see what is on sale that week and buy accordingly. With their customer-friendly interface, Kroger shows you exactly how much you can save.

It saves me so much time! I can just pull up my app and add grocery items throughout the week, send it over, and then pick it all up whenever my day will allow. Considering I spend 1-2 hours at the store normally, ClickList means I can spend that time with my kids.

Their food is high quality and they pick out the best! I was really skeptical that they would pick some bruised and bad apples, but so far so good! Everything has been amazing for us.


If you have a Kroger nearby, be sure to check out this amazing service 🙂 There have been many weeks where this has been my saving grace. Not even kidding. 3 kids are no joke.

Don’t forget, your first three times are FREE! After that, it’s just $4.95 per order.

Have you tried ClickList? What did you think of it?

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11 Responses
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  2. Lisa

    Lauren, this sounds like a dream come true – especially when you’re 8 mths pregnant – shopping near the end was the worst! I doubt they have the service where I live but I will keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the tip

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  4. Karen T

    I shop at Hanaford in NY and they just started a similar service. I know this sounds weird, but I would enjoy being the one in the store filling these orders. Maybe I need to come out of retirement?

  5. Joy Forshee

    I keep saying I’m going to try Clicklist because I love my Kroger, but just haven’t sat down and done it yet. I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for posting about it.

  6. Jeannette

    I actually just heard about it on the radio THIS MORNING!!! I’m thinking of trying it at least once!! I wish they would offer delivery so I could send my sick mommy some surprise groceries!! But I guess this is the next best thing!! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. Karen

    Never knew this service existed. I’ll have to check with my local Kroger and see if they offer it. Sounds like a great service. Only $4.95 and they do all the work? I don’t see how you can beat that. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Stephanie

    I feel your pain.. I have 5 minions but 4 still living at home. So after school is over its a rush to get supper on the table and out the door to football practice and picking up oldest son from school after band practice.. Some time soon football will be over and things will calm back down.. yyyaayyy.. We don’t not have that service here in Covington La, but we do have goceries online from Walmart and Sams. My local Rouses also has certain items to be delivered to your house.. I, fortunately, am able to shop without my kids and do so on the weekends while Daddy is home.. I know that is not always the case for most and even me sometimes when he is out of the country.. Keep the amazing recipes coming.. (love love love the turkey burgers).. What ever makes your life a little easier stick with it…

  9. That sounds great! We don’t have that service in my town, there is a similar program called Instacart – where your groceries can get delivered the same day or Peapod that delivers – but you have to order by Tuesday or Wed if you want it delivered on the weekends before all the delivery slots get taken and I’m not that organized! I have 3 kids too – but they are 20, 18 and 14 – still a handful and busy at any age!