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Hello, friends! Hope you all have had a good weekend! The highlight for me was giving my little one pop rocks! Talk about hilarious! She didn’t know what to do with herself! What a sight to see!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all that I’m switching over to wordpress and I’m switching the url on you too! Sorry! I know I do that a lot. So, in the next few days if you get re-directed over to a new site that looks a little unfamiliar but much prettier and user friendly, then you’ll know why. If you manage to get to my usual, then be sure to click on the link saying where we’ve all moved!

My new site has been a work in progress and has taken me a lot longer than expected. (Darn html!) I’m still trying to make it more ‘me’ if that makes any sense. It will still have all of my recipes and a few more fancy features. So, I hope you guys will join me for a walk on the wild side and bear with me while I work out the last few kinks!

Have I mentioned that I appreciate you all? Well, I really do and I love the feedback and the comments I receive. So, thanks a million!

Hope you all have a GREAT day and look forward to a new recipe on Tuesday!

–Lauren 🙂

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