Happy Labor Day!

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IMG_0178Because it’s Monday….and because my baby slept longer than 4 hours last night, and because I love you AND because it happens to be a long weekend, I’m giving away 3 hard copies of my cookbook! Hooray!

All you need to do to enter is tell me what you did over your Labor Day weekend in the comments below. That’s it!

Please only 1 entry per person. I will hunt you down and smack you on the side of the head if you enter a million times. And contest open to EVERYONE. No limits today. Contest will end on Wednesday,  September 4th at 11:59pm PST. Winners announced Thursday morning.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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625 Responses
  1. Patti Keil

    My family worked all weekend, so I started too many small projects and didn’t really finish any of them. Spent most of today trying to clean up my “multipurpose” room; getting readyin to rearrangemake and paint in there so it can become what I want it to be: my cookbook library! Sure would love to add yours to the collection 🙂

  2. Ruby S

    We went to a Labor Day picnic in my hometown. I only make it there a couple times a year, they have fried fish and chicken. So good and I get to see old classmates/friends. Other that that, we are just relaxing with family. I’m off tomorrow and we are going to make homemade eggs rolls!!!

  3. Sarah Hughes

    I’m a middle school teacher so this weekend consisted of: lesson plans, grading. My dad flew in for a visit and to meet his newest granddaughter (4mo old) and played with my other 2 kids at the AK state fair. I’m exhausted. Wish my baby slept more than 4 hours straight… I could really use the sleep!

  4. Brenda D

    Saturday took my 7 year old grandson (with his Cub Scout Troop) and his 2 sisters to Camp Shelby to tour the military museum and eat lunch in the mess hall with the soldiers. He had a blast. Sunday just relaxed all day. Then today, Labor Day, went to my daughters and lunch out in the yard under the oak tree. The food was delicious and we all had a great time.

  5. Linda Richards

    I fortunately had to work this labor day. I find it gratifing to improve lives especially on Labor Day. I woyld love to win
    Thank yoh

  6. Kristi

    Had a picnic lunch with my hubby and two little boys, played in the park, explored an old train and bridge and little town, and bought chocolate covered potato chips for the drive home…in beautiful Prince Edward Island!

  7. Cindy S. Martin

    Unfortunately, I’m laid up with a neck injury. I was able to make a plum/blueberry crumble yesterday…I was THAT bored! 🙂

  8. Cydnee

    I made cupcakes on Saturday for a friends son birthday, spent Sunday with my Dad and today I participated and went to a charity event for a dear friends son that is battling a rare form of cancer. It was truly a beautiful event and I was so glad I could help.

    1. Aubrey Wilkey

      It didn’t let me add my comment it just added the first part. I made your yummy granola bars and spent timr with my hubby and daughter

  9. Paulette

    it was an absolutely delicious weekend…..I did whatever I wanted whether that was absolutely nothing or little projects that struck my fancy.

  10. Genette Schneider

    We went to the state fair, kids spent the night at the grandparents one night and we hit the farmers market, park and grocery store in prep for first day of school tomorrow!

  11. Sarah Hughes

    Being a new mommy of a 3 week old and a husband working overnight’s left me with a Labor Day weekend spent at home with my new baby, looking at Pinterest and coming up with different meal ideas since we have only eaten lasagna the past 3 weeks!!!

  12. Astrid Torpy

    I spent the weekend with my kids for the most part and saw a couple friends for dinner and a playdate. nice, quiet and relaxing.

  13. Diana

    I was able to dig my way through paperwork and find my dining room table! I then unearthed the piano bench, truly a successful weekend! I also made some jam and visited our local farm stands.

  14. Suzy Meredith

    Had a wonderful weekend of boating, bbq’s, kareoke and and hanging out with great friends..now watching a Bravo Marathon of Miliionaire Matchmaker..getting ready for a long work week!!

  15. Jamie Stein

    I picked up a rental car after my 18-year old daughter got into a car accident with my car. She also broke her phone and I’m in bed, sick with a cold. Can’t wait for this weekend to be over!

  16. Tasha N.

    Spent most of the weekend being lazy while the kids played outside. Today we went to see Planes for an early birthday present for my oldest son. Very cute movie!

  17. Seana C

    Family movie night on Friday. Does it count as “family” movie night if Hubby and eldest child were in one theater, while youngest and I were in another theater? Read almost all day on Saturday. (OMG, such an indulgent feeling.) Bought new shoes for my ever-growing 13 year old on Monday, followed by DVDs with both kiddos on a rainy Monday.

  18. KIM A

    went to a funeral on Saturday, read a book on Sunday, cleaned my desk off today after lazing around in the backyard this morning drinking coffee with my husband