Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza

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OREO Spider Web Cookie Pizza

Do you love OREOs as much as I do? I have quite a few recipes on my blog using Oreos. They’re versatile, easy to work with and delicious in anything you decide to throw them into.

So when my friends over at OREO contacted me to see if I wanted to work with them for their new “Play Up Dessert” program, I totally jumped at the chance. For Halloween, I was sent this cute little box of goodies.

Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza Ingredients

This prize pack included a festive apron, a Halloween themed spatula and plate, Halloween sprinkles, cupcake liners and a package of Halloween Oreos! The recipes for Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake, Oreo Candy Corn Cakes, and Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza were all included as well.

Brooke with instruction booklet

My 3 year old decided that the “cute spiders” were what we should make, so that’s what we did. It was a super simple dessert to whip up and we all enjoyed this sweet treat as part of our little family night. {Side note: she LOVED all the recipe cards. Like a little too much. Like, fold them up and store them in her purse with her ballet shoes. Haha :)}

Brooke holding instructions manual

I tried to get it back from her, but she was kept teasing me.


And then she gave me attitude. I’m positive she’ll thank me for this photo when she’s 16.

Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza

{PS-this spider with the orange eyes is my little one….because she can actually make her eyes look like that…don’t ask.}


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213 Responses
  1. Amy

    I’m pretty sure my little princess would insist we make the Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza too. I swear our girls should be twins; mine acts just like yours does. She loves nothing more than confiscating things and then gets offended when you try and get them back. I always love your daughter’s facial expressions, they are so diva!

  2. Alaina @ Fabtastic Eats

    Oreos are my favorite. Im 8 months pregnant. I (guility..except not) ate two sleeves of oreos within the last 24 hours. Dunk them in PB and you have my heart! I love this oreo pizza! What a great idea!

  3. Corina Duarte

    Abigail has already told me we WILL be making the spiderweb cookie. This is an amazing contest! But I am sure she will talk me into making this either way!

  4. Bri Snell

    Ohmygosh, Lauren you’ve been taunting me with this recipe for DAYS on Instagram & Facebook. I kept seeing the picture of the adorable little spiders, and I have been counting down until it appears on your blog! 🙂 Then, I come here and find out that I can get a prize pack for making one?! Oh Lordy! If there was ever a giveaway on your page to win, this is DEFINITELY it!

    If I were chosen, I’d probably be really tempted to make the spider web cookie pizza, because it’s my little girl’s first *real* Halloween (she was only a month old last year, and we couldn’t celebrate with her) and I’m trying to be super festive, but I don’t know the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread sounds REALLY tempting too. It’d be a toss up between the two. And then, of course, my fiance would end up asking for the Oreo Candy Corn Cakes too. I’d end up making all of them, I’m sure. 🙂 Pick me, Pick me! haha. jk. But seriously, that’d be awesome. 😛

  5. Linda | The Urban Mrs

    This is so much fun to make. I’d like to participate and make the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake. Who doesn’t love Oreo?

  6. Paula

    Your daughter is adorable and your Oreo spider cookie is amazing! Love all the photos and especially love where your daughter stashed the recipe card 🙂

  7. Diane in Cincinnati

    I would make the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake. And I would try really hard not to eat the whole thing by myself…no guarantees 🙂

  8. Mollie

    The Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake sounds like a great combination. Chocolate and pumpkin- favorite combination in our household!

  9. Letters Numbers and Books oh my

    My girls (ages 6 and 12) vote for any to win 🙂 but they would really love the spider cookie pizza! LOVE yours and those pictures of her are priceless! 🙂

    thanks for the chance to win.

    also we are ready willing and able to make and photograph if we win!

    all our fingers are crossed!!!!

  10. Jaime F

    How fun!! Love that dessert — I might try making the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake — but it totally depends once I would get the cards on which I’d choose! 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Adrianne

    I am an Oreo fanatic! I was lucky enough to finally try the Candy Corn Oreos (I never gave up the hunt). Sooooooo good. I would love to see a recipe using those!

    Winning the Play Up Dessert Kit from Oreo would be so fun and I would absolutely LOVE to make the Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza. Since Halloween is right around the corner and I am normally the one that brings in holiday treats for my co-workers, I know they would appreciate it! Now if I can only promise them that it won’t be partially consumed when I bring it in…..

  12. Maggie

    I think I’d make the Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza, because it looks like my husband would help me gobble it up. but the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake also sounds amazing–I think that would come next!

  13. Lauren @ Part Time House Wife

    I like a good stalk of oreo’s the old fashioned way… soggy and totally milkified. Just by the sound of the titles I’m intrigued by the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake… Sounds like an awesome contest!