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Crepes are a versatile yet fancy breakfast, brunch, dinner, or dessert, and they couldn’t be easier to make. I first shared this recipe way back in 2016, and since then, it has received hundreds of favorable reviews, earning its place in your recipe boxes and your hearts. Second only to my Belgian Waffles, this easy crepe recipe is one of my most popular breakfast recipes on my site.

strawberry crepes on a tablescape

Why You’ll Love This Crepe Recipe

With this tried and true Crepe Recipe, you can make these at home with simple pantry ingredients in just a few minutes with no special cooking equipment required. Enjoy sweet or savory crepes; they are the ultimate customizable meal for the whole family. These crepes are better than the ones I had in Paris!!

What is a Crepe?

A Crepe is a version of a thin pancake that originated in France. Usually, people eat French crepes in two ways: with savory fillings or sweet fillings. The savory kind is filled with a variety of things, including but not limited to bacon, ham, cheese, and/or mushrooms. The sweet crepes can be filled with fresh fruit, Nutella, and topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, or even ice cream.

strawberries and whipped cream on a crepe

How Are Crepes Different From Pancakes?

While I know there are people out there thinking crepes are just thin, delicate pancakes, they are not! Crepes and pancakes are two totally different beasts and are not considered equal. Pancakes are thick and fluffy thanks to their thicker batter and baking powder. The combination of the thicker batter plus the leavening gives pancakes that big rise. (See my fluffy pancake recipe here.)

Crepes have a much thinner batter made with mostly eggs and milk with no leavening added. Pancakes are primarily and traditionally served warm with butter and maple syrup but Crepes are larger, paper-thin, and filled with just about anything from Nutella to fresh fruit and cream to simple sugar and lemon juice. While I can understand explaining crepes as ‘thin pancakes’, they are not the same.

image 2

Best Crepes Ingredients

As I mentioned before, most likely you have all of the needed simple ingredients needed to make this crepe recipe. Check your pantry and fridge for:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Butter
  • Salt

What is the Best Flour For Crepes?

The best flour for making crepes is all-purpose flour, resulting in a good balance between having enough protein to provide structure to the crepe while still maintaining a delicate texture.

How to Make the Best Crepes Recipe

Crepes are made with a simple mixture of ingredients that you probably already have on hand! Take these steps one at a time. It’s easier than you think! And don’t get frustrated if your first crepe doesn’t turn out. It’s the sacrificial crepe that makes the rest of them turn out perfectly. If you are looking for a gluten-free crepe recipe, try using your favorite gluten-free and gum-free multi-purpose flour.

1. How to Make Crapes Batter

Place ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Scrape the sides and blend again briefly until the batter is lump-free. Refrigerate for at least an hour…ideally 2 hours. For even better results, keep the batter overnight in the fridge.

The Secret to Great Crepes: Let Crepe Batter Rest

For tender and soft crepes, it is highly recommended to let the crepe batter rest in the fridge for about 2 hours before frying. This allows the flour to get absorbed completely and lets the gluten relax, yielding a softer crepe. This is the secret to a good crepe! That’s not to say they aren’t good when cooked fresh from the blender without that rest; they just give you a more tender crepe. In a perfect world, yes, let them rest. But in the real world, you’ll still get a good crepe straight from the blender.

2. Heat Pan + Melt Butter

Preheat a nonstick pan or cast-iron nonstick skillet on the stove. Grease pan by melting a little butter or oil in the bottom of it and swirl to coat.

3. Pour Thin Layer of Crepe Batter

Slowly and steadily pour crepe batter into the center of the preheated pan, tilting the skillet around to spread the batter evenly across the bottom in a very thin layer. It takes some practice but after 3 or 4 times, you can get consistently even crepes.

4. Cook Crepes for 10-15 Seconds on Each Side

Cook crepes for 10-15 seconds per side or until the crepe batter doesn’t look shiny anymore; it should appear more matte, and the bottom should be lightly browned. Flip the crepe and cook another 10 seconds or so. Remove from the pan.

Repeat this process until no more batter remains.

This recipe is simple and the method for pouring the batter into the pan takes some practice, but honestly, after a few tries, you’ll get it down and become a pro!

Can You Make Crepe Batter Ahead?

This recipe is perfect for making ahead the night before. For best results, refrigerate your batter no more than 2 days before you make them. If you notice it starting to get discolored (starting to look a little grey) in the fridge, it’s bad, and you should throw it out and make a fresh batch. Fry as directed in the recipe card below.

crepes on a tablescape

Crepe Recipe Tips

I think the most important thing to remember about making this crepe recipe at home is you don’t need any special equipment to do it! Growing up, my mom simply used two frying pans alternating pouring and flipping between the two! This is the pan I’ve come to use and love for frying crepes. It’s not too heavy, is nonstick, holds its heat pretty well, and is a perfect 10 inches across. Here are a few more tips:

  • Temperature: Every stove is different, and frying crepes takes a pretty high temperature, but you’ll have to experiment to see what is best for you. Anywhere between medium heat and medium-high heat should be your sweet spot!
  • Grease: Add butter or oil to the hot pan and swirl to coat the bottom. Add your batter in and swirl it around to coat the bottom in a thin layer. After 10-15 seconds, you should be ready to flip.
  • Batching: When your crepe is done, pull it out of the pan and add more crepe batter to the pan. No need to add butter or oil every time. I can usually fry 2-3 crepes before needing more fat in the pan. (Why I love using a nonstick pan!)

I pile my crepes into a pie plate or dinner plate covered with some foil throughout the cooking process to keep them all warm. Serve immediately with whatever toppings you desire.

crepe on a plate

Best Crepe Recipe Storage

I usually stack leftover crepes in an airtight container or zip top bag and keep them in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Can I Freeze Crepes?

Yes, you can freeze crepes! Fully cook them, then stack them in between wax paper and store them in an airtight container. Freeze for up to two months!

How to Reheat Crepes

To reheat, thaw crepes in the fridge and then reheat them in the microwave for 15-20 seconds (depending on how many crepes you’re reheating, time may vary). I do not recommend freezing the remaining batter.

folded crepe on a plate

How to Serve Crepes (Topping and Filling Ideas)

After reading a ton of comments about what you all like with your crepes, I decided to publish some of them in this post. So here are some sweet topping and filling ideas from readers like you!

  • Homemade Whipped Cream and Strawberries – a classic choice great for the holidays!
  • Jam – strawberry, raspberry, plum, apricot, whatever your heart desires.
  • Cream Cheese and Fresh Strawberries – I love the sweet-tart flavor idea!
  • Fresh Blueberries and Pineapple – whatever is in season, pile your fresh fruit high!
  • Palacsinta: Ricotta, Nutmeg, and Lemon Filling – a sweet holiday family tradition.
  • Nutella – probably my favorite filling ever!
  • Nutella and Bananas – the perfect combo.
  • Dulce de Leche – a drool-worthy addition.
  • Homemade Blackberry Syrup – if you can get your hands on some fresh blackberries this summer, this is downright delicious! Frozen also works well.
  • Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest and Sugar – simple and delicate filling, yet so so tasty!
  • Lemon Curd – store-bought or homemade is perfect!

Crepes FAQs and Recipe Tips

Do crepes need to be flipped?

Yes, crepes should be flipped. After 10-15 seconds, when the crepe batter appears matte and the bottom is lightly browned, flip it and cook another 10 seconds or so.

Why are my crepes raw in the middle?

If your crepes are raw in the middle, chances are your pan is too hot. Reduce the temperature to allow the crepe to fully cook without burning.

Is butter or oil better for crepes?

Both butter and oil can be used for making crepes…,it’s personal preference. Butter adds a rich flavor, while neutral oils allow the other flavors in the crepe to shine.

How do you get lumps out of crepes?

To avoid lumps in your crepe batter, sift the flour, whisk thoroughly, allow the batter to rest. If you still have lumps, you can always strain the batter in a fine mesh strainer.

Love Crepes? Try These Other Sweet Treats:

I’ve written out all the tips I can think of to ensure success for this recipe in the printable version below. If you end up making these, I would love to hear about it in the comments below…and please give it a star rating.

I hope you enjoy this crepe recipe as much as we do! It’s a tasty one 🙂

strawberry and whipped cream crepes on a tablescape
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4.74 from 109 votes

BEST Recipe for Crepes

Making Crepes is faster, simpler and way easier than you think! Made with only 6 ingredients, this Crepe Recipe is even better than the ones you'd find in Paris!
servings 16 crepes, depending on pan size
Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 20 minutes


  • 4 large eggs room temperature
  • 2 1/4 cups milk
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup melted butter or canola oil
  • good pinch of salt


  • Place all ingredients in order as listed in a blender and blitz until smooth, about 1 minute. Scrape the sides and blend again briefly until the batter is lump-free. Refrigerate at least 1 hour, but 2 is ideal.
  • Place nonstick or cast iron skillet over medium to medium-high heat* to preheat. Melt a little butter or oil in the bottom of the pan and swirl to coat. With the hot skillet in one hand and the batter in the other, slowly and steadily pour crepe batter into the center of the pan, tilting the skillet around to spread the batter evenly across the bottom in a very thin layer. It takes some practice but after 3 or 4 times, you can get consistently even crepes.
  • After 10-15 seconds, the crepe batter shouldn’t look shiny anymore, it should appear more matte, and the bottom should be lightly browned. So, flip it over using an offset spatula and cook another 10 seconds or so. Remove from pan and repeat this process until no more batter remains.
  • I like to pile my crepes into a pie plate covered with some foil or plastic wrap throughout the cooking process to keep them all warm, a trick my Mom does. Serve immediately with whatever toppings you desire.



  • A few notes about making crepes: The first one usually doesn’t work perfectly. I don’t know why. Just eat this one as a quick snack and continue on. No one needs to know. 😉
  • You only need to add more butter or oil to the hot pan every 3 crepes or so to ensure the crepes flip perfectly, although adding it every time certainly isn’t a bad thing!
  • *The medium to medium-high heat is an approximation because all stovetops are different. If your crepes are cooking in about 30 seconds total, you are at the right temperature. 
  • Practice makes perfect.


Calories: 127kcal | Carbohydrates: 14g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 44mg | Sodium: 30mg | Potassium: 77mg | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 115IU | Calcium: 47mg | Iron: 0.9mg
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: French
Keyword: Crepe Recipe, Crepes, How to Make Crepes
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  1. Todd Dreher

    First you haven’t really asked anybody that has experience in the kitchen and working as a chef. I’m a chef by trade and I can answer that question about your pants in the First Once very easily cuz mine always come out perfect even the first one. Problem is here’s a couple things you need to do one do not stack your nonsense your non-stick pans together. Do not do it it will ruin the interior after you wash your pan you need to dry it immediately. Put a little cooking oil in it after you dry it you use paper towel and wipe it around so that it’s what inside all the way around. When you go hit the pan turn it on low then after it warms up gradually go up to medium if you feel you need just a little more oil at just a touch more. Once your pan is hot enough then put your crepe batter in it and cook it. Do not and I repeat do not use non-stick sprays in the pans. Again do not use non stick sprays in it!! You will ruin the coating that’s in there no matter how expensive or good your pan is do not use them. Used cooking oil canola something like that never anything else. Follow these methods and your first one always come out right. Never leave water in your pants to dry never. Once again it will hurt the coating. Also in your crepe batter you can use 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon of vanilla into the batter gives really great flavor. People always try starting their pans on high and then turning them down what happens is it gets too hot on bottom and actually hits the bottom way too much way too fast and does not cook evenly and can Scorch the bottom of you fruits. Even medium depending on gas or electric can do the same thing. That’s why you start on in between low and medium let it get warm and then slowly turn it up to medium and then you should have a nice even heat distribution to the bottom of the pans even very cheap pans will last by following these methods.

      1. Marcia Wallace

        5 stars
        I have made huuuuundreds and huuuuundreds of crepes. It takes me 3 hours or more to make them.
        They are easier than scrambled eggs to make. So no one should be afraid to give them a try.
        They’re wonderful.

    1. Lauren

      I have no idea because I’ve never tried it. But, I would imagine that if you have the pan hot enough and greased enough, that it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Natalie Blake

    My grandmother is the queen of crepes but I’ve never had much luck making them. This has inspired me to try again!

  3. Terilynne Knight

    I’m wondering if I could use almond powder instead of flour. If so do you know how much I would use

  4. Tam

    When you want the first crepe to go right. You just have to waith till the pan is really hot. I asure you the first one will be as good as the rest.
    In the netherlands we eat this all the time ????

  5. Tamara

    5 stars
    I made these and they are fantastic. I made a cream cheese filling and added strawberries and blueberries. A family favorite. I will be making these instead of pancakes from now on.

  6. Betsy O'Connell

    5 stars
    I Made these as a quick last minute snack and refrigerated the rest for later. They were wonderful (had them with banana and a little syrup) SO so good! Thank you for the share!

  7. Hannah

    5 stars
    Just made them with a sweet ricotta filling and yes they were very very delicious. So easy too. But we’re they better than Parisienne crepes? I don’t think so. But thanks for the recipe!

  8. Katie @ Old World Taste

    I thought I would comment about the amount of crepe batter for one crepe and also the size of the pan. I use a 10” non-stick skillet and a scant (almost) 1/3 cup of batter for each crepe. Nothing beats a real French crepe! I’ve made some with whole wheat too which I think turned out pretty good.

  9. Karen

    I been making these,from three time I was about 8 the only diffrence is I make it up the night before and I add cinnamon. When we had these when we growing up it a very special treat as there were 9 of us

  10. Ivana

    You don’t need to me ???? mix all the ingred.well and start ☺. The first never comes out perfect because the skillet isnt hot enough and sometimes more oil is put than needed. Why because as temp.risens the oil gets thinner and theres more than needed. Try to put less and get the skillet HOT you can try by adding a drop with a spoon if it starts really sizzling it should be good to go. Let me know if I helped ????

  11. Nathalie

    5 stars
    Our Family loves these for Sunday breakfast! Just a little butter and brown sugar spread on them then roll them up! We’re French and this is the best recipe for crepes I’ve ever found! ????

  12. Martina

    I always use a soup ladle when I’m making crepes, it’s much more manageable and the crepes will all be uniformly thick. The trick is figuring out exactly how of the batter to use for your pan 🙂

  13. Jennine Wilson

    5 stars
    My family and I just finished eating these for dessert! Oh my goodness… droooool. I used vanilla almond milk because that is what we drink, but followed the recipe exactly. I stuffed them with nutella and topped them with bananas and powdered sugar. This was my first time making crepes, but it won’t be my last! The mistakes were happily eaten by my teenage son, and by the last crepe I was getting them round(ish), even, and flipping them whole. Everyone should be trying these! Delicious!

  14. Karen

    5 stars
    I made these last week and my husband liked them so much we are making them again this weekend. This was my first attempt at making crepes and they really were easy to do. Much less fussy than pancakes.

  15. Carrie

    I dare to say that you make this look easy enough to make. My husband loves crapes and has been hoping for the entire 10 years of our marriage that I would learn to make these. His birthday is the 27th of December and I might actually surprise him with these this year. We have homemade blackberry and strawberry jam and with some homemade whipped cream these would be wonderful!

  16. Tracy

    I’m wondering what kind of milk you use. I’d imagine there’s a difference between using skim vs whole vs anything in between. What have you found works best? I’ve never been brave enough to try to make crepes before, but this recipe looks doable!

  17. Gwen

    These look delicious! What type of milk do you use– whole, 1%, 2%? Does the type of milk result in a noticeable difference in the crepes?

  18. Joanna

    5 stars
    For Christmas, our family always makes a Hungarian dish called Palacsinta: baked crepes with a ricotta, nutmeg, lemon filling. Your crepe recipe looks very similar to ours. We also have guests and new family members tell us they are better than Parisian crepes! I often make a mini batch (without filling) to keep in the fridge for a quick snack or an easy wrap for breakfast on the go. Thanks for sharing. Spread the love of crepes!

    1. Terry Goode

      My father was Hungarian and we always had Palacsinta but he filled them with prune butter and then sour cream on top, so yummy. I can not wait to try this recipe.

  19. M0nr0 Ladi

    5 stars
    My father in law was a French chef from Brittany France (4 hrs. From Paris by train) and that is his exact recipe he used for his entire life. It was and still is the best ever recipe.

  20. Helen

    5 stars
    Make these all the time,
    I pile them up….fill them with fresh blueberries, or fresh Strawberries combined with fresh Pineapple. With a smigin of fresh whipped cream (no sugar added)….the family loves them.

  21. Natalia

    5 stars
    Lauren, these were the easiest crepes I have ever made! The batter makes many crepes, so I saved half of the batter in the fridge until the next day. I also found that using nonstick spray made it easy to swirl the batter in the skillet and the crepes weren’t greasy. A little sweetened cream cheese and blueberry topping made them perfect. Thank your mom for me!

  22. Crystal

    5 stars
    I made these a few days ago with cream cheese (added vanilla and cinnamon) and strawberries. They were great and I don’t typically like Crepes. My 7 year old picky eater just requested I make them again tomorrow for breakfast.

  23. KendaIyah

    Well here’s one Offended French ^-^ so what makes your crepes better than Paris huh???
    I need a detailed and convincing answer so I can test your recipe 😛

  24. Ellen

    Approximately how much batter do you use for an individual crepe? Is the lemon and sugar a mixture or do you squeeze lemon on the crepe and sprinkle the sugar?

    1. Lauren

      I’d say 3-4 tablespoons at the most, but it depends on how large your skillet is. I just sprinkle a super thin layer of sugar over the whole thing and then squeeze the lemon juice over that. Nothing fancy about it 🙂

    1. Kerry

      5 stars
      I have been making crepes for a long time ! BEST recipe I’ve ever had! Not a bad one in the bunch. Beautiful texture and easy pour. Fast, faster than any recipe I’ve ever used. I’ve been to France , eaten them on the street from a food vendor … they are awesome ! I usually put ham and Swiss and then roll them , pour cream over the top and top it with Swiss cheese and bake ….. soooo delish
      Thanks for the recipe! Life changer

      1. Laurel H

        Years ago I had a seafood crepe at a restaurant that is no longer in business. It had scallops and shrimp inside and a delicious sauce. I’m not sure what else was in it but I’d really love to try to recreate it and I would definitely use your crepe recipe.

      1. Linda K.

        My mom was French Canadian and she use to make Crepes growing up we loved them we use to put cottage cheese in them and roll them up its pretty filling but one of my brothers could eat a few lol. I actually never knew her recipe thanks for this one!!