Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti

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This Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti Recipe is a creamy, cheesy, southwestern family favorite! Cook the sauce for a few hours, shred the chicken and then toss with pasta. Based on the Original Classic Chicken Spaghetti, this is a simpler version because it is made in a slow cooker. Woot!

a forkful of chicken spaghetti from a crockpot

A Slow Cooker Version of Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

I love a good slow cooker recipe. Beef Stew? Yes. Italian Chicken Pasta? Absolutely. Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti? BINGO! On busy days, I love using a crockpot to cook all sorts of meals. It’s a huge timesaver and gives you that slow cooked flavor everyone loves. Set it and forget it.

This Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti is no different. Add raw chicken breasts, onions and peppers to a cold crockpot. Stir in green chiles, cream of chicken soup and a healthy amount of cheese and let it cook. After several hours, you have pull-apart-tender chicken in a super tasty sauce. Toss it all together with some spaghetti, add more cheese and you have a seriously good meal.

Easy Substitutions

While I love this recipe as written, I understand we don’t always have everything on hand all the time. Here are some simple substitutions you can make.

  • Yellow Onion – any onion can work here! White onion, red onion or even shallots.
  • Bell Peppers – I used red and green but feel free to use whatever color you’d like. All green, all red, yellow or orange, whatever. They all give the same kind of flavor.
  • Green Chiles – I just used mild green chiles with all of its juices. Yum! Feel free to omit OR if you want things a little spicier, you can use fresh or pickled jalapenos.
  • Chicken Breasts – I like to use chicken breasts but you could also use chicken thighs here. They are a little higher in fat but are also less likey to dry out if cooked for too long.
  • Cream of Chicken Soup – lots of delicious flavor and fats in this that are essential to keeping your chicken moist. You can also use cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup here. The spices plus the flavors from the other ingredients are mostly what flavor this dish, so try not to worry too much about the kind of soup.
  • Spaghetti – Since this is cheesy chicken SPAGHETTI, I’d recommend using spaghetti pasta, but any kind of pasta would work in its place. Fettuccine, angel hair, even macaroni or rigatoni.
  • Cheddar Cheese – Monterey jack, pepper jack, white cheddar or a Mexican blend all work well. Use what you have. Mozzarella is a great cheese that gets really stringy, but doesn’t have that much flavor. You can definitely do half mozzarella and half cheddar to get the best of both worlds.

How to Make Chicken Spaghetti in a Crockpot

For full details on how to make Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti, see the recipe card down below 🙂

Add Chicken and Sauce Ingredients to Crockpot

Place the chopped onion and bell peppers into the cold crockpot first, then add the chicken breasts. Top chicken with cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper, green chiles, cream of chicken soup, and 1 cup of grated cheese. 

Cook then Shred Chicken

Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours, low for 5-6 hours, or until chicken is fully cooked. Remove chicken breasts, shred and return to crockpot. The cooking time will depend on how thick your chicken breasts are. For a quicker cook time, consider slicing your chicken breasts in half lengthwise so they are thinner.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Chicken from drying out in the Crockpot?

The answer to this question has two parts: (1) not overcooking and (2) having enough liquid or sauce. Missing one or both of these tips will give you dry chicken. Because chicken breasts are low in fat, they are prone to drying out. Whether you cook on the high function for a shorter amount of time or on the low function for longer, make sure you aren’t overcooking and have enough moisture in the crockpot.

BUT, lucky for you, it’s super hard to get dry chicken with this recipe! The cream of chicken soup plus all that cheese and the moisture from the veggies helps keep the chicken moist. If you’re worried about it, though, feel free to add in chicken stock when you’re tossing everything together with the spaghetti right before serving.

Cook Spaghetti

About 20 minutes before the chicken is done, start boiling some water on the stove to cook your spaghetti. Cook spaghetti according to package directions (I like mine al dente) then drain.

Can I Cook the Dry Pasta in the Crockpot?

I would highly discourage this method. I’ve found that cooking pasta in a slow cooker yields a starchy finished product. Whenever you cook pasta, starch is released from that pasta. Whether you’re cooking it in water or in a sauce, starch will come out of it. For this recipe, I suggest cooking it in water instead of directly in the sauce (so you can pour off that starchy water) and then tossing it together with the sauce.

Toss Spaghetti with Sauce

Pour in cooked spaghetti and remaining cheese. Toss to coat the pasta in sauce and melt cheese, adding in a few splashes of chicken stock where necessary to get the sauce to the consistency you want. Cook another 20-30 minutes on low and serve.

Storing + Reheating Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti

Store any leftovers in an airtight container for up to 4 days in the fridge! To reheat, simply zap in the microwave until heated through.

Can You Freeze This Recipe?

YES, you can freeze this recipe uncooked and after being cooked. Here are the directions: Place onion, bell peppers, green chiles, cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chicken, chicken soup, and 1 cup of grated cheese together in a large plastic freezer bag. Seal and freeze for up to three months. To cook, defrost in the fridge overnight, place in crockpot, and cook according to the directions listed in the recipe card.

Alternatively, freeze cooked chicken spaghetti in an airtight freezer-safe container for up to three months. When you’re ready to serve thaw in the fridge then reheat individual servings in the microwave or the whole thing in the oven until heated through.

What Goes with Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti?

Since this Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti recipe is more on the decadent side, I like to keep the side dishes more fresh. Here are some ideas:

tongs picking up chicken spaghetti from the crockpot

More Pasta Recipes to Try!

Be sure to check out all of my other pasta recipes for more dinner ideas. Here are a couple reader favorites:

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The printable recipe card is down below. Hope you love this recipe as much as we do!

a forkful of chicken spaghetti from a crockpot
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4.12 from 117 votes

Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

This Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti Recipe is a creamy, cheesy family favorite! Cook the sauce for a few hours and then toss with pasta.
servings 4 servings
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 40 minutes


  • 1/2 cup yellow onion diced
  • 1/2 red bell pepper diced
  • 1/2 green bell pepper diced
  • 4 oz mild diced green chiles 1 small can
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 lb chicken breasts 2 breasts
  • 10.5 oz cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup; 1 can
  • 3/4-1 lb spaghetti cooked
  • 3 cups cheddar cheese grated
  • a few splashes chicken stock optional


  • Place onion, bell peppers, green chiles, cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chicken, condensed soup and 1 cup of grated cheese together in a crock-pot. Stir to mix ingredients. 
  • Cook on high for 3-4 hours or until chicken is fully cooked. Remove chicken breasts, shred and return to crock-pot. 
  • Pour in cooked spaghetti and remaining cheese. Toss to coat pasta in sauce and melt cheese, adding in a few splashes of chicken stock where necessary to get sauce consistency you want. Cook another 20-30 minutes on low and serve.


**Freezer directions: Place onion, bell peppers, green chiles, cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chicken, mushroom soup and 1 cup of grated cheese together in a large plastic freezer bag. Seal and freeze. To cook, defrost in fridge, place in crockpot and cook according to the directions listed above.


Calories: 858kcal | Carbohydrates: 77g | Protein: 58g | Fat: 34g | Saturated Fat: 19g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 9g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 165mg | Sodium: 1024mg | Potassium: 1270mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 9g | Vitamin A: 1743IU | Vitamin C: 44mg | Calcium: 655mg | Iron: 3mg
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Italian, Mexican
Keyword: Chicken Spaghetti, Chicken Spaghetti Recipe, Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti

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  1. Stacy Jenkins

    This was very very good! My husband really loved it, and I have made several versions of this but this was the best! I did however use three chicken breasts along with whole bell peppers and fresh grated cheddar cheese instead. VERY good! I will definately use this recipe to feed big groups! Its hard cooking for two people, but now we can eat this for a few days and not get tired of it.

  2. Katie

    Hey, Y’all! I was just wondering if you think adding a small amount of Rotel tomatoes would be a good addition to this? Thanks!

    1. Elizabeth

      I asked my husband to pick up green chilis to make this recipe a second time, and he bought Rotel tomatoes and green chilis instead. I’m gonna give it a shot since I have a newborn and the grocery store is still daunting. 🙂

  3. Judi

    First, please relay my heartfelt thanks to your husband for his military service. I appreciate those who do things for my family that I cannot do-as in protect us like they do!
    Second, even tho your original “Sunday morning” post was in Feb., upon following a friend’s FB post today to your blog, I was reminded today that God’s timing is always perfect…in that, I had that kind of morning this Easter Sunday morning! Your post made me chuckle as I related to every angle of your day. While you may have felt defeated that day, you were actually victorious…over Satan, that is! He wanted to discourage you and make you retreat from church, but you made it thru in spite of the craziness. Kudos to you from one single parent to another!
    Thank you for sharing your normal day-I was encouraged that I’m not the only one!

    1. Lauren

      Yes, mom’s always have those days, typically when the help is no where to be found. Thanks for your note!! Put a smile on my face 🙂

  4. samm

    I would prefer to have my chicken cubed when I put it in the crock pot which would cut the cooking time by quite a bit. will the veggies still be cooked enough?

  5. Laura Holcomb

    I thought I made up this recipe! The only difference is, I use a can of chunky Rotel rather than just the diced green chilies. The rotel gives it a bit more spice than the mild diced green chilies. Depending on what soup I have in my pantry, I have used cream of mushroom, cream of chicken or cream of celery. I also saute my onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and celery before adding them to the soup, chicken and and rotel mixture. After I mix it all together, including the spaghetti, I put a BUNCH of cheese on top, put the lid on and let the cheese melt. Cheese is my favorite food group as well! I am going to try your freezer idea, thanks!!

  6. Pat Miller

    I just copied your Chicken and Spaghetti. I have a recipe that I have used for years, but your sound so much easier. I will try it.
    I have a recommendation for those that can’t use canned cream soups. I found a recipe for “Cream of Something” on Pinterest. It is great.This is what it said:

    In a Relief Society Meeting, they shared with us a recipe for Condensed Cream of “Something” Soup. It is a dry mix that, when you need some cream soup for a recipe you just add water. It is much less expensive than buying a can of soup at the market. Since I had everything needed to make up a batch I went a step further and made up a gallon containers worth.

    The lady that showed us how to make this awesome stuff made up a sample. She just cooked up some elbow macaroni and mixed it with the soup, added a little cheese and warmed it through in the oven.

    Cream of “Something Soup” recipe
    1 cup non-fat dried milk
    3/4 cup cornstarch
    1/4 cup bouillon (if you have cubes you have to smash them up. You can use whatever kind you like ie, beef, veggie)
    4 Tablespoons freeze dried minced onions (I used the minced onions from Sam’s Club)
    1 teaspoon dried basil
    1 teaspoon dried thyme (I couldn’t find the thyme so I used dried parsley instead)
    1 teaspoon pepper

    For the equivalent of one can of condensed cream soup:
    Mix 1/3 cup dry mix with 1 1/4 cup water. Cook until thick.

    I keep it in the pantry and as you can see the recipe is taped on the outside. (so I don’t lose it…cause I will if it isn’t connected!) It was GOOD!!
    Pat Miller
    (This is my first time visiting your website)

    1. Kate Trabue

      That is from my Aunt Pat! Thanks, Pat, I love this recipe. I never keep canned soup at home, but will be able to keep a container of this mix on hand. Love you!

      1. Shawn

        5 stars
        I was late to work and didn’t get this put in the crockpot. Instead I baked it in my Pampered Chef Rock’n Croc covered casserole dish. I ended up with a household of teens for dinner so I had to make a few changes to accommodate more mouths. I doubled the red/green peppers, onions, soup and chicken. I kept everything else the same, mostly because I didn’t have extra on hand. I baked the mix for 1 hour at 400. After the hour I shredded the chicken, added the spaghetti and cheese. I replaced the lid and let it for 5 minutes while I set the table. It was a hit, even with the teens.

  7. Vicky Porter

    i am Celiac so I have a solution to everything but the cream of mushroom soup. Can you suggest anything to substitute for it. I have bought GF cream of mushroom soup before but don’t really like the taste of it. Recipe sounds so good.

  8. Barb

    Just a quick question. Do you add the water/milk to the soup? Or is it just literally the can of soup? I really want to make this tomorrow. Can someone help me out please?

  9. Shawna

    This looks great! Since we are not mushroom fans, has anyone tried this with cream of chicken?? I will be a follower from now on!!

  10. Elle

    Please refrain from referring to single parenting because you took your child to church alone one Sunday. Then in the next breath, talk about texting your husband. It’s an insult to “real” single parents who actually live that life day in and day out.

    1. Shelly

      Judgmental much, Elle? Her husband is away at Army training so, yes, she is single parenting. Just because you can text your significant other, doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it all alone. Many married people “single parent” for a variety of reasons and a varied length of time and the reality of doing it alone day to day is the same. Also, just because her circumstances for single parenting are different than someone else’s, that does not make it an “insult” to other single parents. We are all in this life together, be supportive, not judgmental — just saying.

      1. Gwen

        Thank you for defending Lauren! I am quite a few years older than most on this site so I would like to offer some advice. We are all in this world together so it would behoove us not to be soooo judgmental. Plus, it is my opinion that when an individual is defensive, that is a good indication that he/she is having personal problems themselves; so since I have been shown their problem, I try to overlook their negativity.

      2. Elle

        I’m a pilot’s wife. My husband is away at least 4 days in a row each week. Every week, except 3 weeks of vacation, for the last 15 years.. Do I EVER call myself a single mother? EVER???? NO. SHELLY, I can judge on this matter. A single mother is a mother who is, by it’s very definition, unmarried. PERIOD. She should call herself what she is…a Military Wife. Had she called herself that, I would thought, Wow, that’s hard. At least my husband is home every few days. You go ahead and bash me, but I bet understand better than you do what her life is like.

    2. jen

      She mentioned earlier that her husband is away for 1/2 the year for military. Although not a “real” single parent….it is definitely more of a reality for her than just a Sunday alone at church. Someone else had asked how she could text her husband and be a single parent.

      1. Jaslyn

        I agree completely! She may not be a “real” single parent as far as on the books and tax forms, but when you are alone day in and day out without a husband that is single parenting,… for months at a time that is indeed single parenting – for THAT stretch of time.
        That is like saying that she is not a military wife when her husband is home because he is not on deployment.
        If she is alone in raising the kids for months, then she is a “single” – meaning only one – parent, meaning she bore the children. By definition,.. single + parent,.. as opposed to 2, her and her husband being home to take care of the kids. So she is a part-time single parent and military wife and blogger and sounds like a wonderful mother who has her hands full as well.
        Thank you for your blog and thank you for all you do so your husband can protect and serve us all. God Bless you!!!

    3. Linzi Hansen

      I think she mentioned above that her husband is away for 5 months at army training, so she is doing it alone! I don’t think what she said was insulting.

    4. Amber

      Although I adored this article, I have to agree with this comment. It was offensive for me….and I’m happily (hectically) married with 3 kids ages 20 months to 14. You are NOT even close to being a member of “single parent hood!” I do think you’re adorable. And this recipe sure looks awesome. But, in your defense, you dod saythe highlight of your day was being able to speak coherently. Lol

      1. L. Campbell

        Wow, perhaps you should just start calling yourself “divorced” if it gets you into such a snit to hear someone who is parenting solo refer to themselves as single-parenting.
        You act like it’s such a badge of honor to refer to someone as a single-parent…like she hasn’t “earned” the hard-won titled of being divorced. No, instead, she’s doing the very difficult job of staying married to a military spouse who is off serving his country. Shame on you.

    5. Jerry Springer

      So did you make the chicken spaghetti Karen, I mean Elle*? Wasn’t sure if you saw this is a recipe comment section.. but we would love your opinion on it (we all know you have one)

      Everyone, literally every single person, that’s laughing at you as a human

  11. Brandi Martin

    I’m not a big fan of cheddar cheese. Could I substitute Velveeta? The rest sounds yummy! Searching for a good crockpot pot now. 🙂

    1. Lisa

      Velveeta will melt differently, is the only thing. I tried shredded velveeta on a baked dish once and it didn’t do as well as I feel like cheddar does in that dish.

  12. Melissa

    We raise, butcher and can our own chicken. Which means our chicken is already cooked. What is the time frame and such in this case? Thank you in advance for your help!


    WHAT ABOUT THE PRESSURE COOKER? I’m on my own. Used to use it all the time when family was young. Receipy soun ds delicious.

    1. Shawn

      I was late to work and didn’t get this put in the crockpot. Instead I baked it in my Pampered Chef Rock’n Croc covered casserole dish. I ended up with a household of teens for dinner so I had to make a few changes to accommodate more mouths. I doubled the red/green peppers, onions, soup and chicken. I kept everything else the same, mostly because I didn’t have extra on hand. I baked the mix for 1 hour at 400. After the hour I shredded the chicken, added the spaghetti and cheese. I replaced the lid and let it for 5 minutes while I set the table. It was a hit, even with the teens.

  14. amelia

    Ok… I saw the comment about the raw chicken being frozen…but I have not seen one on How to cook the noodles. I could have missed It though. Do they go in the crockpot cooked or uncooked?

  15. Sarah

    This recipe was amazing. I am from Utica, NY and we have a classic local favorite called “Chicken Riggies” which is made with rigatoni in a cheese sauce with peppers. This tastes just like it, but is a little lighter using spaghetti (I actually used angel hair) so you can enjoy a bit more of it. I absolutely loved it. Sooooooo good!

  16. Jean

    Made this last night and my family really loved it. I said at lunch today wish i had more, next time i will double it. Didn’t have time for the crock-pot just cooked on top of the stove. Thank you for the recipe .Can’t wait to try others recipes of yours.

      1. kris sayers

        When my husband is away for work and staying at hotels with kitchen suites, he crock pot cooks every day. You know the timer switches you use for holiday decorations, or having lights turn on/off when you’re away? He uses that timer for any meal that will be done before he returns after work. The food will still be hot so you don’t have to worry about bacteria due to temperature change.

  17. Molly

    I just made this and it is delicious! My boyfriend and I love spicy food so I used original flavor green chiles (instead of mild) and it gave it a perfect extra kick! I will definitely make this again. Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

  18. Marge Roberson

    Haven’t seen your blog before. Loved it. Very funny. I have three children with the oldest 12. So I feel your pain and can see the humor. Funny though that you paired that story with the cheesy chicken noodle slow cooker recipe (which I am trying tonight by the way) since spicy food and lots of cheese can easily cause diarrhea in children… So next time better not to fix this dish on Saturday night before church Sunday morning. Just sayin… 🙂 Maybe something milder would be better suited. Will keep an eye out for your future posts. Enjoyed it.

  19. Joyce Bailing

    I am always wondering why a recipe would call for 3/4 lb of pasta and not a whole pound? I buy pasta by the box or bag of 1 lb. so what do people do with the other 1/4 lb? Just curious!!!

    1. Patty

      I have a tall Loc’n’Lock that spaghetti fits in. Just put it in there and use next time with something else. Or, store in a gallon size plastic bag till you need it. Use it when you’re cooking spaghetti for your family and can vary the amount you cook.

    1. Donna

      I just calculated the nutritional values for this recipe assuming you use canned, fat free cream of mushroom soup:

      Per serving:
      1,058 calories
      39 grams fat
      22 grams saturated fat
      110 grams carbohydrates
      66 grams protein
      5 grams fiber
      6 grams sugar

  20. Susan

    I’m not a fan of spicy or peppers but am still interested in this recipe ….could this recipe be made not spicy and still be good ? and is there another veggie that could work instead of peppers …..maybe broccoli ?? Really want to try this 🙂

    1. Lauren

      It’s not spicy at all because I used mild chiles. I’m not sure what a good sub for the peppers would be. You can always just omit them.

    2. Lauren

      I used a can of Rotel instead of peppers. You can get mild or spicier ones. Just rinse it to make it even milder. Still a great flavor.

    3. Lisa

      The bell peppers only add color and crunch; no heat. The heat come from the chiles. I’ve made a variation of this for years, using Rotel for heat and color. (I control the heat by using mild vs. regular, draining the juice or even rinsing before adding.) For crunch, I use whatever I have in my veggie bin…bell pepps, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, extra onions…whatever. I dice kinda small then sauté but I’ve never used a crockpot for this. They should tenderize without the sauté if cooked 5-8 hours. I’d hope, lol!

  21. rosemarie johnson

    i loved reading your story can relate to your story i watch my grandchildren during the week we have a set of twins 18 months talk about poopie diapers not so funny when you got 2 to change and a 7 year old thank god for that ,recipe sounds really good,going to try it….

  22. Gerri

    My first time here-sounds awesome! I will keep getting the recipes. Just a question-how can you be a single mom and have a husband? Just curious

      1. Tanya

        That doesn’t make you a single mom. That makes you a military wife. Don’t take away from your title. I was once a military wife, And I would give anything to still hold that title instead of single mom. Your husband isn’t gone, he is working. You’re not single, you’re married. He WILL be home. Single mom parenthood is not a glorious life…you are still able to share with your husband the highs and lows of your day, the accomplishments of your children and still hear the words I love you. You’re not a single mom- you’re a military wife- saying single mom takes away from the sacrifice your HUSBAND is making for your family. You’re a mom. It’s your job.

      2. Tanya

        And, this is in NO WAY meant to be derogatory. I have lived both lives. They are both hard- but military wife parenting is entirely different than single mother parenting. I am hoping you are able to understand what I am trying to say. I can guarantee your husband would much rather not want to be gone and make you take on the sole responsibility of raising kids for 5 months…I did 3 deployments, 7 months each time. I’ve been divorced and a single mom for 10 years. I would give anything to have a “homecoming ” sign making party….be proud of who you are!! Thank you to you and your husband for your service. After all, you are the backbone of of the military.

  23. Crock-Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup - Lauren's LatestLauren's Latest

    […] blame motherhood. And the puke and diarrhea infested coma I’ve been in the last few days with my kids. Ew. SOMEONE MAKE IT […]

  24. Jeanne Stringfellow

    I’ve been making chicken ‘n spaghetti for 50+ yes. OK, I’m old chronologically, just not spiritually. Love the freezer idea since my recipe is too big for the 2 of us. Thanks a million! Now to digress. On Sundays my husband too was always on the platform. Consequentially, one our children thought they could get away with anything. On an occasion like yours, I simply left the organ bench and just took ‘the child’ out. Having to leave in front of everyone solved the problem. Never had to do more than snap my fingers after that. Funny. The kids are grown, but even now snapping my fingers when they are here causes them to stop, stand still and be silent! I can’t stop laughing when that happens. So, you will laugh about that and miss it – someday. 🙂

  25. Adrienne

    How spicey is it? My kids will eat stuff with a slight bite to it but nothing to overwhelming. I would love it but have to compromise.

  26. Senika @ Foodie Blog Stalker

    Crockpot freezer meals are lifesavers! You’re inspiring me to get the freezer fully stocked and this Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti will be at the top of my list!

  27. Anne

    Sounds good. Instead of freezing in a freezer bag could you not use a slow cooker liner then just put the whole thing in the crockpot?

  28. SallyHP

    Oh man! Those days are hard! I love crock pot freezer meals! I just had my fourth baby, so have been bulking up my freezer meals again-looking forward to your posts this month! My husband us deploying in November for his first longer one after several shorties – not looking forward to it! I foresee a fall freezer making frenzy 😉

  29. Alison

    Well, holy crap. Literally LOL

    Ugh, I’m sorry though. My husband is up on the stand each week, which leaves me with 3 littles to wrestle. I feel for ya girl, I do. You’re not alone.

    My husband can’t have gluten, so I too am wondering about substituting any cream ofs…………

    Thanks! : ) Hoping today is better.

      1. Laura

        Who cares what this woman’s husband does. Why are you all bent out of shape about “crap”? It is a simple expression and a funny pun. Please do not say anything if you are only going to criticize people for no reason.

        1. Misty Dawn

          What size can of condensed soup does this recipe require? I buy 10.5 & 22.5 cans because as a single mom I rely heavily on the crockpot.

      2. Jaslyn

        Maybe when she said stand, she meant hunting tree stand, not a pulpit stand, or another sort altogether.
        This is a blog with cooking, not time to judge others.
        Pull the stick out of your own eye, let he without sin cast the first stone, etc……. Jesus did not come for people to judge others, he came to save us all because we ALL are imperfect and fall short of God’s glory. At least, that is what my church teaches!!
        Just saying!
        Now back to what we are here for,… the FOOD!
        Looks awesome, definitely going to try this. I think I will make it up casserole style though, and add some finely chopped mushrooms. I use organic AMY’s cream of …. soup, or make it homemade. Loos great – the pictures make one drool!!

      3. Evelyn

        Why would you judge the languge of any woman managing 3 kids in church while daddy is up.on the podium. Geez give it a break, it’s a recipe spot not a sermon!!!

  30. Susannah

    How long would this take on low? Is there a general rule for xx at high equals xx at low? If I need to crockpot a meal it is usually because I am out all day so starting something 3-4 hours before supper isn’t an option other than on weekends. And around here that is usually my hubby’s chance to shine with take out 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      It should be done in about 7-8 hours on low. Usually you can just double the time when going from high to low or cut it in half if going from low to high but sometimes you might need an extra 30 mins to an hour on low since the crockpot doesn’t heat up as fast. If that timing is too long then just leave it on low while you aren’t home and put it on high when you get home to cut some of the cook time down.

      1. Alana

        1 Tbsp butter
        3 Tbsp flour
        1/2 cup broth
        1/2 cup milk

        Melt butter in saucepan. Add flour and mix well to make a rue. Add broth (I use chicken for cream of chicken or beef for cream of mushroom. You can also add chopped mushrooms if you like them.) and milk. Whisk well over heat until thickened.

        I use this substitute in all recipes that call for cream soups. No chemicals and it’s never failed me!

  31. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    Oh you poor thing! Sounds like you got through it though. I’ve tried chicken spaghetti before (another blogger) and didn’t care for it. BUT, I’m going to give this one a try…extra spice and freezer plus slow cooker meal is a winner.

  32. Terri

    The receipe sounds wonderful and I can relate to the church episode. I did have a question. My family are firmly against cream of mushroom or any form of mushroom. Can I substitute for cream of chicken or would that create chicken over load?

    1. Carolann Hopkins

      Terri, I have a recipe for chicken spaghetti, and I use cream of celery. My family as well doesn’t like cream of mushroom.

    2. Tania

      Cream of chicken works great too. I have made chicken spaghetti with both cream of chicken and cream of celery as Carolann Hopkins mentioned. 🙂

    3. Lauren Vierling

      My husband and daughter both claim to hate all things mushroom. I still use it and they have no idea. I use a stick blender/immersion blender to get rid of any chunks of mushroom. I wanted to still use the mushroom because you do not taste any mushroom. It just melds so well with the sauce and the spices. They could not taste it and loved it.

      1. Carol Stout

        My husband claims to not like mushrooms in anything but I have a few recipes that I use cream of mushroom soup in and he loves them. While I can’t get away with the sliced or whole mushroom in or on anything I can at least get away with the cream of mushroom soup most of the time. If he finds to large of a chunk of mushroom then he won’t eat it but otherwise he is fine with it.

    4. Laura Rodich

      My husband is gluten free and Cream of Mushroom, Cr. of Celery, Cr. of Chicken, Cr. of ANYTHING, has wheat flour in it. SO, I made this using half a jar of Ragu Alfredo Sauce (NO flour/gluten), along with some sour cream and also about 3 ounces of Velveeta, plus all the other ingredients….so, basically, I changed it a good bit, but still DELICIOUS (and, of course, we used GF rice pasta)..

      1. Meg

        My son was allergic to eggs and milk for many years. In replace of cream of mushroom condensed soup, I used dairy free sour cream, fresh white mushroom slices, and some chicken broth. Stir together and add it to any recipe that calls for it. Great hack!

  33. Wilna Boshoff's

    Oh Lauren! You make me laugh so much! I love reading your blog! Diaper issues… Last week I was supposed to have a play date with a friend of mine and her daughter. Now, I have 2 boys in school, then a 2 year old daughter and a 11 month old son. Out older kids go to the same school. (I also feel like a single mom most of the time as my hubby is ALWAYS out of the country. OK, it seems like always.). Anyway, digressing aside, it was one of those mornings where I was lucky to leave the house with pants on and with all the brood in the car. So, when I pulled up to school (super late btw) I saw her car waiting for me and my gut fell onto my shoes. I’d ran out of the house without my diaper backpack or my purse. We decided to still go to her house, maybe she will have a stray diaper somewhere? No diaper there, it’s been 2 yrs since she’s had to use one! I cloth, so eventually she had to cut up one of her hand towels so I could stuff his pocket diaper. Hey, what are friends for!? Not sure why you would want to read about that? Anyway! Great blog, great posts, awesome food. Love it!

    1. Lacy

      Wilna! I love your comment…yep it’s a few years later and I got a kick out of it because it’s so real life! I think we’d be friends—IW our have had you covered with diapers though! Haha I have baby 5 on the way and my other boys are 1,3,4, and 6! So only one is off to school 🤣😅 hope you’re well!

    1. Steven M Owsiany

      How do you figure out what the Nutritional Facts are for the daily intake in each recipe you design. I would love to learn this for myself to help with weight control. Than you.