Side Dishes For Lemon Chicken

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Here are 20+ Side Dishes for Lemon Chicken! When it comes to Lemon Chicken let’s talk about what truly makes that zesty dish sing: the sides! We all know the star of the show, but finding the perfect sides can take your lemon chicken from tasty to downright epic. I’ve got a lineup of mouthwatering side dishes that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance alongside that citrusy goodness. Let’s dive in!

Chicken Piccata

Lemon chicken is like a flavor party where tender chicken meets zesty citrus vibes. Imagine juicy chicken drenched in this tangy, savory sauce with that delicious lemon flavor. It’s comfort food with a punch, giving you that satisfying, refreshing hit with every bite. Keep reading to see some of the best side dishes to serve with your Lemon Chicken or even Chicken Piccata where lemon is definitely the star.

Lemon Chicken Quinoa Soup

If you love a warm and cozy soup, you might like my Lemon Chicken Soup! This Lemon Chicken Soup has lots of veggies, protein, and whole grains. It tastes savory and herby all with a little zing from the lemon. I love making a big batch of soup and having leftovers for busy weeknights. Since this is a chicken broth based soup, you can store in an airtight container for up to 5 days in the fridge and reheat in the microwave or on the stovetop!

Side Dishes For Lemon Chicken (20+ tasty ideas)

Pasta: A creamy and dreamy dinner, this Lemon Chicken Pasta will be your new favorite meal! A light cream sauce (white wine, heavy cream and parmesan cheese) is brightened up with lemon zest and tossed together with rotisserie chicken and spaghetti noodles. Top with some fresh parsley and lemon slices and you have a delicious meal!

lemon chicken pasta on plate

Cauliflower rice: A low-carb alternative crafted from finely grated cauliflower, mirrors the texture of rice while offering a light, versatile base for dishes, perfect for those seeking a healthier twist on classic meals.

Caprese Salad: Nothing beats a Caprese Salad Recipe. Fresh, flavorful and delicious made with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sweet basil, and a homemade garlic balsamic dressing, this is the perfect side dish for your tangy lemon chicken!

Caprese Salad

Garlic Bread: Softened butter stirred together with fresh minced garlic, a few herbs, and two kinds of cheese with a little extra hit of garlic from garlic powder! I promise this is the best cheesy garlic bread you will ever try.

garlic bread

Focaccia: This Rosemary Focaccia Bread recipe is absolute heaven. Topped with rosemary and sea salt, it’s easy to make and even easier to eat! You can also top with the fresh herbs of your choice to make the perfect focaccia for you!

sliced focaccia bread

Greek Salad: This Greek Salad recipe is a delicious stand alone meal or simple side dish. Topped with a homemade tangy greek dressing, feta cheese, baby tomatoes, red onions, olive and cucumbers for that delicious classic taste. This is a great way to get some fresh veggies in with your main course!

overhead shot of greek salad in oval bowl

Craigo’s Breadsticks: Craigo’s was a pizza place in Rexburg, Idaho. Cheesy, yeasty, salty, garlicky, Craigo’s breadsticks really were the BEST breadsticks around!

Roasted Green Beans: Roasted green beans, with their caramelized edges and intensified flavor, bring a comforting, smoky depth to complement the zesty allure of lemon chicken. It’s such an easy dish, just pop them in the oven and you’re good to go!

roasted green beans 1

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Mashed Sweet Potatoes are everything you love about mashed potatoes mixed with the flavors of sweet potatoes. Smooth, creamy and buttery!

A close up of mashed sweet potatoes

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Cashews: Delicious Sauteed Brussel Sprouts are an easy and flavorful side dish to prepare for any dinner. Mixed in are bacon and cashews! YUM!

IMG 5422 1024x682

Quinoa Salad: If you’re looking for a cold and refreshing quinoa salad try this one! If you want something warm and comforting, this Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad is the one for you.

Cold Quinoa Veggie Salad 1

Famous Butter Rice: My Famous Butter Rice is seriously the best! Add a few simple ingredients to make the most buttery, delicious rice you’ve ever had! You can use long grain white rice (Jasmine, Basmati Rice, etc) or brown rice if that’s what you prefer.

Orzo Pasta Salad: A delightful medley of tender pasta pearls mingling with crisp vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, celery and more), fresh herbs, and a zesty dressing, offers a refreshing and satisfying burst of flavors in every forkful.

Asian Chicken & Orzo Salad

That Good Salad: Whenever I bring this salad to a party people ask “is that That Good Salad?” It’s that good, all mixed with a garlic dressing. Adding a salad to your main dish is a great way to get some fresh vegetables in!

That Good Salad

Maple Glazed Carrots: You can’t go wrong with maple syrup and Maple Glazed Carrots are the perfect, easiest side dish for lemon chicken.

Maple Glazed Carrots 2

Cucumber Tomato Salad: This simple recipe makes a classic and delicious salad. This Cucumber Tomato Salad is light, refreshing and so so easy to make!

Cucumber Tomato Salad 1 copy

Roasted Root Vegetables: Move over salad…make room for earthy, hearty, caramelized deliciousness in the form of oven roasted root vegetables. These are the perfect accompaniment to lemon chicken.

cooked roasted root vegetables on platter

Angel Biscuits: These light & fluffy Angel Biscuits are half-biscuit, half-roll! Seriously, the best of both worlds in one tasty package. AND, they are so darn easy to make. 


Vegetable Risotto: A light and comforting meal that you can have ready in no time! Vegetable Risotto is perfect for those warmer spring evenings!

vegetable risotto

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese: Amazingly delicious Instant Pot Mac and Cheese made completely from scratch with NO Velveeta all in 20 minutes!

Colorful Carrot Salad: Crunchy, sweet, and zippy, this non-mayo Colorful Carrot Salad Recipe will be your new healthy, family-favorite side dish!

Carrot Salad

Cilantro Lime Rice: This Cilantro Lime Rice recipe is an easy side dish that goes with lemon chickenso well. Light and refreshing yet super versatile for your dinner needs.

cilantro lime rice 6

Scalloped Potatoes: This easy recipe for Scalloped Potatoes is one you will make again and again. This classic dish is extremely creamy and cheesy potato perfection!

Scalloped Potatoes 5

So there you have it—lemon chicken and its flavor squad of sides ready to make mealtime epic! It’s all about those unforgettable tastes that keep us coming back for more. So grab a plate, load it up with these tasty sides, and dive into a feast that’ll leave you smiling long after the last bite.

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