What To Serve With Quesadillas

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Here are 30+ of the best side dishes to serve with your Quesadillas! Chicken Quesadillas: the ultimate comfort food, with their irresistible blend of melted cheese, savory fillings, and that perfect crispy exterior. Whether you’re a purist sticking to the classic cheese or someone who loves experimenting with various fillings, the real magic happens when you find the ideal companions to go with it. From zesty salsas to cooling sides and flavorful dips, let’s explore a range of options that’ll complement your quesadilla meal and turn an ordinary meal into a whole feast!

To create a delicious quesadilla, gather tortillas, assorted cheeses (like cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack, colby, etc.), and preferred fillings like seasoned chicken or sautéed veggies. Heat a skillet, lay a tortilla, add cheese and fillings on one half, fold it, and cook until golden brown and the cheese melts. Serve hot with salsa or sour cream for a tasty treat! Keep scrolling to find the perfect accompaniment to turn this snack into a meal!

You can use a flour tortilla or a corn tortilla to make these. Flour tortillas are commonly used due to their pliability and ability to crisp up nicely, but corn tortillas offer a delicious alternative. They impart a slightly different flavor and texture, with a more rustic and authentic taste.

What To Serve With Quesadillas (30+ of the best sides + 8 topping ideas!)

  • lettuce, shredded
  • tomato, diced
  • green onion, diced
  • jalepeño, sliced
  • sour cream
  • taco sauce
  • cilantro, fresh, chopped
  • lime wedges

Chips & Pico de Gallo: This Pico de Gallo recipe is the freshest, easiest and fastest salsa you can make. Also known as Salsa Fresca, this recipe can turn your quesadilla into something amazing while still holding its own with tortilla chips.

Pico de Gallo 2

Grilled Corn Salsa: This salsa is a refreshing appetizer, snack, side dish! This stuff was made to be eaten all summer long!

grilled corn salsa

Fresh Tomato Salsa: Fresh Tomato Salsa is so easy to make and full of fresh flavors. This restaurant-style salsa requires only only a few basic ingredients and 10 minutes. Fresh salsa is perfect served with tortilla chips or add as a topping to your favorite mexican dish.


Fresh Mango Salsa: This fresh Mango Salsa recipe is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy! A delicious and simple salsa to add to any taco, burrito or in this case Quesadilla.

mixed mango salsa in bowl

Classic Guacamole: Everyone loves Guacamole, especially this classic, fail-proof Guacamole Recipe! Perfect for any party and always a winner. Make this basic guac recipe with avocados and lime juice and add in any extras you like!

Guacamole with chips

Mexican Street Corn Guacamole: All the flavors you know and love from Mexican Street Corn stirred into creamy corn guacamole! An easy and show-stopping appetizer.

Cucumber Salad: Cucumber Salad is cool, crunchy, refreshing, and easy to throw together on a hot summer day! It’s easy to double for BBQ’s, potlucks, or just as an afternoon snack.

Cucumber Salad above min

Corn, Tomato & Avocado Salad: This corn salad is a healthy salad perfect for the late summer days while these beautiful vegetables are in season, and is a great way to get in a bunch of veggies! This salad boasts a tasty apple cider vinaigrette and is filled with fresh corn kernels, ripe avocados, sweet basil, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, and zucchini.


Charred Tomatillo Dressing + Salad: This charred tomatillo dressing is a sweet, creamy, and smoky addition to any southwestern salad. It will actually make you want to eat salad…which is kind of miraculous in my book.

Charred Tomatillo Avocado Dressing and Salad

Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad: Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad is the perfect way to use up those fresh summer ears of corn! Fresh vegetables and pasta are tossed in a Mexican chili lime sauce and served chilled.

Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad

Coleslaw: This Classic Coleslaw is a fresh, made from scratch recipe that will make you never buy store bought coleslaw again! Cabbage, carrots and onion tossed with my homemade creamy coleslaw sauce, get ready to make the coleslaw of your dreams!

coleslaw 21 scaled

Cilantro Lime Rice: This Cilantro Lime Rice recipe is an easy side dish that can go with chicken, pork or beef. Light and refreshing yet super versatile for your dinner needs.

cilantro lime rice

White Rice: My Famous Butter Rice is seriously the best! Add a few simple ingredients to make the most buttery, delicious rice you’ve ever had! You could also serve Mexican Rice or Spanish Rice!

Taco Rice: With just a handful of everyday ingredients, you can have dinner on the table lickety split. Taco Rice has ground beef, rice, tomato soup, seasoning and cheese made all in one skillet.

taco rice in pot with wooden spoon

Refried Beans: A classic Mexican dish made by cooking and mashing beans, typically pinto beans or black beans, often with ingredients like onions, garlic, and spices. They’re then cooked again, usually in oil or lard, to achieve a creamy texture and rich flavor. This is the perfect side for your cheesy quesadilla!

Fruit Salad: This Fruit Salad Recipe is filled with delicious fresh fruit and topped with a simple lemony vanilla syrup as a dressing. Make in advance or serve immediately. Delicious for a snack, dessert, or potluck.

A bowl of fruit salad

Grilled Bell Peppers and Onions: Vibrant and smoky veggies that pair wonderfully with the cheesy goodness of quesadillas.

Grilled Corn: Grilled corn, with its smoky sweetness and charred flavor, pairs wonderfully with quesadillas, adding a delightful contrast and an extra layer of deliciousness to the cheesy goodness.

grilled corn

Mexican Street Corn: This Mexican Street Corn Recipe is a delicious, easy to make a side dish that is perfect to make in the warmer months of the year. It’s creamy, crunchy, and cheesy making it a great addition to just about any meal.

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Corn Casserole: Mexican Corn Casserole is Mexican Street Corn remixed! With all of the same Mexican flavors but fresh OFF the cob and oh so comforting!

Chicken Tortilla Soup: This Chicken Tortilla Soup is a flavorful and comforting Mexican-inspired soup made with shredded chicken, diced tomatoes, beans, corn, and a variety of spices. Customize each bowl with your favorite toppings.

bowl of chicken-tortilla-soup with spoon

Chili: Chili and quesadillas are a match made in heaven. Try my White Chicken Chili, No Bean Chili, or my Simple Ground Beef Chili. So many chilis, so little time.

close up of bowl of no bean chili

French Fries: Super easy, homemade, and absolutely delicious, these Air Fryer French Fries are going to be your new go-to side dish or snack. Potatoes are cut into fries, tossed in a little oil and spices and then air fried to perfection. If you prefer sweet potatoes, you should try my Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries!

air fryer french fries on plate with ketchup

Garlic Fries:  If you need a quick snack or appetizer, these Garlic Fries are a perfect choice! Fast and easy, plus so addicting! Perfect for parties too!

Garlic Butter Fries

Cold Quinoa Salad: This tasty cold Quinoa Salad recipe is versatile and delicious! Add your favorite veggies and meat for the taste you’ll crave.

Cold Quinoa Veggie Salad 1

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad: Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad has an amazing depth of flavor from all of the roasted veggies and great texture from the quinoa.

quinoa salad

Black Quinoa Taco Salad Bowl: Healthy, flavorful, fast and easy. Perfect for a busy weeknight!

Vegetarian Black Quinoa Taco Salad

So there you have it…the ultimate lineup to jazz up your quesadilla game!

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