Italian Recipes

Italian cuisine has to be one of the best-known and most-loved groups of food in the world. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the full diversity that Italian recipes have to offer.

Pasta and pizza are only a tiny portion of the Italian offering, and I’ve made it a goal to find as many diverse Italian recipes as I can. From desserts (like this amazing Italian cream cake) to meat-based meals like this Tuscan Chicken, the variety is astounding. There are even many fusion dishes that blend the best of more than one culture; taco pizza, for example.

Whether you are looking for pasta, soup, or even beloved pizza, I’ve got all the Italian-inspired recipes here! I’d highly recommend Pasta e Fagioli, my take on Margherita Pizza (fail-proof pizza dough is important too!), and, of course, Lasagna!

Below you’ll find a bastion of bellissimo dishes to try and enjoy.

Recent Recipes in Italian