What To Serve With Baked Ziti

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Here are over 25 of the best side dishes to serve with Baked Ziti! Ah, the comforting aroma of Baked Ziti wafting through the kitchen – a classic favorite that never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces. But as much as the star of the show steals the spotlight, the question always comes up: what pairs perfectly with this dish? While this classic baked pasta dish effortlessly commands attention with its cheesy, tomato-infused allure, finding the right accompaniments can elevate the entire dining experience. Whether you’re making my classic version, or Instant Pot Baked Ziti, here are some ideas for the perfect side dishes.

Baked Ziti

Baked ziti, the ultimate comfort food, is like a warm hug on a plate. It’s that dish you can count on to satisfy those cheesy, carb-loaded cravings. Tender ziti pasta smothered in a homemade marinara sauce and a blanket of gooey, melted mozzarella cheese. Whether it’s bubbling hot out of the oven or just warm enough to get those cheese pulls, baked ziti brings together all the best parts of Italian flavors in one delicious bite. It’s the kind of meal that feels like home, no matter where you are.

You can make the meat sauce with tomato sauce, ground beef or Italian Sausage, or you can scrap the meat and add some of your favorite vegetables to make a vegetarian dish. If you’re out of ziti no need to run to the grocery store! You can use any pasta shape of your choice, penne pasta works just as well! You also can add ricotta cheese or cottage cheese to add your own creamy twist. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese or red pepper flakes to add some more flavor!

Keep scrolling to see some of the best side dishes to serve alongside your main dish!

spooning baked ziti onto white plate

What To Serve With Baked Ziti (25+ Amazing Side Dishes!)

Garlic Bread: Starting off with the classic pick! This is the ultimate Garlic Bread Recipe that everyone will love.

garlic bread

Craigo’s Breadsticks: Craigo’s was a pizza place in Rexburg, Idaho. Cheesy, yeasty, salty, garlicky, Craigo’s breadsticks really were the BEST breadsticks around! Here’s my copycat recipe.

Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread: A fast 10-minute side dish for any meal, this Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread will make you fall in love with carbs and cheese all over again.

Cheesy Garlic Bread Pull Apart Rolls 1

Dinner Rolls with Roasted Garlic: Warm homemade dinner rolls with roasted garlic, it’s so delicious and goes with any dish.

dinner rolls

Focaccia: This Rosemary Focaccia Bread recipe is absolute heaven. Topped with rosemary and sea salt, it’s easy to make and even easier to eat! You can dip it in a little bit of olive oil to level up this side dish!

Focaccia 1 copy

Gluten Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits: This is a great option if you need a gluten free option.

cheddar bay biscuits

Garlic and Herb Pull Apart Biscuits: These Garlic and Herb Pull Apart Biscuits are buttery, cheesy and oh so tasty! Easy enough for a weeknight and fancy enough for the holidays.

Garlic and Herb Pull Apart Biscuits

Caprese Salad Recipe: Nothing beats a Caprese Salad Recipe. Fresh, flavorful and delicious made with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sweet basil, and a homemade garlic balsamic dressing! Your family will love this and it also makes a great side for a fancy dinner party!


Oven Roasted Asparagus: Grab three ingredients and find 15 minutes while making dinner to make this amazingly simple yet delicious side dish. It’s perfect for any meal because with this roasted asparagus recipe you can customize it to your liking!

Baked Asparagus Roasted Asparagus 2

Roasted Green Beans: Need a new way to enjoy green beans? Try Roasted Green Beans! Oven roasting is a quick and easy way to not only cook your vegetables but a great method for adding more flavor to any vegetable. 

roasted green beans 1

Roasted Root Vegetables: Make room for earthy, hearty, caramelized deliciousness in the form of oven roasted root vegetables, such a comforting side dish.

roasted root vegetables 6049 1

Roasted Brussels Sprouts: This super easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe is a delicious vegetable side dish. A brown, crispy exterior with a tender middle. They are a perfect and simple accompaniment to any dinner.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts in a bowl

Roasted Cauliflower: This basic, Roasted Cauliflower Recipe is a tasty, low-carb, simple side dish to throw together any day of the week. All you need is olive oil, salt, pepper and a little oven time to get the maximum caramelized, brown, super flavorful cauliflower.

roasted cauliflower 4

Maple Glazed Carrots: Maple Glazed Carrots are the perfect dish for any holiday or Sunday supper.

Maple Glazed Carrots 2

Roasted Acorn Squash: Cinnamon and nutmeg make this sweet Roasted Acorn Squash more of a seasonal dish while smoked paprika gives this an unexpected (but delicious) smoky flavor!

cropped Roasted Acorn Squash 2 copy.jpg

Caesar Salad: A tasty, homemade Caesar Salad Recipe topped with parmesan cheese, bacon and croutons. Drizzled with my homemade caesar salad dressing, it goes wonderfully with baked ziti.

Casesar Salad

Cucumber Tomato Salad: A classic and delicious salad, this Cucumber Tomato Salad is light, refreshing and so so easy to make! Made with sweet english cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a simple homemade dressing, it’s the perfect side dish to hearty baked ziti.

Cucumber Tomato Salad 1 copy

Kale Salad: This Kale Salad is healthy and super easy to toss together! Use ingredients you already have and you’ll make a delicious salad in no time!

Kale Salad

That Good Salad: This is a delicious salad with leafy greens, bacon, tomatoes, avocado (and more!) and a lemon garlic dressing that pairs perfectly with baked ziti.

That Good Salad

Soup: A small cup of minestronetomato basil soupZuppa Toscana, or a simple vegetable soup can be served before or alongside baked ziti for a complete Italian meal.

Minestrone 3

Bruschetta: Bruschetta is an easy, classic dish that always goes over well. Toasted bread, rubbed with garlic and topped with diced garden tomatoes, fresh basil, and a hint of balsamic vinegar. This is the best bruschetta recipe!

Bruschetta recipe 3

Spinach or Broccoli: Steamed or sautéed spinach or broccoli is a healthy and simple side dish that goes well with lasagna.

steamed broccoli on plate

Cheese Board: ‘Tis the season for easy appetizers, and Cheese Boards are certainly at the top of my list! Everyone loves a cheese board!

cheese board

And there you have it, folks! Your baked ziti adventure doesn’t end with just the ziti itself—it’s about the whole gang coming together on the dinner table. Whether opting for a crunchy salad, toasty garlic bread, or maybe even some roasted veggies on the side, the beauty lies in your personal preferences and the joy of combining flavors. Enjoy, friends! 🙂

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