What To Serve With Meatballs at a Party

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Having a party and looking for some appetizers? I love serving meatballs at gatherings, and if you are a meatball lover like me you’ll want to keep reading. Here are 30 delicious dishes to serve with Meatballs at a party!

meatballs 3

Meatballs are simple to make and are the perfect appetizer. While my base meatball is super versatile, my favorite sauce for these is a Sweet and Sour Meatball sauce! The odds are you have all the ingredients already on hand! Perfectly balanced between both sweet and sour you’ll want to make these at your next gathering!

A bowl of glazed meatballs garnished with green onions.

While meatballs are amazing on their own, if you’re having a party, you’ll want to pair them with other dishes and appetizers.

What To Serve With Meatballs at a Party (30 Delicious Dishes!)

cowboy caviar in bowl
Cowboy Caviar Recipe
This Cowboy Caviar Recipe is a Tex-Mex inspired dip that has been around for years! Enjoy on its own, with chips or spooned onto tacos! It’s the ultimate crowd-pleasing appetizer. 
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dipping a chip in dip
Creamy Cowboy Caviar
Creamy Cowboy Caviar is a delicious side dish, a tasty burrito filling, or a scrumptious scrambled egg topper.
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fried-zucchini-on green plate
Fried Zucchini Recipe
Fried Zucchini is wildly addicting and our favorite way to eat zucchini lately. Served as a side or appetizer, these will quickly disappear, just as fast as you can fry them up!
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Chicken Drumsticks
Sticky Chicken Drumsticks
Sticky Chicken Drumsticks are gorgeously delicious. They belong in the chicken drumstick recipes hall of fame because they are THAT good!
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Pork Potstickers
Easy Pork Potstickers
These Pork Potstickers make for an easy lunch or dinner! I love making a big batch of this potsticker recipe and freezing them for later! 
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sushi bake in a baking dish
Sushi Bake
If you love sushi, you're going to absolutely love this Sushi Bake. Just think of a deconstructed California Roll layered in a casserole dish and baked to caramel-y perfection!
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Air Fryer Chicken Skewers
Air Fryer Chicken Skewers
These Garlic, Honey Parmesan Chicken Skewers are ready in less than 20 minutes, thanks to the air fryer! Seasoned, air fried, then smothered in a delicious butter, garlic and parmesan sauce that is sure to please.
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honey-soy-chicken-kabobs on oval wooden tray with bowl of sauce
Chicken Kabobs
Chicken Kabobs are ready in less than 10 minutes and pair well with a side of rice and vegetables! Perfect for grilling or broiling.
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Everything Bagel Peppers
Everything Bagel Stuffed Peppers
Get ready for quite literally the EASIEST recipe ever! Everything Bagel Stuffed Peppers have only 3-ingredients that come together in no time. Great make-ahead low carb snack or even a crowd-pleasing appetizer.
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top down view of two potato pancakes on a white plate
Potato Pancakes
This Potato Pancakes recipe is a super simple one that requires 5 ingredients plus some oil for frying. Customize with toppings or dips.
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fresh-salsa with chips and lime on cutting board
Fresh Tomato Salsa
This Salsa Recipe is so fresh and easy to make! You only need a few basic ingredients and 10 minutes. Adapt as you like!
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corn salsa in bowl with spoon
Grilled Corn Salsa Recipe
This Grilled Corn Salsa Recipe is perfect for a summer appetizer or just as corn salsa dip for any day! Eat with chips or plain!
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seafood pasta salad 13
Seafood Pasta Salad (with Imitation Crab)
Seafood (Imitation Crab) Pasta Salad is always such a hit at any potluck or summer cookout. It's a perfect combination of creamy, crunchy, onion-y and even sweet from the imitation crab.
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Buffalo Chicken Dip in a white casserole dish
Buffalo Chicken Dip
This easy Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe is creamy, spicy and perfect for a party appetizer! Pair with chips, veggies and/or crackers. Enjoy!
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BBQ Chicken Wings
Crockpot Chicken Wings
For Crockpot Chicken Wings all you need are a few chicken wings and some BBQ sauce. Then finish them off on the grill or under the broiler!
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Smoked Chicken Wings on Platter
Smoked Chicken Wings
Smoked Chicken Wings have made it to the weekly rotation now that the weather is beautiful and we're outside more. Chicken wings have always been a family favorite, but smoking has become my go-to way to cook them. The deep wood flavor you get from low and slow smoking is far superior to those heavily breaded deep fried wings you get in a restaurant. 
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styled quesadilla triangles on a plate with shredded lettuce, dollop of sour cream and lime wedge.
Chicken Quesadillas
These irresistible Chicken Quesadillas are loaded with delicious shredded chicken taco meat, loads of cheese and a secret ingredient that will blow your mind! They are the perfect appetizer, easy lunch or even dinner!
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bite taken out of sausage-stuffed-mushrooms on plate
Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
These Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms are filled with a delicious sausage, two kinds of cheese, panko and herb mixture and baked to golden bubbly perfection. Fancy enough for a dinner party, but will fly off your casual party table as well.
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lasagna dip
Lasagna Dip
Hot, cheesy, meaty, savory and delicious, this Cheesy Lasagna Dip will easily become a crowd favorite. Serve with garlic bread for ultimate flavor!
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Hot Onion Dip in a baking dish with a heaping spoonful on a spoon
Hot Onion Dip Recipe
My Hot Onion Dip Recipe is the easiest appetizer ever with only 3-ingredients! Sweet Vidalia onions, Swiss cheese, and mayo are baked until hot and bubbly. It's my favorite go-to when I'm asked to make a last minute appetizer for game day, holiday buffets or any occasion! Serve with pita, tortilla chips, bread or if even fresh veggies if you want to keep it low carb.
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top down view of pretzel dogs on a cooling wrack
Hot Dog Pretzel
Frozen rolls and hot dogs turn into fun and easy Pretzel Dogs! Serve with your favorite cheese dip and you have a winning appetizer.
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pigs in a blanket on tablescape
Pigs in a Blanket Recipe
A classic appetizer for kids and adults alike, Pigs in a Blanket will be the first thing you run out of at your next party. Simply roll mini sausages in a crescent roll and bake! Dijon mustard or shredded cheese, along with coarse salt take these over the top!
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candied pecans in bowl
Candied Pecans
This classic Candied Pecans recipe is a great addition to your Holiday festivities. Great as a snack, on salads, as part of a charcuterie board, or as a homemade gift.
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stirring the almonds with sugar in pan
Candied Almonds
Crunchy, sweet, and nutty Candied Almonds are to die for! They are so easy to make, not to mention quick, this is a versatile little snack.
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puppy chow in a pie plate
Puppy Chow
Puppy chow is the most addicting and satisfying peanut butter and chocolate concoction on planet earth. Also known as 'Muddy Buddies', Puppy Chow is basically the snack of the gods.
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taco dip in casserole dish on tablescape
Taco Dip
Taco Dip is a super easy and oh so delicious appetizer that combines refried beans, a cream cheese and sour cream layer and all your favorite taco toppings. Serve with tortilla chips at your next party!
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Spinach Artichoke Dip
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Spinach Artichoke Dip is the perfect appetizer! It’s easy to make, popular and always the first thing eaten. So delicious!!
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Classic deviled eggs
*EASY* Deviled Eggs
A classic Deviled Eggs Recipe, just in time for Easter! This is the quintessential appetizer for Spring that everyone seems to love. 
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dipping chip into 7 layer dip
7 Layer Dip
This 7 Layer Dip is a classic appetizer that everyone loves! Packed with beans, cheese, salsa and all things Mexican, grab some chips and dig in!
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Hummus in a bowl with dipping options around it
Classic Hummus Recipe
This Hummus Recipe is a simple and basic Middle Eastern dip that only takes about ten minutes to make. Use a blender or a food processor for best results.
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Guacamole with chips
Classic Guacamole Recipe
Everyone loves Guacamole, especially this classic, fail-proof Guacamole Recipe! Perfect for any party and always a winner. Make this basic guac recipe with avocados and lime juice and add in any extras you like!
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Cream Cheese Fruit Dip Recipe
This Cream Cheese Fruit Dip Recipe is perfect for any get together or for a snack! It’s also super kid-friendly thanks to the sprinkles. 
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Fruit Pizza
Fruit Pizza Recipe
When you need a beautiful and delicious summer party dessert, make this amazing Fruit Pizza, topped with light creamy pudding and fresh fruit.
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How to Make Stromboli...great tutorial for this delicious pizza-inspired appetizer!
Easy Stromboli Recipe
Do you know how to make Stromboli? With this step-by-step Stromboli recipe, you'll be an expert on making this pizza-inspired appetizer!
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Black Bean Dip
Black Bean Dip Recipe
This is a warm and spicy Black Bean Dip Recipe! Made with spices, black beans, salsa, and cream this dip is perfect with chips!
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Baked Taquitos Recipe
This Baked Taquitos Recipe is the perfect Mexican spin for using all that leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Or feel free to use chicken!
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Pulled Pork Nachos
Loaded Pulled Pork Nachos
The only thing better than loaded nachos are Pulled Pork Nachos! With a few tricks, you can have this appetizer on your table in minutes!
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Cherry Cheesecake Dip
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Dip
Creamy Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Dip is perfect with pretzels or graham crackers! Dive into this sweet and addicting summertime dip! 
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Chicken Nacho Dip
Crockpot Chicken Nacho Dip
My ultimate creamy and cheesy Chicken Nacho Dip, made in the crockpot, is the perfect appetizer for any occasion.
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Loaded Smashed Potatoes
Loaded Smashed Potatoes
What's better than Smashed Potatoes? A Loaded Smashed Potatoes Recipe. It's such a simple upgrade that makes all the difference. Enjoy!
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There you have it! 30 delicious dishes to go with your Meatballs. Salads, noodles and other appetizers, this list has a little bit of everything to help you make your next party a hit!

If you make these recipes, I would really appreciate it if you would give them a star rating and leave your review in the comments! If you have a picture of your finished dish, post it on Instagram using the hashtag #laurenslatest and tagging me @laurens_latest.

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